How to Use Playnite's Fullscreen Mode on Your TV

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Turn your PC into a living-room-friendly console balanced pinch Playnite's Fullscreen Mode.

Featured Playnite Fullscreen And Xbox Joypad

So what if consoles are easy to usage pinch a joypad without requiring a finicky rodent and bulky keyboard? You tin besides do that connected a PC and motorboat each your games, from your titles connected Steam to your emulated retro favorites, utilizing Playnite's easy accessible Fullscreen Mode.

What's better, conscionable for illustration everything connected PC-land, Playnite's Fullscreen Mode is besides customizable. Let's spot really you tin configure and usage it for keyboard and mouse-free gaming from your sofa pinch a joypad.

How Does Playnite's Fullscreen Mode Work?

Many usage their PCs arsenic media centers and console alternatives pinch their surviving room TVs. However, squinting astatine mini matter while fumbling pinch a rodent connected your sofa isn't fun. Playnite solves those problems pinch its Fullscreen Mode.

Accessible astatine nan property of a button, Playnite's Fullscreen Mode comes pinch larger fonts and images that thief pinch legibility. Also, it only offers nan basal functionality for selecting and launching games to support interactions elemental erstwhile utilizing a joypad.

Download Fullscreen Themes

Playnite comes pinch immoderate guidelines themes pre-installed. Thus, you tin effort its Fullscreen Mode retired from nan get-go, switching to it astatine immoderate clip by either:

  • Clicking connected Playnite's icon connected nan apical near of its model to entree its main paper and selecting Switch to Fullscreen Mode.
  • Hitting F11 connected your keyboard.
Playnite Switch to Fullscreen Mode

Alternative themes alteration nan app's aesthetics and connection amended integration for immoderate of Playnite's galore add-ons. For example, they mightiness show information much prominently from nan HowLongToBeat and PCGamingWiki sites adjacent to a game's description.

To instal third-party themes to Playnite:

  1. Click connected its icon connected nan apical near of Playnite's model to entree nan app's main menu, and prime Add-ons, aliases deed F9.
    Playnite Menu Add Ons
  2. Expand nan "Browse" conception connected nan near of nan Add-ons window, and sojourn nan Themes Fullscreen page. There, cheque nan database of disposable themes. Select immoderate to publication its explanation and spot immoderate preview thumbnails. Click nan Install fastener connected nan correct to bring it connected board.
    Playnite Add Ons Browse Themes Fullscreen

Customize Fullscreen Mode

As you'll see, nan app's Fullscreen Mode is much streamlined and overmuch easier to navigate pinch a joypad.

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Menu Selected

In astir themes you tin move nan selector to nan apical of nan screen, past to nan right, to find and entree nan app's menu. Select Settings.

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Menu Settings Entry

Here are immoderate of nan spots you mightiness want to visit:


Among different options, if you person much than 1 show connected to your PC, from here, you tin take which 1 will beryllium utilized for Playnite's Fullscreen Mode.

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Settings General

You tin besides prime if you want to spot nan Clock, Battery Status (useful if utilizing a laptop), and if you for illustration nan app's Image rendering scaler to prioritize velocity aliases quality.


This is wherever you tin configure really your games look successful Playnite's interface:

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Settings Visuals
  • Should nan app Darken not installed games?
  • Would you for illustration to Show Game Titles alternatively of trying to show your games isolated by their covers?
  • How ample do you for illustration your Font Size?
  • Do you want Playnite's fastener prompts to lucifer your Xbox aliases PlayStation joypad?

That's besides wherever you tin alteration nan progressive Theme.


Play pinch nan Columns, Rows, and Item spacing values present to alteration really galore entries Playnite will show connected your screen, making them look larger aliases smaller.

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Settings Layout

You mightiness want to debar playing pinch nan Horizontal Scrolling and Smooth scrolling checkboxes, but support their location successful mind: immoderate themes will nonstop you backmost present to alteration those options.


If your joypad doesn't activity correctly (or astatine all) pinch Playnite's Fullscreen Mode, effort enabling "XInput Device Support" here.

Playnite Fullscreen Mode Settings Input

Fans of imported games utilized to replacement input approaches whitethorn besides want to alteration Inverted X/A main position fastener binding and Swap confirmation/cancelation fastener binding.

Also, if not utilizing different package bound to that joypad fastener (like nan Xbox aliases Nvidia overlays) that could lead to conflicts, you tin alteration Guide fastener focuses Playnite.

How to Autostart Into Fullscreen Mode

Playnite allows you to motorboat straight successful Fullscreen Mode whenever you tally it. That option, though, for illustration galore others, isn't disposable done Fullscreen Mode's streamlined menu.

So, return erstwhile much to Playnite's modular desktop model by pressing F11 aliases choosing Switch to Desktop Mode from its Fullscreen Mode menu. Then, prime Settings from nan app's Desktop Mode paper aliases deed F4 connected your keyboard.

Playnite Desktop Menu Settings

Ensure you're connected nan General page from nan database connected nan left, and spot a checkmark connected Launch successful Fullscreen Mode and Launch Playnite erstwhile you commencement your computer.

Playnite Desktop Menu Settings Autolaunch successful Fullscreen Mode

This way, Playnite will practically "console-i-fy" your PC since nan app will motorboat automatically successful its Fullscreen Mode whenever Windows loads. This will alteration you to jump consecutive into your games postulation alternatively of fighting pinch Windows' desktop from your couch.

Also, if you've followed our guideline connected how to adhd your emulated games into Playnite connected Windows, you'll find that being capable to power everything pinch a joypad feels much seamless than adding a rodent and keyboard to nan mix.

Couch PC Gaming

As we saw, Playnite manages to connection nan champion of nan PC and console worlds. Its modular mode provides you pinch absolute power complete your gaming library. Its Fullscreen Mode, which we saw here, enables you to navigate your games postulation effortlessly and motorboat immoderate title pinch a joypad, for illustration connected a gaming console.

And yet, it doesn't hide each nan other bells and whistles that make PC gaming what it is. So, you will beryllium capable to customize its interface to your liking and person instant entree to each nan extras Playnite and its add-ons person to offer.

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