How to View Your Favorite Artist's Profile Page on Spotify

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Find retired much astir nan artists you for illustration and what they person to connection pinch this useful feature.

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Gone are nan days erstwhile you conscionable utilized Spotify to watercourse a opus and go. The streaming app has evolved to see galore adjuvant devices beyond building your euphony room and discovering caller tunes.

Spotify's creator profiles tin thief you find nan euphony you emotion on pinch adjuvant accusation astir your favourite artists. It tin besides thief you observe akin artists you mightiness enjoy. Learn really to position your favourite artist's floor plan connected Spotify and why you should.

How to Find Artist Profiles connected Spotify

Follow nan steps beneath to find your favourite artist's floor plan connected Spotify.

  1. Open nan Spotify mobile app.
  2. The Home tab will beryllium progressive by default. Scroll down and look for nan creator successful nan Popular artists section.
  3. Alternatively, pat nan Search tab and participate nan sanction of nan creator whose page you're looking for successful nan Search bar astatine nan apical of nan screen. Select nan artist's sanction from nan results.

How to Navigate an Artist Profile connected Spotify

When you unfastened nan artist's floor plan page, you'll find 3 tabs: Music, Events, and Merch.


The Music tab will beryllium progressive by default. Here you'll find nan artist's songs, albums, bio, and more. The first section, Popular, shows you their celebrated songs and different information, for illustration really galore times listeners person streamed them.

Artist's Pick lists thing that nan creator has highlighted for your attention. For example, astatine nan clip of writing, Drake added his playlist, OVO SOUND, to this section.

If you scroll down, you'll find nan artist's ain playlists, nan playlists they're featured in, and a bio you tin publication through. You tin besides cheque retired different artists that listeners for illustration successful nan Fans besides like conception astatine nan bottommost of nan page.


This tab shows a database of nan artist's upcoming events and their locations. Tap See each events to position nan afloat list. From there, you tin deed nan plus (+) icon adjacent to an arena to show that you're willing successful it. You tin besides pat an arena to get much accusation astir it, including different artists connected nan lineup. This is 1 of nan hidden Spotify features everyone should cognize about.


Artist merchandise is synonymous pinch music, particularly if you're readying to be an artist's event. By selecting this tab, you tin browse and shop for immoderate merch nan creator has added. Simply pat nan point to commencement shopping.

Why You Should Visit Artist Profiles Regularly

Artists station astir their caller drops, for illustration songs and merch, connected societal media. But unless you cheque their societal media profiles cautiously and frequently, it’s easy to miss these announcements among nan clutter of different posts.

Checking retired your favourite artist's floor plan page connected Spotify tin beryllium a quicker aliases easier measurement of keeping up pinch caller music, upcoming events, and their latest merchandise.

Keep Up With Your Favorite Artists connected Spotify

Music find is nary longer Spotify's main draw. The streaming level adds worth successful various ways. It helps you support up to day connected your favourite artists' caller releases and upcoming events, truthful you ne'er miss out.

Check retired your favourite artists' profiles connected Spotify regularly to enactment successful nan loop.

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