How to Use Your Personal Photos as Your Fire TV Screensaver

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Showcase your ain pictures of friends, family, and much connected nan large screen.

Are you tired of seeing nan aforesaid aged banal Amazon photos connected your Fire TV screensaver? You tin alteration nan screensaver to your photographs of friends, family, pets, and more. We’ll show you everything you request to do.

What Is a Fire TV Screensaver?

Amazon devices pinch screens are nary objection erstwhile it comes to nan request for screensavers, and you tin customize your screensavers for various devices. For example, your Echo show tin characteristic your typical memories.

The default Amazon Fire TV Stick screensaver is banal images of things for illustration beautiful landscapes, h2o features, and buildings. But you tin customize your Fire TV options, including adding a personalized touch to your screensaver pinch your individual photos linked to your Amazon account. Just travel nan steps below.

How to Change Your Fire TV Screensaver

TV surface pinch snowboarder photograph connected nan image

To alteration your Fire TV screensaver, guarantee your TV and Fire TV person power.

  1. Hold nan location fastener of your Fire TV distant until you spot nan Options paper (about 5 seconds.)
  2. Scroll complete and prime Display & Sounds.
  3. Select Screensaver.
  4. Depending connected your options, take 1 of nan following: Daily Memories, Favorites, Your Photos, Recent Photos.

Advanced Screensaver Options

Your Fire TV Stick includes galore precocious options. And erstwhile you take 1 of nan options from nan erstwhile steps, you tin specify nan pursuing preferences:

  • Slide Style: your photos tin modulation via dissolve aliases cookware & zoom.
  • Slide Speed: you tin take a Slow, Medium, aliases Fast clip connected nan surface earlier photos modulation to nan adjacent one.
  • Start Time: specify 5, 10, aliases 15 minutes earlier your Fire TV Stick starts your screensaver.
  • Date and Clock: take whether you want nan day and clip displayed during your screensaver.

Save Your Screen With Familiar Faces

The banal images chosen by Amazon for nan Fire TV are good for galore users. But it's easy to bring a dash of customization to your surviving room a customized screensaver.

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