How to Use the Transcription Feature in DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5

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DaVinci Resolve's Audio Transcription characteristic uses AI to transcribe your video clips successful nary time. Here's really to usage it.

Every clip DaVinci Resolve updates its software, it comes retired pinch features that make editing videos smoother and much efficient. With DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 retired of beta, 1 of these enhanced features is Audio Transcription.

With Audio Transcription, you person penetration into what is being said successful a video without spending clip scrubbing done it. You tin moreover usage it to trim clips based connected nan audio. Smart, right?

Keep reference to study really to return afloat advantage of DaVinci Resolve’s Audio Transcription.

What Is Audio Transcription successful DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5?

Computer sitting connected table pinch editing package open

Audio Transcription is conscionable 1 of nan software’s AI features that was released erstwhile DaVinci Resolve 18.5 came retired of beta. However, it is only disposable connected DaVinci Resolve’s Studio version.

Its main attraction is to analyse your video clips and springiness you a transcript of what was said successful nan video. Furthermore, it includes pauses, truthful you tin disregard nan quiet parts of nan video without having to scrub done it yourself. And it moves quickly, moreover pinch ample and aggregate video clips selected—you tin moreover transcribe your full vanished timeline successful seconds.

With Audio Transcription, you person nan opportunity to let AI to spell done your videos and trim them based connected nan words being said. After it’s analyzed, you tin prime and take full sections of video aliases small snippets based connected nan verbal contented and transportation it to your timeline.

For example, if you recorded a video wherever you said nan aforesaid point successful different ways, Audio Transcription will prime up connected it. From there, you tin take which conception of nan clip you want to use, and pinch nan click of a button, insert it into your timeline.

Additionally, Audio Transcriptions let you to export nan transcript arsenic a matter file, which you tin later usage for captions and subtitles—video elements that are important for inclusivity.

How to Use Audio Transcription connected Your Video Clips

Transcribing a video clip is arsenic easy arsenic pushing a button. To begin, unfastened nan Edit page connected DaVinci Resolve’s tab layout. From there, either right-click wrong nan Media Pool and prime Import Media​​​​​​, aliases resistance and driblet your video from its record connected your computer.

Opening Transcribe Audio characteristic connected DaVinci Resolve

Select 1 aliases much video clips that you want transcribed and past prime nan Transcribe Audio icon successful nan toolbar supra nan Media Pool—it looks for illustration a small dialog bubble.

Transcript model connected DaVinci Resolve

Within seconds, DaVinci Resolve will analyse your clips and nan results will popular up wrong nan Transcription window. If you transcribed aggregate video clips, you’ll request to click betwixt nan clips to spot each video’s transcript.

Transcription model pinch Remove Silent Portions options connected DaVinci Resolve

If you want nan package to disregard nan parts of nan video that do not incorporate immoderate audio, you person that option. Click connected nan three-dot icon successful nan precocious right-hand area of nan Transcription model and prime Remove Silent Portions. If you person aggregate clips transcribed, do this for each clip.

Transcription model pinch silent areas marked out

You’ll announcement nan non-audio sections of nan video clips will beryllium marked out, truthful you tin item arsenic galore audio lines without worrying astir grabbing nan silent parts arsenic well.

How to Insert Audio-Transcribed Clips Into nan Timeline

There are 2 ways to spot transcribed clips into nan Timeline from nan Transcription window: Insert and Append.

Insert intends that you are placing nan clips that correspond pinch nan chosen audio into nan Timeline wherever nan playhead is located.

Transcription model pinch Insert action marked

To do this, simply item nan transcribed parts you want to use, spot your playhead precisely wherever you want nan video to start, and click nan Insert icon successful nan bottommost right-hand area of nan Transcription window.

Append intends that you’re adding nan selected clips to nan extremity of nan past clip connected your Timeline—the location of nan playhead does not matter.

Transcription model pinch Append action marked

To do this, item what you want to adhd to your Timeline and click nan Append icon—it is located to nan correct of nan Insert icon.

How to Find Specific Sections of a Clip successful nan Transcription Window

Let’s opportunity you write a book for your adjacent YouTube video, and you cognize that there’s a circumstantial portion of nan video you want to see successful nan Timeline. There’s a measurement to hunt for that wrong nan Transcription window.

Transcription model hunt barroom

In nan precocious right-hand corner, there’s a magnifying solid icon—click connected it.

Transcription model hunt barroom looking for unfastened spaces audio

From there, you’ll spot a hunt barroom wherever you tin type successful immoderate connection aliases building that you request to find. Even better, it will hunt done each nan clips that person been transcribed, truthful you don't request to repetition nan process.

How to Create a Subclip From Your Transcript

What if there’s a conception of a video you cognize you want to usage from nan Audio Transcription, but you’re not fresh to usage it yet? You tin move it into a Subclip. A Subclip compiles nan clips you want together and places them into nan Media Pool for later use.

Audio Transcription Subclip creation connected DaVinci Resolve

Highlight nan audio lines you want to prevention and prime nan Subclip icon located successful nan bottommost left-hand area of nan Transcription window. Your Subclip will beryllium automatically saved to your Media Pool.

How to Add Markers successful nan Transcript

You person nan action to people your transcribed clips arsenic well. To do that, each you request to do is item nan book you want to people and click connected nan small marker icon astatine nan bottommost left-hand area of nan Transcription window. You tin besides alteration nan colour if you wish.

Adding markers to nan transcript successful DaVinci Resolve

You’ll announcement connected nan video successful nan Preview model that wherever you selected will person a marker pinch duration, truthful you tin find nan nonstop portion of nan video you wanted to keep.

How to Export Your Transcribed Text

If you want a matter record of your transcript video, you tin easy export it. In nan precocious right-hand area of nan Transcription window, prime nan Export icon and prevention it wherever you wish.

Exporting a transcript connected DaVinci Resolve

Streamline Your Workflow With DaVinci Resolve’s Audio Transcription Feature

Using Audio Transcription successful DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 will let you to activity much efficiently and productively. Not only tin you visually spot what was said successful nan videos, you tin make editing decisions pinch conscionable nan click of a button.

Next clip you’re editing a video, effort utilizing Audio Transcription to spot if it tin thief you pinch your workflow.

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