How to Use Notion as a Developer

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Notion is much than conscionable a note-taking app. As a developer, you tin usage Notion to way your freelance projects, shape your codification snippets, collaborate pinch clients, support way of jobs you're applying for, and merge pinch third-party devices to streamline your full developer workflow.

Below, we'll dive deeper into immoderate of these usage cases to study really you tin usage Notion arsenic a package developer.

1. Saving Code Snippets

If you find yourself reusing a portion of codification complete and complete again, you mightiness want to prevention it for easier reference. A Notion array offers an easy measurement of organizing and accessing these codification snippets. You tin create tags for different programming languages, frameworks, aliases topics and usage tag filters to find nan snippet erstwhile you request it.

For example, you tin create a caller Notion page and adhd a array named Code Snippets. Then, adhd columns for nan name, description, and class of nan snippet to this table. You tin besides adhd a day file that indicates erstwhile you created nan snippet.

Notion array for codification snippets

In this table, each codification snippet is simply a page.

Notion page showing nan usage debounce hook snippet

You tin add, edit, aliases delete contented from it, and Notion will item nan codification syntax according to its programming language, making it easier to read.

Many apps fto you prevention links straight wrong nan app. Examples of these apps see browsers and societal media platforms for illustration X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, which let you to bookmark web pages and posts.

Keeping way of these links crossed different applications tin beryllium difficult. You mightiness moreover extremity up forgetting astir them. A amended action is to shape them successful a centralized Notion database.

A conception array for links

Like nan codification snippets table, usage tags to categorize nan links to make it easy to benignant and select them erstwhile you’re looking for a circumstantial bookmark.

To create a database for your bookmarks, commencement by creating a caller page successful your Notion relationship and naming it Bookmarks. Then, adhd a array to nan page and create columns for nan page name, nan URL to nan page, nan category, and nan date.

You tin manually adhd bookmarks to nan array aliases usage 1 of nan respective Chrome extensions designed for redeeming information to Notion. The save to Notion Chrome extension, for example, allows you to nexus a database and create a shape for adding nan bookmarks to your table.

Save to conception chrome extension

In nan form, you tin adhd nan name, category, and nexus to nan page you wish to bookmark utilizing nan extension.

3. Using Notion arsenic a CMS for Your Blog

If you want to create a elemental fixed blog, see utilizing a Notion database arsenic your Content Management System (CMS). Below is an illustration of really you tin shape your blog information successful a Notion table.

Notion array for blog posts

This array has fields for nan name, slug (a user-friendly URL), description, tags, a published checkbox, and nan day nan article was published. Having a published file you tin toggle allows you to draught contented and selectively people it connected your tract erstwhile it's polished and fresh for nan public. The array provides a elemental UI for adding, editing, aliases deleting content. Just adhd a Notion page, and commencement penning your post.

Notion page containing nan creating accessible svg nexus icons post

To show nan posts connected your site:

  1. Fetch nan posts from nan Notion database utilizing nan Notion API.
  2. Use nan frontend model you for illustration to render these posts connected your site.
  3. If you opt for React, see utilizing packages specified arsenic react-markdown for rendering Notion pages and syntax-highlighter to highlight nan codification blocks.

4. Integrating With Other Applications

As a developer, you tin build apps that merge pinch Notion's API and transportation retired circumstantial tasks. Currently, location are complete 250 integrations successful nan Notion marketplace for different purposes.

Screenshot of productivity integrations connected nan Notion integration assemblage page

For example, you tin usage nan GitHub and Figma integrations to preview repositories and UI designs, respectively.

Preview of Github repository and Figma UI design

Other celebrated integrations see Everhour to way nan hours you're moving connected a task and Asana to consolidate tasks from aggregate workspaces. These integrations make your life easier arsenic a developer by eliminating nan request to move betwixt aggregate applications.

Instead, you tin link them to your Notion relationship and entree them from a azygous platform. If nan existing integrations don’t meet your circumstantial needs, usage nan Notion API to build your ain integrations.

5. Project Roadmap Tracker

When moving connected a package application, a task roadmap helps you visualize nan milestones and timelines, helping you aliases your squad support connected task.

Screenshot of engineering roadmap locator connected Notion

Notion is an easy-to-use workspace for task management. You tin create a task successful Notion, specify tasks, delegate squad members to circumstantial tasks, group deadlines, and show nan advancement successful real-time.

Customize nan task pages according to your requirements by adding arsenic galore fields arsenic necessary. Consider nan pursuing page wherever you tin adhd task names, squad members, group priorities, find task status, specify deadlines, and more.

Engineering roadmap individual page

​​​​​When nan assigned squad personnel completes their task, they move it to nan due column, providing a clear position of really nan task is progressing. By monitoring progress, you tin place immoderate tasks that whitethorn autumn down schedule and reside them accordingly.

6. Tracking Job Applications

When occupation searching, having a database of companies you want to question and reply pinch is important. It's moreover much important if you person a ocular practice of whether you’ve applied to nan institution already, if you sewage nan interview, and if you’ve heard backmost aliases not.

One attack you tin return is to create a Notion database and, for each institution and occupation title, adhd these columns that way wherever you stand. This array functions for illustration a job-search bid center—you've sewage cards for each institution successful columns that show if you're interested, whether you've applied for nan position, aliases if you're already successful speech pinch nan team.

Laying retired nan information this measurement ensures you're not missing immoderate opportunities, and you tin travel backmost pinch interviewers erstwhile necessary. You tin get started by duplicating nan free Notion question and reply kit provided by Notion into your ain account. Below is really it looks:

Notion question and reply kit table

When you click a card, you tin adhd question and reply specifications for illustration nan position link, title, location, area, and nan position of nan application.

Screenshot of Adobe occupation question and reply successful Notion tracker

As you advancement done nan question and reply process, you tin edit nan position of nan question and reply to bespeak nan shape you're at.

Tailor Notion to Your Specific Needs

If you're a developer looking for a caller opportunity, you tin usage Notion databases to way your occupation exertion and interviewing skills. If you're learning to code, you tin usage it to support way of your learning journey. The much you usage Notion, nan much you study really to customize it to your needs.

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