How to Update Windows Offline With Portable Update

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No net connection? No problem. Here's really to usage Portable Update to get your Windows updates.

windows package update being performed connected laptop

If there's a machine that's successful an isolated environment, wherever it can't entree nan internet, updating it tin look impossible. Luckily, there's a programme you tin usage to download nan needed Windows Updates connected a machine that has net entree and past instal them connected nan offline computer. It's called Portable Update, and we're going to show you really to usage it.

1. Download and Install Portable Update

To footwear things off, you'll request to connect your PC to nan internet and download Portable Update, which will beryllium successful a ZIP file. Go to wherever you downloaded nan ZIP file, extract it, and spot nan extracted files successful a USB drive, specified arsenic a flash thrust aliases outer difficult drive.

The PC you're trying to update should person nan aforesaid Windows type arsenic nan 1 you're going to usage Portable Update connected first to download nan update files. That means, if nan offline machine is utilizing Windows 11, nan different 1 should besides usage Windows 11.

Next, double-click PortUp.exe (while it's still plugged into your computer) to motorboat nan portable, lightweight app.

the Portable Update folder

After launching Portable Update, click connected Start for nan app to download nan files it needs to run. This process shouldn't return long, and erstwhile it's done, nan app should unfastened completely.

2. Scan for nan Update Files

Next, you'll person to get Portable Update to hunt for nan update files you need. So, click connected nan Search tab astatine nan top, and past click connected Start successful nan top-right corner.

an quiet hunt tab successful Portable Update

Once nan Portable Update completes its search, it will database nan disposable Windows updates that you tin download.

a populated hunt tab successful Portable Update

Now, that you cognize what's available, it's clip to download nan files for offline installation.

3. Download nan Windows Update You Want

To download nan files, click connected nan Download tab astatine nan apical to position nan downloadable files, on pinch different details, specified arsenic their size, and severity. Click connected nan checkbox connected nan correct of nan update you want to download (you tin prime much than one), and past click connected Start successful nan top-right area of nan screen. When selecting nan files to download, make judge their Status file says Not Installed.

the Download tab successful Portable Update

Once nan download finishes, it will vanish from nan list. Portable Update will spot nan Windows Update files successful nan Cache folder, which is wherever it will look erstwhile you effort to instal them connected nan different computer.

the Cache files successful nan Portable Update folder

Now you're fresh to move nan programme complete to nan offline computer.

4. Install nan Selected Windows Updates

Unplug nan USB thrust pinch Portable Update connected it, plug it into nan offline computer, and motorboat it. Now, spell to nan Install tab, prime each nan downloads you want to install, and past click Start successful nan top-right corner. Portable Update will past instal nan updates.

the Install tab successful Portable Update

After Portable Update does its thing, restart your Windows computer to fto nan OS decorativeness installing nan updates connected its broadside of things (like it usually does).

Install Windows Updates Another Way

You tin update an offline machine easy pinch Portable Update. As agelong arsenic you person nan programme and each nan basal Windows Update files, nan process should beryllium a breeze. The champion portion is that you tin update immoderate different machine that needs an update this way, moreover if it has net access.

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