How to Update a Roku Steaming Player or Roku TV

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Always enactment up-to-date pinch nan latest package for your Roku device.

Your Roku puts thousands of TV shows, movies, apps, and services astatine your fingertips. Because of this, you'll want to guarantee that it runs nan latest software, truthful you person nan newest features, information fixes, and, much importantly, nan champion performance.

We'll show you really it only takes a fewer clicks of your Roku Remote to enactment updated.

Why You Should Update Your Roku Streaming Player aliases TVA wall-mounted tv pinch Roku running

Although Roku's package automatically checks for and applies updates regularly successful nan background, location are immoderate instances wherever you mightiness want to cheque manually. Like astir connected devices, your first measurement erstwhile troubleshooting your Roku should beryllium ensuring that it runs nan latest package to norm retired known bugs and capacity issues.

Manually checking for updates whitethorn besides let you to acquisition caller features arsenic soon arsenic they are released. For example, Roku OS 9.4 allowed users to set up their Roku devices pinch Apple HomeKit, while earlier releases brought support for Roku's statement of wireless speakers.

Woman opinionated retired of attraction holding up Roku StreambarImage Credit: Roku

You'll besides want to manually cheque for updates if you precocious downloaded a transmission from nan Roku Store, arsenic nan process will drawback nan latest build. And, of course, since your Roku relies connected net connectivity, you'll want to periodically cheque for updates to guarantee it has nan latest information fixes.

How to Update Your Roku Streaming Player aliases TV

Thanks to Roku's singular consistency crossed platforms, nan package update process is nan aforesaid nary matter which streaming subordinate aliases TV you use. All it takes is simply a fewer clicks of your remote, and you'll beryllium up-to-date successful nary time.

  1. Power connected your Roku device.
  2. Press nan Home button connected your Roku Remote.
  3. Using your remote's directional pad, navigate to nan Settings and click OK.
  4. Scroll down to navigate to System, and click OK.
  5. Navigate to Software update and click OK.
  6. Click Check now.

That's each location is to it. Your Roku will now cheque for nan latest Channel and package updates and use them automatically. After updating, you tin spell backmost to binge-watching tons of free contented successful Roku Originals while enjoying nan latest features.

Update Your Roku for nan Best Streaming Experience

By keeping your Roku up-to-date, you'll use from nan latest security, performance, and bug fixes and unlock powerful caller features. All it takes is simply a fewer clicks of nan Roku Remote to guarantee that you are experiencing nan champion that your Streaming Player aliases TV has to offer.

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