How to Use Low Power Mode on an iPhone (and What Exactly It Does)

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No much moving retired of powerfulness successful nan mediate of nan day.

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Key Takeaways

  • Low powerfulness mode activates automatically erstwhile your iPhone's artillery reaches 20%. Low Power Mode temporarily reduces surface brightness, disables automatic message fetching, and pauses inheritance activities.
  • You tin manually activate Low Power Mode successful nan Settings app. Navigate Settings > Battery, past pat nan "Low Power Mode" toggle.
  • Low Power Mode shuts disconnected automatically, but you tin manually alteration your surface brightness, disable inheritance activities, and different akin things to prevention power.

Your iPhone has a "Low Power Mode", which you'll beryllium prompted to activate it erstwhile your telephone reaches 20% battery. You tin besides alteration Low Power Mode earlier that constituent to agelong your artillery life further. Here's really it works.

How to Activate (and Deactivate) Low Power Mode

When your iPhone reaches 20 percent artillery powerfulness left, you'll spot a "Low Power Mode" punctual appear. Your iPhone will pass you what features will beryllium temporarily disabled, and you tin take to "Continue" and alteration Low Power Mode aliases "Cancel" and not alteration Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode tin reportedly springiness you anyplace from 1 to 3 hours much clip earlier your iPhone dies. It really depends connected what you're doing pinch your iPhone.

You tin besides alteration Low Power Mode whenever you like. For example, let's opportunity it's nan commencement of a agelong time and you cognize you'll beryllium distant from an outlet for a agelong while.

To activate Low Power Mode from nan Settings app, first caput to Settings > Battery.

Open nan Settings app, past scroll down to and pat

Then activate nan "Low Power Mode" slider. The artillery parameter successful nan position barroom will move yellowish while Low Power Mode is enabled connected your iPhone.

Tap nan

Your iPhone will ever automatically disable Low Power Mode erstwhile you complaint it up to a definite point. Low Power Mode is ever impermanent and only lasts until nan adjacent due charge. There's nary measurement to permanently alteration it.

On iOS 11 and later, you tin besides activate and deactivate Low Power Mode from nan Control Center alternatively than digging done nan Settings app each time. However, you person to add this feature's toggle to nan Control Center yourself.

To do so, caput to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Tap nan positive motion to nan near of "Low Power Mode" to adhd nan toggle to your Control Center, and past touch and resistance it to position it wherever you for illustration it.

The position successful nan database determines wherever it appears successful nan Control Center — if it is astatine nan apical of nan list, it'll look first, each nan measurement to nan near erstwhile you unfastened nan Control Center. If it is astatine nan bottommost of nan list, it'll beryllium nan past icon.

The Low Power Mode action is 2nd from nan apical of nan list.

You tin now swipe up from nan bottommost of nan surface and pat nan battery-shaped fastener to alteration aliases disable Low Power Mode.


What Does Low Power Mode Do?

Your iPhone's Low Power Mode does a number of things to prevention artillery power. It automatically changes immoderate settings to prevention artillery power, for illustration disabling automatic fetching of caller mail, reducing your surface brightness, and automatically locking nan telephone and powering disconnected its show much quickly. Apps tin observe debased powerfulness mode is enabled and take to disable animations and different battery-hungry features, too.

Motion effects and animated wallpapers are besides disabled. Background activities and networking are paused to forestall unnecessary powerfulness drain successful nan background. Your iPhone moreover automatically reduces nan capacity of its CPU and GPU, which makes it execute a spot slower but saves artillery life. Tests person recovered that this slows iPhones by astir 40 percent erstwhile Low Power Mode is enabled.

Low Power Mode is reasonably aggressive, which is why it isn't enabled each nan time. It'll thief you compression much artillery life retired of your telephone erstwhile necessary, but you astir apt wouldn't want to usage it each nan time.

How to Mimic Your iPhone's Low Power Mode

While you can't permanently alteration Low Power Mode, you tin permanently alteration immoderate of nan settings Low Power Mode does. You tin besides usage nan options connected nan Battery settings surface to see which apps are utilizing nan astir artillery power and take to region them aliases set their settings.

  • Disable message fetching: If you person immoderate email accounts configured to "fetch" caller mail, your iPhone is automatically checking them astatine regular intervals and downloading caller mail. This forces your iPhone to regularly aftermath up and do work. Set your message accounts to "push" caller message to you aliases just disable this and manually cheque for caller mail to prevention power. Using manual refresh will forestall you from receiving email notifications, however. It's a trade-off.
  • Screen brightness: Enabling auto-brightness will guarantee your surface isn't excessively agleam erstwhile it doesn't request to be, redeeming artillery power. This mounting should beryllium connected by default — conscionable don't disable it. You tin besides swipe up from nan bottommost of your surface astatine immoderate clip to manually set nan brightness level. The brighter your display, nan faster your artillery is draining. This is disposable nether Accessibility > Display and Text Size, astatine nan very bottom.
  • Auto-lock timeout: To prevention artillery power, you tin person your iPhone automatically fastener itself and move disconnected its show aft a shorter play of clip erstwhile you aren't utilizing it. Open nan Settings app and navigate to General > Auto-Lock to find this setting. For example, you could person your show automatically move disconnected aft arsenic small arsenic 30 seconds.
  • Disable inheritance refresh: You tin forestall apps connected your iPhone from automatically refreshing successful nan inheritance while you aren't utilizing them, too. To do this, unfastened nan Settings app and navigate to General > Background App Refresh. You tin disable Background App Refresh for each app from here, aliases conscionable forestall individual apps from refreshing.

There's nary measurement to permanently throttle down your phone's CPU aliases GPU, however. You'll person to alteration Low Power Mode whenever you want to slow your hardware down to prevention artillery power.

You tin disable inheritance app refresh entirely, aliases power it connected an app-by-app basis.

Here's a prize tip: Your iPhone's show won't ray up erstwhile it receives notifications if it's placed face-down connected a table aliases table. Place your iPhone face-down to prevention immoderate artillery power and forestall nan show from coming connected if you don't attraction astir seeing notifications arsenic they travel successful astatine immoderate fixed time.

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