How to Use Spotify Connect to Control Playback Remotely

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Enjoy seamless switching betwixt devices utilizing Spotify.

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One of nan cardinal features disposable connected Spotify is Spotify Connect. But what is it? Here's what you should cognize astir Spotify Connect and really you tin usage nan characteristic to power playback remotely and move euphony output betwixt different devices.

What Is Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect is simply a characteristic that allows you to remotely power playback connected 1 instrumentality from different complete Wi-Fi. It useful by playing euphony from Spotify's servers alternatively of your device.

With Spotify Connect, you tin play euphony connected your Xbox console, smart speaker, aliases TV while utilizing your mobile instrumentality to power playback. For smart speakers, Connect enables playing euphony without nan hassle of Bluetooth pairing.

Additionally, you tin usage Connect to handoff playback from 1 instrumentality to different connected nan fly, for illustration switching playback from your telephone to your desktop PC. If you're caller to nan service, location are galore different hidden Spotify features you should try.

How to Use Spotify Connect

To usage Spotify Connect, you request a instrumentality pinch entree to nan feature. Most devices pinch Spotify person Spotify Connect. Secondly, you request to person some devices connected to nan aforesaid Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, you mightiness request to get a Spotify Premium subscription to usage Connect connected immoderate devices. Finally, download and instal Spotify connected your devices, past motion successful to your account.

After that, travel these steps to usage Spotify Connect:

  1. Open Spotify and pat connected immoderate opus to play.
  2. Tap nan playback portion astatine nan bottommost to unfastened nan Now Playing View screen.
  3. Tap nan Speaker icon successful nan bottommost near corner. If you're connected iOS, you must assistance Spotify support to entree your section web and find your devices nan first time. You tin manually do this by opening Settings > Spotify and past toggling connected Local Network.
  4. This will unfastened a paper of options pinch a database of devices that you tin perceive from. Under Select a device, pat connected nan instrumentality you'd for illustration to play euphony from. From this page, you tin besides start a Spotify jam.
  5. Spotify will link to nan device, and nan Speaker icon will disappear, replaced by nan sanction of nan instrumentality playing music. Music output will beryllium switched to nan selected device.

With Spotify Connect active, you tin power playback connected nan distant instrumentality from nan existent device. You tin repeat Spotify songs, pause, alteration songs, and more. You tin moreover move audio backmost to your superior device.

Remotely Control Playback connected Spotify Across Different Devices

Spotify's Connect characteristic elevates your listening acquisition connected nan streaming service, enabling you to manus disconnected audio from 1 instrumentality to different successful conscionable a fewer taps. It useful crossed different devices, truthful moreover if you person a smart speaker aliases a euphony streaming device, it astir apt is Connect-enabled.

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