How to Use Loop Components in Microsoft Teams to Ease Collaborations

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Discover nan powerfulness of Microsoft Teams' Loop components for seamless collaboration.

The MS Teams app

Efficient collaboration devices are nan request of nan hour. Yet, nan preamble of much devices tin sometimes lead to much disorder alternatively than dilute it. To reside this challenge, galore platforms are adding caller in-app collaboration features.

Microsoft Teams, which is already wide adopted for soul communications, has introduced Loop components to further streamline collaborative work. Whether you're keeping way of tasks, conducting polls, aliases co-writing content, Loop components person you covered.

Here's really you tin usage Loop components successful your Teams app for enhanced collaboration.

What Are Loop Components connected Microsoft Teams?

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing nan various components disposable successful Loop

Loop components are modules wrong Microsoft Teams that alteration collaborative work. You tin co-edit these components pinch different users wrong nan Teams chat wherever nan constituent is shared.

You tin edit nan components inline and position different users' edits successful real-time. Loop offers nan pursuing types of collaborative components:

  1. Bulleted database
  2. Checklist
  3. Numbered database
  4. Paragraph
  5. Table
  6. Voting array
  7. Task database

How to Create Loop Components

Creating Loop components is straightforward; you tin do it straight from your Teams chat. Here's how:

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing really to create a Loop constituent successful a chat message
  1. Go to nan desired chat container wherever you person your collaborators. If you don't person an existing one, create a group chat pinch nan desired co-workers.
  2. In nan chat connection box, prime nan Loop components icon. This pops up a database of disposable components.
  3. Choose nan desired Loop component. The selected constituent is now inserted into your caller message.
  4. Enter nan content.
    Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing really to edit a Loop constituent earlier sending it
  5. Finally, click connected Send to nonstop nan connection successful nan chat. Other chat members tin now make inline edits to nan content.

You tin besides usage @ to mention group wrong nan contented of nan component. This is useful for task lists wherever you tin adhd assignees to a task aliases erstwhile you request to inquire definite group for input wrong nan content.

How to Edit Loop Components

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing nan inline editing of a Loop constituent successful a message

As mentioned earlier, Loop components tin beryllium easy edited inline. Just click connected nan connection containing nan component, driblet your cursor astatine nan constituent you want to edit, and commencement typing.

  • Type / to insert elements for illustration dates, mentions, images, and moreover different Loop components.
  • Type // to adhd a comment.
Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing nan popup to position and alteration nan entree permissions of a Loop component

Creating a Loop constituent successful a Teams chat automatically shares it pinch each group chat members. You tin cheque nan existent entree of components and modify their permissions by accessing nan sharing settings.

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing really to transcript nan nexus of a Loop component

To stock an existing Loop constituent successful different chat, click connected Copy Link, spell to nan different chat box, and paste nan copied nexus arsenic a caller message. You tin besides stock nan copied nexus crossed different apps for illustration Outlook and Whiteboard.

How to Manage Loop Components

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams showing nan Loop constituent opened successful Microsoft365

Loop components are stored arsenic .loop files successful your OneDrive. You tin access, search, edit, delete, and reconstruct these files for illustration immoderate different OneDrive file. So, if you move nan files successful your OneDrive, nan Loop components mightiness extremity working, depending connected nan permissions of nan caller location.

On Teams, clicking nan hyperlinked title of nan Loop constituent allows you to navigate to its OneDrive location.

Align Your Team With Loop Components

Loop components connected Microsoft Teams are a testament to really nan simplest of devices tin importantly effect real-time collaboration. Why not springiness it a effort and boost your team's productivity pinch Loop components?

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