How to Use GPT-3 in OpenAI Playground

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You don't request to beryllium a package developer to effort GPT-3, nan celebrated connection exemplary that tin fool astir group into reasoning it's a quality author. Get entree by creating an relationship and heading to nan OpenAI Playground to effort it retired for free.

On nan surface, nan website looks geared toward programmers, but we'll show you that it's conscionable arsenic accessible to personification pinch nary coding knowledge. If you're waiting for nan adjacent GPT exemplary to beryllium released, why not walk immoderate clip experimenting successful OpenAI's Playground?

What Is OpenAI Playground?

In November 2021, nan waitlist was removed for GPT-3, allowing much group to usage nan OpenAI API. But what astir group don't cognize is that a type of GPT-3 is accessible done nan OpenAI Playground.

OpenAI Playground allows users to research and research pinch OpenAI's artificial intelligence models, including GPT-3 (the precursor to GPT-3.5 that first powered ChatGPT and GPT-4, nan updated version). From this site, you tin besides visit DALL-E to create AI images from matter descriptions aliases research pinch each nan different things you tin do pinch ChatGPT.

So, really do ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground differ?

ChatGPT is nan front-facing implementation of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, allowing users to interact pinch nan connection exemplary and make responses. Whereas OpenAI Playground is much akin to a improvement instrumentality and comes pinch much options and elasticity that let for nan testing of circumstantial models (perhaps earlier being integrated into a task aliases for investigation projects).

Now, want to springiness it a try? Here's really you usage GPT-3 successful OpenAI Playground.

1. Create an Account

  1. Head to OpenAI and click Get Started.
  2. Follow nan signup instructions. You must input your email and a valid mobile number and reply a speedy mobility astir why you want to usage OpenAI.
  3. Once that's done, click Playground from nan navigation paper astatine nan apical of nan screen. It will bring you to nan Chat mode page, pinch immoderate adjustable settings successful nan sidebar.
    Screenshot of OpenAI's Playground interface

2. Enter a Prompt

To usage GPT-3, you will request to participate what's called a prompt. A punctual could beryllium a question, an instruction, aliases moreover an incomplete sentence, to which nan exemplary will make a completion.

First, click connected nan drop-down paper nether Mode and prime Complete. Type your punctual into nan large, quiet matter box, past click Submit. Wait a fewer moments for nan strategy to process your request; earlier long, it will make an answer.

Screenshot of Complete mode interface successful OpenAI Playground

You tin besides research pinch nan Edit mode, which you tin usage to taxable a matter and cheque for grammatical errors.

To get nan astir retired of GPT-3, you will request to deliberation of a bully prompt. Good prompts are circumstantial and springiness discourse to thief GPT-3 make an due answer. As a demonstration, we asked GPT-3 to "list a fewer names for a mini dog."

Screenshot of OpenAI Playground punctual completion.

The consequence listed different names for mini canine breeds for illustration Poodle, Chihuahua, and Yorkshire Terrier. However, we were hoping to get immoderate suggestions for pet names. So let's effort again, this clip utilizing nan keywords "pet names" and "small fluffy dog."

This time, nan results turned retired person to what we imagined pinch a database of names for illustration Biscuit, Fido, and Gizmo.

Screenshot of OpenAI Playground punctual completion listing canine pet names.

3. Experiment With Different Ideas and Prompts

Asking GPT-3 to propose a fewer names for your pet canine is conscionable nan extremity of nan iceberg; location is truthful overmuch much you tin do pinch it, including generating content, summarizing information, and translating text. There are plentifulness of creative uses for GPT-3, from penning a bedtime communicative for your children to creating a societal media bio text.

Screenshot showing GPT-3 translating a building into 5 languages.

These days, AI is uncovering its measurement into each sorts of apps. You tin cheque retired all nan things you tin do pinch ChatGPT, which, arsenic mentioned, is an AI chatbot built by nan aforesaid institution and developed utilizing nan GPT-3 connection model.

4. Keep Track of Your OpenAI Playground Credits

Screenshot of usage stats successful OpenAI Playground

Before getting carried distant pinch utilizing OpenAI Playground, quickly look astatine your usage stats to spot really galore credits you person to spend. In nan apical correct area of nan page, click connected Personal > Manage account, past click Usage from nan navigation barroom connected nan left.

Tokens are utilized to cipher nan fees, and they are based connected really galore words, aliases groups of characters, you usage successful a prompt; this besides includes nan matter consequence you get from GPT-3. You tin spot really galore tokens you usage each clip successful nan bottommost correct of nan matter container area.

Tokens are past translated to dollars, of which you person $5 to walk successful nan first 3 months (previously $18). It's a unusual pricing exemplary to wrap your caput astir astatine first, but what matters is that it's much than capable to play with. When we tested it retired complete a mates of days, we only utilized $0.11 from our total.

5. Switch to a Different GPT Model

Davinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada are nan names of nan different models you tin take to powerfulness GPT-3. You tin prime Model successful nan settings barroom connected nan correct of nan matter container to move betwixt them.

By default, it's group to nan Davinci model, but selecting different models has nan use of costing little and moving faster to complete prompts. In general, sticking to Davinci will springiness you nan champion results erstwhile knowing discourse and producing analyzable and imaginative answers.

If you want to effort nan different models retired for a little cost, present is simply a summary of what they are bully for:

  • Curie: Costs little than Davinci and tin process requests faster. It's peculiarly useful for tasks specified arsenic translation, answering nonstop questions, extracting important information, aliases summarizing method accusation into slug points.
  • Babbage: Costs less, is very fast, and is awesome astatine creating matter if you springiness it repeated examples and information. It tin find straightforward patterns successful text, and successful position of imaginative tasks, it's bully for completing sentences, generating basal communicative plots, aliases helping you to brainstorm ideas.
  • Ada: The fastest exemplary successful nan family pinch nan lowest costs; usage this exemplary if you don't require precise answers. It's particularly recommended for imaginative applications alternatively than generating elaborate and nonstop information.

Remember that you'll still incur costs for each exemplary you choose, but nan costs per token will vary.

6. Improve Your Results

The Temperature mounting is simply a cardinal parameter to play pinch if you want to fine-tune your results. When nan somesthesia is group to zero you will get nan aforesaid reply from GPT-3, moreover if you resubmit nan nonstop aforesaid prompt. Raising this number will consequence successful much varied and unpredictable answers.

One measurement to retrieve what it does is to usage an analogy. We tin opportunity that mounting nan somesthesia to zero gives you a cool, calm, and collected result. On nan different hand, expanding nan somesthesia to 1 will springiness you basking results that are varied and unpredictable.

To show this parameter, we asked GPT-3 to concisely summarize really to create an breathtaking caller podcast. With nan somesthesia group to zero, nan reply was nan aforesaid nary matter really galore times we deed nan Regenerate button. By contrast, erstwhile we changed nan somesthesia to 1, we sewage plentifulness of varied results that offered somewhat different steps.

Three screenshots of GPT-3 generated matter offering different answers for nan aforesaid prompt.

This is simply a awesome parameter to play astir pinch if you want to usage GPT-3 to make ideas, specified arsenic brainstorming video ideas for YouTube aliases generating caller societal media posts. Understanding this 1 mounting tin thief you to fine-tune nan results you get from GPT-3.

There are tons of ways that an AI connection exemplary tin thief you successful day-to-day tasks. For much useful devices to thief you write, cheque retired nan best AI penning extensions for Google Chrome.

Can You Use GPT-4 successful OpenAI Playground?

When OpenAI released GPT-3 to nan world, nan gait of improvement drastically picked up successful nan section of generative AI. Within respective months of GPT-3 being unfastened to nan nationalist and nan motorboat of GPT-3.5 done ChatGPT, OpenAI announced GPT-4, bringing caller functions to nan artificial intelligence model.

openai playground gpt-4 exemplary option

Among GPT-4's champion caller features is nan expertise to taxable images to nan model, which it tin understand, discuss, and respond to done text. It's an unthinkable caller advancement that makes nan strategy multi-modal.

Currently, only users pinch entree to OpenAI's GPT-4 API tin usage nan GPT-4 exemplary successful OpenAI Playground if they've spent $0.50 aliases much for accounts created aft August 18, 2023, aliases $1 aliases much for accounts created anterior to this. Alternatively, if you person a paid subscription, you tin use GPT-4 connected ChatGPT.

It's becoming modular believe for companies for illustration OpenAI to power nan merchandise of caller models by utilizing investigation previews and constricted hold lists. It's besides prioritizing entree to developers who person beardown ideas for really they mightiness instrumentality nan exertion successful an app, for example.

This is 1 logic why it's still worthy playing astir successful GPT-3. There are galore group who are funny astir generative AI and want to effort it retired for fun. So, while you hold for nan latest exemplary to go available, GPT-3 is your playground.

OpenAI Playground: Open to Everyone

You don't request typical knowledge of instrumentality learning systems to play astir pinch GPT-3. It's elemental to usage and easy to fine-tune; each you person to do is commencement pinch a prompt.

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