How to Use the Attachment Field in Airtable

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Learn really to adhd Attachment fields to your Airtable workflow and supercharge your productivity.

Attachment section successful Airtable

Airtable has gained fame arsenic a versatile productivity instrumentality acknowledgment to its divers array of features. The expertise to link to and merge pinch a boundless magnitude of information and accusation is 1 of Airtable's unsocial strengths.

One of Airtable's standout features that enables this is nan expertise to connect files straight to your records. Here's a look astatine Airtable's Attachment section and really you tin adhd it to your base.

What is The Attachment Field successful Airtable?

The Attachment section successful Airtable allows you to link immoderate record straight to nan records successful your base. This lets you adhd supporting accusation for illustration images, documents, slideshows, aliases spreadsheets correct into your data, helping you effortlessly negociate your projects pinch Airtable.

The Attachment section supports respective sources for your record attachments, including your section machine retention and celebrated unreality services for illustration Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. It's important to statement that uploaded files must beryllium smaller than 5 gigabytes.

Common record types specified arsenic PNG and JPG images, Word documents, Photoshop files, and PDFs, among others, will show thumbnail previews successful your table. You tin click connected these thumbnails for a full-screen preview of nan file. More different record types won't show a preview, but you'll still beryllium capable to interact pinch them successful Airtable.

How to Add nan Attachment Field to Your Airtable Base

There are 2 straightforward methods to adhd nan Attachment section to your guidelines successful Airtable. You tin adhd nan section from Airtable views, specified arsenic nan Grid view, aliases straight from a record.

1. Adding Attachment Fields Using Grid View

Inside Airtable's Grid view, click nan plus-sign (+) astatine nan extremity of your table's apical statement of headings. You whitethorn person to scroll to nan right, depending connected your surface size and nan number of fields you already have.

Adding a section from wrong Grid position successful Airtable.

A pop-up paper will unfastened up, displaying each nan fields available. Click Attachment from that database to adhd nan Attachment field. If you like, you tin participate a sanction for nan field, which will look among nan headings. When you're vanished mounting up your field, click Create field to adhd it to your base.

2. Adding Attachment Fields Within a Record

In a grounds successful your base, click Add caller section to this table astatine nan bottommost of nan record. Click nan Single-line text drop-down paper and prime Attachment from nan list. Enter a title if you'd for illustration and click Save.

An image of nan setup popup erstwhile creating a caller Attachment section successful Airtable.

In nan Edit field pop-up, you whitethorn besides spot a toggle for Show attachments successful reverse order, peculiarly if you're utilizing a template. This toggle adds caller attachments to nan opening of nan database alternatively than nan end. This mounting was discontinued arsenic of April 2020, and instead, you tin resistance and driblet attachments successful nan section to manually reorder them.

Attaching a File Using nan Attachment Field

Once you've added nan Attachment field, you tin interact pinch it from wrong nan Grid position aliases individual records.

In nan Grid view, click connected nan Attachment section successful a record's statement to entree options for adding a caller record (through nan plus-sign button) aliases resistance and driblet a record straight onto nan cell.


Inside a record, nan Attachment section appears arsenic a ample container reference Drag files present aliases browse. You tin either resistance and driblet files into nan container aliases click nan browse files nexus to unfastened a record action pop-up pinch much options.


Clicking nan positive motion fastener successful Grid position aliases nan browse files nexus successful a grounds opens a pop-up model wherever you tin prime files from aggregate sources. You tin resistance and driblet files from your section retention to adhd them arsenic attachments.


Alternatively, you tin prime 1 of nan different options successful nan sidebar to find a record to attach. You tin nexus a record from a URL aliases a web search, return a image from your webcam, aliases adhd files from online retention services for illustration Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, arsenic good arsenic photos from Facebook.

Note that you'll person to link your accounts from these services to Airtable earlier adding files to your base. You tin link your outer accounts by pursuing nan provided prompts aft you click a service.

Effortlessly Connect Your Workflow With Airtable

With truthful galore pieces to way successful today's integer workflows, keeping your activity organized and connected to nan applicable accusation tin beryllium challenging.

The Attachment section successful Airtable helps you negociate this by connecting your files straight to nan accusation you request wrong its robust database ecosystem. This helps support you much organized and productive, ensuring everything you request is close.

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