How to Use the Toolbar in Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11

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Get quicker entree to nan utilities successful nan Microsoft PC Manager pinch a adjuvant toolbar.

How to Use nan Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager connected Windows 11

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft PC Manager is simply a powerful app designed to switch third-party PC manager/cleaner apps.
  • The latest beta update includes a caller Home section, improved retention tools, and a toolbox conception for accessing Windows tools.
  • Users tin alteration a floating toolbar connected their desktop and customize it pinch their preferred devices and links.

Microsoft PC Manager is much powerful than earlier and has introduced aggregate caller features, including a floating toolbar. The app is Microsoft’s reply to each nan third-party PC manager/cleaner apps, which look little useful now.

You get a amended wide design, pinch a vertical paper and aggregate subsections, including a caller Toolbox section. Let’s research these features successful detail.

What’s New successful nan Microsoft PC Manager App?

The Microsoft PC Manager app is still successful beta. The erstwhile app versions had 2 awesome sections: Cleanup and Security. But nan update brings a caller Home section successful nan app that neatly lays retired each useful settings successful tiles. It supports ray and acheronian modes and adapts to nan default strategy theme.

Apart from nan artistic touch-ups, you get 4 discrete sections: Protection, Storage, Apps, and Toolbox. You tin reconstruct nan taskbar quality and default apps wrong nan Protection section.

New Tools successful Microsoft PC Manager

The Storage section has improved Files Cleanup tools, which see a revamped ample record identifier tool. Earlier, you could only preview nan files successful Files Explorer, but now nan app opens a caller sub-page for nan Large Files conception pinch aggregate filters and scan options.

Large Files Identifier instrumentality successful Microsoft PC Manager-1

You tin move aliases permanently delete 1 aliases aggregate files straight from this model without opening File Explorer. The Deep Scan action is still there, and you tin moreover entree Storage Sense from nan Microsoft PC Manager app. The App Management conception doesn’t person thing new. You tin extremity processes, negociate startup apps, and straight entree nan Microsoft Store.

The past conception is nan Toolbox section, utilizing which you tin entree aggregate Windows tools, show a floating toolbar connected nan screen, and adhd civilization links.

You must install nan latest type of nan Microsoft PC Manager app ( from nan official Microsoft PC Manager website. But if you look trouble downloading aliases installing nan app, you tin besides download it from Techspot, a trustworthy site.

After installing nan Microsoft PC Manager app, click nan Toolbox icon successful nan left-hand broadside vertical menu. Then, click connected nan toggle adjacent to nan Show toolbar connected nan desktop action to alteration nan toolbar.

Enable Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager

With nan floating toolbar connected your screen, you tin now minimize nan Microsoft PC Manager app. Click and resistance nan toolbar to immoderate broadside of nan surface to pin it to that position. If you don’t do that, it will look connected apical of each nan unfastened apps.

Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager

When you hover complete nan toolbar position, it will automatically appear. Click nan Boost fastener to clear nan representation aliases motorboat immoderate tools. You tin moreover adhd civilization links to websites successful nan toolbar and past motorboat them successful Edge directly.

How to Customize nan Toolbar

The default devices database successful nan toolbar tin beryllium inadequate for many. You whitethorn not request nan Edge hunt action aliases want to adhd much devices aliases region immoderate of them. Here’s really to customize it:

  1. Hover complete to nan toolbar connected your desktop to unfastened it.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Now, click connected Add tools.
    Customize Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager
  4. Click connected nan plus (+) to adhd a instrumentality to nan toolbar.
  5. If you want to region a tool’s icon from nan toolbar, click nan minus (-) icon.
    Add aliases region devices successful nan Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager
  6. Lastly, click connected nan desktop to adjacent nan toolbar.

You tin hide nan toolbar without closing nan Microsoft PC Manager app successful nan background. Hover complete nan toolbar to unfastened it and click connected Settings. Then click connected Hide toolbar to hide it connected your desktop. However, you will person to entree nan Toolbox section successful nan Microsoft PC Manager app to unhide nan toolbar.

Customize Toolbar successful Microsoft PC Manager

A User-Friendly Toolbar for PC Maintenance

The caller Microsoft PC Manager app tin negociate Windows better and is truthful feature-packed that it tin compete pinch immoderate PC head aliases cleaner app. You tin now place larger files, negociate apps and taskbar behavior, and entree aggregate inbuilt Windows apps via nan toolbar pinch a much-improved UI. However, it is unclear erstwhile nan app will move retired of nan Beta shape and look connected nan Microsoft Store for wide users.

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