How to View Multiple Time Zones on Your iPhone

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Want to cheque nan clip successful different cities astir nan world? The built-in Clock app connected your iPhone gives you aggregate options.

Clock app connected iPhone displaying aggregate clip zones

Keeping way of aggregate clip zones becomes important erstwhile you're juggling world business meetings, walking to different parts of nan world, aliases communicating pinch friends and family who unrecorded overseas. Manually calculating clip differences betwixt 2 cities each clip tin beryllium hectic and complicated.

Fortunately, your iPhone offers convenient ways to position aggregate clip zones, making it easier to enactment successful sync pinch nan remainder of nan world. Below, we'll locomotion you done 3 methods of displaying aggregate clip zones connected your iPhone utilizing nan Clock app and iOS widgets.

How to Check Multiple Time Zones successful nan Clock App

You tin usage nan Clock app to easy support way of aggregate clip zones connected your iPhone. This attack is nan simplest and astir convenient measurement to do so.

Open nan Clock app and caput to nan World Clock tab from nan bottommost menu. Tap nan plus (+) button successful nan top-right area of nan screen. This opens a pop-up wherever you tin hunt for and prime nan metropolis for which you want to position nan time.

You'll now beryllium capable to spot nan clip successful your selected metropolis nether nan World Clock tab and nan number of hours it's down aliases up of your section time. You tin repetition this process for aggregate cities and clip zones.

The 1 drawback of this method is that you person to unfastened nan Clock app each clip you wish to position nan time. It useful champion only if you want to position clip zones from different regions occasionally and not connected a regular basis.

How to Add Multiple Time Zones to Your iPhone's Home Screen

If you often request to cheque clip zones crossed various regions, a convenient action is to show aggregate clocks connected your iPhone's Home Screen. You tin do truthful utilizing nan World Clock widget. To add this widget to your Home Screen, travel these steps:

  1. Long-press connected an quiet abstraction successful nan Home Screen until nan apps commencement to jiggle.
  2. Tap nan plus (+) button successful nan top-left corner. Then, scroll down and pat Clock.
  3. Swipe near aggregate times to get to nan World Clock widget. This widget comes successful 2 style options—square and rectangular—and includes 4 clocks displaying nan times for 4 different cities.
  4. Choose your preferred style and pat Add Widget astatine nan bottommost to adhd it to your Home Screen. You'll spot 4 random cities successful nan widget.
  5. Now, long-press connected nan widget you added and pat Edit Widget. Tap nan metropolis you want to alteration and prime your desired city. Repeat this for each 4 clocks.

You've yet configured nan World Clock widget pinch nan cities you like. We besides urge trying retired immoderate of these amazing apps that fto you create civilization widgets for your iPhone for much customization options.

How to Add Multiple Time Zones to Your iPhone's Lock Screen

For moreover greater accessibility, you tin besides show clip zones for aggregate cities connected your iPhone's Lock Screen. There are several Lock Screen widget options you tin take from.

Long-press connected your iPhone's Lock Screen and pat nan Customize action astatine nan bottom. Then, prime Lock Screen and past pat Add Widgets > Clock.

You'll spot respective widget options for nan Clock app:

  • City Digital: This widget lets you adhd a integer timepiece for a peculiar metropolis to cheque nan clip astatine that location. You tin adhd up to 4 mini integer clocks aliases 2 rectangular clocks utilizing this option.
  • City Analog: This widget besides lets you show up to 4 mini analog clocks for various clip zones.
  • World Clock: This widget lets you position nan clip successful 3 cities astir nan world.

Tap your preferred widget to adhd it to nan Lock Screen, and past pat connected nan added widget to prime nan cities for which you wish to show nan time.

For nan World Clock widget, pat each individual metropolis to alteration it to your desired city. Once you're satisfied pinch your choice, pat Done successful nan top-right area of nan screen.

View Multiple Time Zones connected Your iPhone Easily

Whether you're a predominant traveler, a master dealing pinch world clients, aliases simply personification wanting to enactment connected pinch friends and family worldwide, your iPhone offers a bunch of options to thief you position aggregate clip zones.

The Clock app is capable if you don't request to cheque nan clip successful different cities frequently. However, if you regularly request to cheque clip zones successful different regions worldwide, it's a bully thought to see adding Clock widgets to your Home Screen aliases Lock Screen.

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