How to watch Meta Connect 2023: tune in for the Meta Quest 3, AI updates, and more

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A Meta Quest 3 headset adjacent to a telephone connected a bluish background
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Meta is owed to big Meta Connect 2023, its yearly hardware and package event, unrecorded from its office successful Menlo Park, California connected September 27-28. The event's keynote kicks disconnected connected September 27 astatine 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST, aliases 3am AEST connected September 28 for Australia.

The item of this year’s two-day showcase will beryllium nan charismatic unveiling of nan Meta Quest 3 headset, and we besides expect a host of announcements astir nan company’s various AI and package developments.

Meta Quest 3 pinch nan beforehand look and parts exploding upwards

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Meta Connect 2023 will beryllium nan company’s first in-person showcase since nan pandemic, pinch astir of nan large announcements apt to hap during that keynote presented by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This will beryllium followed by nan Developer State of nan Union presentation, which will characteristic nan latest updates from Reality Labs for developers moving connected package for Meta's XR ecosystem

The Meta Quest 3's afloat unveiling will travel a little teaser astatine past year’s Connect 2022, which was followed by an announcement from Mark Zuckerberg connected Facebook and Instagram successful June. This awesome hardware uncover aside, it seems arsenic though nan 2023 arena will mostly attraction connected package innovation, including specifications of enhancements coming to Meta’s hardware arsenic good arsenic its expanding developments successful AI and nan Metaverse. 

You’ll beryllium capable to travel nan pre-show news, and each nan large announcements arsenic they happen, astatine our Meta Connect unrecorded blog – here's everything you request to cognize to get prepped.  

How to watch Meta Connect 2023

Meta Connect's keynote kicks disconnected 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST connected Wednesday September 27, which is 3am AEST connected Thursday September 28 for Australia.

You tin watch nan arena done Meta’s livestream connected Facebook or, alternatively, you tin motion up to attend Meta Connect 2023 virtually and person news and updates straight to your inbox.

If you already person a Meta Quest headset, you tin besides watch nan arena wrong nan Horizon Worlds app, pinch nan keynote being streamed successful 3D.

A laptop surface connected a bluish inheritance showing nan Meta Connect 2023 homescreen

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We’ll beryllium live-blogging nan event, truthful you’ll besides beryllium capable to travel nan pre-show news, and each nan large announcements arsenic they happen, pinch us. 

What to expect astatine Meta Connect 2023

We already cognize that nan hardware item of Meta Connect 2023 is apt to beryllium nan charismatic unveiling of nan Meta Quest 3, nan VR headset that’s nan successor to nan Meta Quest 2.

While this announcement is confirmed, we don’t person galore specifications astir nan Quest 3, and what upgrades it will bring complete nan existent exemplary – but we do person immoderate thoughts connected what we’d for illustration to see. We besides don’t cognize if caller package will beryllium announced to support what we expect will beryllium nan Quest 3’s improved specs, though we expect caller VR games and package will beryllium released that return advantage of nan Quest 3’s enhanced performance.

Meta Quest 3 floating adjacent to its 2 controllers, they're each facing towards us, and are clad successful achromatic plastic

(Image credit: Meta )

In nan past 2 years, Meta has revealed that it's been moving connected processing AR (augmented reality) tech, though it’s yet to denote a dedicated AR device. This year’s Connect mightiness beryllium erstwhile that changes, and it's apt that we’ll get an announcement astir immoderate type of augmented reality hardware. We ideate that augmented reality glasses are adjacent connected Meta’s to-do list, though Meta hasn’t confirmed this, and we’ve seen small successful nan measurement of rumors astir imaginable specs and features.

Microsoft 365 app logos including Teams, Word and Outlook surrounding nan CoPilot hexagon

Maybe nan AI Copilot will travel to Quest arsenic good (Image credit: Microsoft/GTS)

Meta’s innovative attack to improving package is different area wherever we expect immoderate headline-grabbing announcements, starting pinch a long-awaited business pinch Microsoft. We could spot Microsoft Office programs for illustration Excel and Word optimized for nan Quest hardware platform, pinch nan 2 companies having announced nan collaboration astatine Connect 2022.

In ray of Microsoft Office coming to VR, it was hinted astatine past year’s Connect 2022 that Xbox gaming would beryllium integrated into virtual reality done Meta, but this is only a anticipation correct now fixed nan deficiency of details.

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