How to Use Chatbot Arena to Compare the Best LLMs

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There are plentifulness of AI-powered chatbots available, but which uses nan champion LLM? Here's really you tin comparison LLMs to activity retired which is best.

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With respective chatbots disposable online, it tin go highly difficult to prime nan 1 that meets your needs. Though you tin comparison immoderate 2 chatbots manually, it'll return sizeable clip and effort.

A amended and simpler measurement is to usage Chatbot Arena to comparison nan different LLMs that powerfulness celebrated chatbots. It offers a mates of modes for comparing nan various models, which we explicate below.

What Is Chatbot Arena?

Created by LMSYS Org, Chatbot Arena is simply a level to benchmark various LLMs. It uses nan Elo Rating strategy to rank nan various models.

Chatbot Arena offers a mates of ways for users to comparison and complaint LLMs. Based connected nan submitted feedback, Chatbot Arena ranks nan different LLMs connected nan nationalist leaderboard. The task is sponsored by HuggingFace, an open-source replacement to ChatGPT.

How to Compare Anonymous LLMs pinch Chatbot Arena

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Chatbot Arena's conflict mode lets you comparison LLMs anonymously. For instance, you tin compare ChatGPT (GPT 3.5) and Claude. This intends that Chatbot Arena itself selects immoderate 2 connection models and, without revealing their names, lets you comparison them.

As you participate nan first prompt, Chatbot Arena fetches responses from some models, presenting them broadside by side. The level allows you to regenerate responses (for some LLMs) and clear history to commencement a different conversation. You tin support asking much questions until you've selected a clear winner.

Then, you tin take if exemplary A is amended aliases B. On selecting nan winner, Chatbot Arena reveals nan names of some bots. This mode useful awesome arsenic your determination is not affected by your erstwhile cognition aliases fame of nan models. Chatbot Arena besides lets you set parameters for illustration temperature, Top P, and max output tokens.

How to Compare Selected LLMs pinch Chatbot Arena

chatbot arena side-by-side screenshot

If you want to comparison immoderate 2 circumstantial LLMs, you tin move to Chatbot Arena's side-by-side mode. Other than nan truth that you tin prime nan LLMs yourself, this mode useful almost nan aforesaid arsenic conflict mode. You tin set parameters, regenerate responses, clear history, and prime a victor successful nan end.

However, nan number of LLMs disposable successful this mode is limited. You tin prime different versions of Llama 2, Vicuna, and ChatGLM. Though nan celebrated LLMs, for illustration GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Claude 1, Claude 2, etc., are presently unavailable successful this mode, Chatbot Arena does scheme to adhd them.

Compare LLMs Using Chatbot Arena

Whether you're looking to find a suitable chatbot for your needs aliases conscionable want to trial different LLMs, Chatbot Arena is simply a awesome platform.

It provides a simplified measurement of comparing different connection models side-by-side. And since it maintains a leaderboard based connected users' feedback, you tin straight position nan rankings of various models without moving nan tests yourself.

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