How to Use Mastering Assistant in Logic Pro X

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Need to get your euphony retired location fast? Try Logic Pro's automatic Mastering Assistant.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct plugin interface  2

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering Assistant successful Logic Pro X automatically analyzes and applies cardinal changes to EQ, stereo width, and loudness for accelerated way preparation.
  • Use nan Bypass and Loudness Compensation buttons to comparison nan effect of Mastering Assistant to nan original track.
  • Apple Silicon Mac users tin entree a scope of preset mastering profiles to quickly group a floor plan that matches their euphony genre. Tweak parameters successful each conception to further personalize nan sound.

Mastering Assistant tin automatically analyse and use cardinal changes to EQ, stereo width and loudness, truthful you tin get your way fresh for distribution successful nary time. Here's really to get started utilizing it correct away.

Requirements to Run Mastering Assistant successful Logic Pro X

The Mastering Assistant plugin was released pinch Logic Pro 10.8 and to tally this type of Logic you will request macOS 13.5 aliases above.

Intel Mac users will only get to usage nan default floor plan "Clean" (suited for EDM aliases Acoustic music). So, expect to make a fewer much adjustments for nan champion results.

You tin find retired if your Mac uses Intel aliases Silicon successful a fewer easy steps.

It's not a bully thought to update your macOS midway done a project. Always cheque that your third-party plugins are compatible earlier doing so.

1. Add Mastering Assistant to Your Project

There are 2 ways you tin adhd nan Mastering Assistant plugin to your project.

On nan stereo output transmission strip, click nan Mastering effects slot that appears astatine nan bottommost of nan effects chain. This will punctual an automatic study of nan convention and use changes.

Alternatively, you tin entree it from nan navigation paper by going to Mix > Mastering Assistant.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct plugin connected stereo retired transmission strip

2. Compare It to nan Original Track

As pinch immoderate plugin, you tin perceive really it sounds pinch and without nan effect.

Mastering adjunct has a Bypass and Loudness Compensation fastener that tin beryllium utilized to comparison nan changes to nan original.

Bypass lets you perceive nan original way without Mastering Assistant. While loudness compensation lets you perceive each nan changes to nan operation (EQ, Stereo Width) minus nan accommodation to really large nan operation is.

3. Change nan Mastering Profile (Silicon Macs Only)

If you ain a Apple Silicon Mac, you tin entree nan complete database of preset mastering profiles. These profiles are designed for circumstantial genres of euphony and tin beryllium utilized to quickly group a floor plan that matches.

Click Character successful nan apical near area and prime from Clean, Valve, Punch aliases Transparent. You tin click done each floor plan to perceive really it sounds, aliases publication much astir each floor plan successful nan Apple Manual.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct profiles menu

If you're considering upgrading your Mac, make judge to publication our guideline connected how to take nan champion mac for Logic Pro X.

4. Tweak Parameters successful Mastering Assistant

You don't request to alteration immoderate of nan settings if you're happy pinch really it sounds. But for galore people, Mastering Assistant will beryllium conscionable nan starting constituent for creating a bully Master.

Here's a speedy overview of what you mightiness alteration successful each section.


The coagulated colored statement you spot successful nan EQ module shows wherever Mastering Assistant has applied EQ changes. When you deed play connected your mix, you tin besides spot a useful spectrum researcher underneath that shows nan magnitude successful decibels of each wave band.

Start by moving nan Auto EQ slider connected nan near to alteration nan magnitude of automatic EQ applied to your mix. Slide it down to 0% to region each nan EQ adjustments, past gradually re-introduce nan changes to perceive nan difference.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct plugin civilization EQ settings

Next, click connected Custom EQ. This will uncover a bluish dotted statement pinch 3 power points. Drag these astir to set nan wave distribution. Obviously, nan effect will beryllium beautiful broad, but that's portion of nan constituent of utilizing an automatic plugin.


Mastering Assistant changes nan loudness of your operation by bringing it up to manufacture standards measured successful LUFS—a captious request if you want to get your euphony connected a level for illustration Apple Music.

Added to this, a limit of 1 dBFS True Peak is applied to meet nan modular for streaming platforms. This ensures that nan awesome won't clip.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct plugin dynamics module

Feel free to set nan Loudness knob if you don't deliberation your way is sounding good. While standards exist, not each genre of euphony sounds awesome astatine this fixed level, and it's normal for a mastering technologist to tweak this mounting anyway.

The Excite fastener is besides worthy a go. This will boost nan upper-mid scope frequencies to adhd brightness to nan mix, helping it sound person to a professionally mastered track. According to Logic manual, this results successful a sound adjacent to that of vintage transformer-based consoles utilized successful nan 60s, 70s and 80s. Hit nan fastener and spot what you think.

Stereo Width

Finally, you person nan Width knob. This controls nan stereo dispersed of your mix.

After analyzing your session, Mastering Assistant will set nan width and effort to create a balanced sound that isn't excessively wide aliases narrow.

Set this to -1.00 to perceive your way successful mono. Remember that group perceive to euphony connected each kinds of devices, immoderate which don't person stereo, making it important to cheque that it still sounds bully successful this setup.

Logic Pro mastering adjunct plugin stereo width knob

5. Bounce Your Track

When you're done tweaking nan settings successful Mastering Assistant, double cheque that Loudness Compensation is off, past spell up and bounce your track.

Keep successful mind that each clip you make changes to nan mix, specified arsenic edits to individual tracks successful nan session, you will request to deed nan Reanalyze button.

If you find Mastering Assistant useful, you mightiness beryllium willing successful exploring AI devices that thief you operation and maestro your music.

Get Your Music Out There

Mastering Assistant tin thief get your euphony successful beforehand of group that overmuch much quickly. Especially if you don't cognize astir euphony broadcasting standards aliases if you aren't judge really to use EQ astatine nan last stage. Use it arsenic a starting point, and tweak nan settings to get your operation sounding conscionable right.

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