How to Use the Calendar App on Windows 11

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Windows 11 has a horde of underutilized devices that could amended people's lives only if they started to usage them yesterday. One of those devices is nan Calendar app, an updated type of nan Calendar app carried complete from Windows 10 and its earlier versions.

With nan Calendar app connected Windows 11, you tin do everything from creating an arena reminder to a schedule setup—without nan complexity that's basal for utilizing third-party apps. So let's look astatine each nan ways you tin make usage of nan Calendar app connected Windows 11.

1. Install and Set Up Your Calendar Account connected Windows 11

If you are looking to set up your relationship connected Windows 11, you first request to cheque if you person nan Calendar app installed connected your PC successful nan first place.

If you do not person nan app, past travel nan steps beneath to get nan app correct away:

  1. Launch nan Microsoft Store app.
  2. From nan hunt barroom connected nan top, type successful 'mail and calendar', and prime nan Mail and Calendar app from Microsoft, arsenic shown below.
  3. Click connected Install to get nan app connected your Windows 11.
mail and almanac app connected microsoft shop app

As soon arsenic you spell done nan supra steps, installation of nan Calendar app connected your Windows 11 will statesman successful a fewer seconds. From there, motion successful to nan app pinch your Microsoft account, and you will beryllium capable to usage nan app from present on.

Once nan app is installed, you find it from nan Start paper hunt bar, from your taskbar, aliases you tin add nan app to your Windows Start menu.

2. Scheduler Your Events successful Calendar

Perhaps nan astir obvious—and besides nan astir neglected—feature of a Calendar app connected Windows is nan arena scheduler. Among a immense assortment of schedule and reminder apps online today, it makes sense, too.

But if you're a regular Windows user, you tin skip nan third-party apps without overmuch to suffer and alternatively usage nan free Calendar app from Microsoft. Here's how:

  1. After you person downloaded nan app, caput to nan Start menu hunt bar, type successful 'calendar', and prime nan champion match.
  2. Put successful your relationship credentials and login to get entree to each features of nan app.
  3. Once you are successful nan Calendar, click connected immoderate day you'd for illustration to group a reminder for, and you will spot an instant model pop-up.
  4. Now, you tin put successful nan arena name, time, and moreover nan spot of nan arena to capable successful each nan arena details.
  5. Click Save to solidify nan information, and you will beryllium ready.
event connected nan almanac app

After you person created nan arena arsenic we laid down successful nan supra steps, you will get nan specified day marked pinch a notification, arsenic you tin spot below.

event connected nan calendar

3. Use nan Calendar Feature

When you first log successful and commencement utilizing nan Calendar app, you will announcement galore default calendars connected your app from before. You tin adhd galore more.

To adhd caller calendars, click nan Add calendars action from nan bottommost near corner.

From nan recently launched Add calendars dialog box, you tin prime from a slew of almanac options: Holiday calendars, Sports, NBA, NHL, and truthful on. For example, click connected Holiday calendars, and you will past get to prime nan state of your choice.

calendars paper connected windows 11

Now spell backmost to your Calendar, and you will spot each nan basal festive dates marked arsenic holidays successful your celebrated festivals. In our case, we spot nan day for Labor Day, a salient vacation celebrated successful nan USA, marked retired otherwise from nan rest.

You are, of course, free to adhd successful aggregate vacation calendars for illustration this, whether of different countries aliases sports events.

calendar app main menu

Our only tip, though, will beryllium to support yourself from adding excessively galore calendars correct away; that will complicate your Calendar very quickly and will hit nan very intent of utilizing Calendar.

4. Syncing Your Calendar With Other Devices

You tin besides usage nan Calendar pinch different apps connected your PC, specified arsenic Outlook, iCloud, aliases Google. Click nan Settings icon from nan bottommost near corner, and prime Manage Accounts.

calendar app accounts

Now click connected Add account, and you tin prime from Yahoo, Google, iCloud, aliases Office 365. Pick one, motion successful pinch your relationship credentials, and that's it—all your events and meetings from different accounts will beryllium synced pinch your Calendar app.

4. Tweak Calendar Settings connected Windows

The Calendar app besides lets you power and negociate its settings consecutive from nan app paper connected your Windows computer. Just click connected nan Settings from nan bottommost near area and prime Calendar Settings.

The Calendar Settings connected your PC is nan only spot wherever you tin tweak nan first time of nan week, your days successful a week, and your moving hours—it has a abstracted conception for each nan options.

calendar app accounts settings

Apart from this, nan Calendar app offers a unsocial measurement to take your connection and a big of different calendars, specified arsenic Hijri, Saka Hera, and truthful on. So you should decidedly play astir pinch nan settings and prime nan ones that suit you best.

5. Set Reminders & Send Invites

After you person marked your arena connected nan Calendar app, you tin past besides edit them to adhd reminders to enactment connected apical of nan event; nan reminder tin beryllium group up to punctual you earlier 1 week, 1 day, 5 minutes, 1 minute, and truthful on.

To induce personification to your meeting, conscionable caput to nan People conception and click connected nan Contacts icon. From there, commencement typing successful your saved contacts and past prime nan champion lucifer to adhd and nonstop an invitation.

calendar menu

Another useful characteristic is Repeat, situated correct supra nan People section. Just click connected nan Repeat icon, prime really often you would for illustration your arena aliases reminder to repetition (weekly, monthly, aliases yearly), and put successful nan day and time. That's it; your arena will repetition from present connected unless you cancel it manually.

repeat characteristic connected calendar

Using Your Calendar connected Windows 11 Computer

And that, folks, is nan Calendar app for you connected Windows 11. While it whitethorn not beryllium arsenic overloaded pinch features arsenic galore productivity devices that you mightiness brushwood each complete nan productivity abstraction online, its simplicity does make things overmuch easier for you.

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