How to Tweak Windows Settings and App Behavior With the AlomWare Toolbox

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Windows offers precocious devices heavy successful its Settings app and nan Task Manager. You tin besides get powerful settings done apps for illustration Microsoft PowerToys.

But what if you want to beryllium a powerfulness personification without going done nan problem of discovering and installing truthful galore things? This is wherever nan AlomWare Toolbox comes in.

So, let's cheque retired this app and spot what it tin do to make you a Windows powerfulness user.

AlomWare Toolbox homepage

AlomWare Toolbox is simply a portable Windows exertion that lets you do galore things successful a azygous measurement and keeps everything you request successful 1 place. The app is free to use, though you request to participate a codification that appears successful a pop-up model for each session.

You tin besides bargain nan app, truthful you don't request to participate nan code, and to get email and chat support.

Getting to Know nan Basic AlomWare Tools

While AlomWare is designed pinch Windows powerfulness users successful mind, it besides comes pinch immoderate devices to make your life easier, moreover if you're an mean user. Here are immoderate of nan essentials that travel pinch AlomWare.


AlomWare Toolbox calendar

The AlomWare Toolbox features a almanac wherever you tin group reminders connected your computer. Unlike these calendars that sync crossed each your devices, nan AlomWare almanac only keeps nan reminders connected nan instrumentality installed.

Nevertheless, it does person immoderate nifty features. For example, it has a model showing really galore days aliases weeks a selected day is from nan existent one. It besides shows you nan existent Zodiac motion and really galore days distant an yearly arena is (like New Year's Day aliases Halloween) from nan selected date.

It's besides easy to group a reminder connected nan calendar, and each recorded reminder appears nether Current, Arrived, aliases Missed tab, on pinch really galore days are near until nan reminder arrives aliases erstwhile it was owed if it's already past.


AlomWare Notes

The Notes tab features a notepad-like interface that lets you support immoderate matter you need. You tin prevention arsenic galore notes arsenic you want and past usage nan letters supra it to select them according to their first letter.

Alternatively, you tin click connected (click present to filter) to hunt for circumstantial matter successful your notes aliases usage nan yyyy-mm-dd day format to hunt your notes by day written.


AlomWare clipboard

The AlomWare Clipboard useful conscionable like Windows 11's clipboard history. However, it separates nan items that you copied into 2 tabs—one for matter and different for images. This makes it easier to find what you copied.

Furthermore, AlomWare adds much devices to its clipboard. It lets you fastener aliases pin immoderate point you copied and prevention it arsenic a different record altogether. You tin besides usage its built-in optical characteristic nickname to extract matter from a photo—no request to use OCR apps to person images to text.


AlomWare Toolbox screenshots

Screenshots are traditionally saved connected nan clipboard aliases to nan Pictures > Screenshots folder. But pinch nan AlomWare Toolbar, each your screenshots are saved to nan app's Screenshots tab. This makes it easy to find each nan screenshots you've made and ensures that you won't miss them, moreover aft you've restarted your computer.


AlomWare batch rename

AlomWare Tools offers 4 awesome record functions: single-file backups pinch versioning, record search, aggregate record rename, and files monitoring. These features make it easier to negociate files, including ensuring you don't accidentally overwrite an important record and keeping way of immoderate changes made to a peculiar folder.

Although AlomWare has respective nifty basal features, its precocious capabilities make it guidelines out. These features tin prevention you a batch of clip by automating your Windows PC's astir mundane and repetitive tasks.


AlomWare automation options

You tin create a Windows Batch File bid to automate repetitive tasks, but it could beryllium complicated. That's why astir users don't fuss making one, arsenic it could lead to much problems and would make you conscionable want to do it yourself manually.

Thankfully, AlomWare's Automation tab already has a bully number of pre-created commands that thief you pinch mundane tasks. For example, nan "Auto Text/tyvm" bid will automatically switch "tyvm" pinch "Thank you very much!" redeeming you clip and effort.

This is conscionable 1 of nan much basal kinds of automation. You tin besides usage this characteristic to toggle desktop icons, bulk rename files, transcript matter nether nan cursor, and galore more.

You tin besides create your ain automation pinch respective steps from scratch. But if you find that excessively complicated, you tin usage nan Create an action pinch a wizard fastener to make it easier.


AlomWare states

States is besides different characteristic cleanable for office-based professionals. If you usage nan aforesaid group of apps regular and already person a fixed spot for them connected your screen, you tin prevention that arsenic a PC State connected AlomWare Tools. You tin past motorboat it from nan app, and your machine will participate into your group configuration, opening each nan apps you request and placing them precisely wherever you want them connected nan monitor.

AlomWare Power Menu

Aside from nan features wrong nan app, AlomWare besides gives you other capabilities via nan AlomWare Power Menu. You tin activate this characteristic by middle-clicking connected an unfastened app's upper-right. You'll spot respective features from location for illustration Keep locked here, Minimize to tray, Roll up to title, and more.

You tin moreover group wherever an app will unfastened connected your show each clip by choosing Opening authorities > Open for illustration this (position, size, transparency, etc). With this feature, AlomWare gives you galore useful options to usage your machine conscionable really you for illustration it.

"Reboot" Your PC Without Turning It Off

AlomWare Clean Slate

One different absorbing characteristic that AlomWare offers is Clean Slate, located nether nan States tab. Clean Slate technically reboots your machine by closing each unfastened windows and apps. It besides has respective options, for illustration ending circumstantial processes, mounting each processes to normal priority, and clearing nan caller documents list.

This characteristic makes clearing your PC's representation faster, particularly if it's starting to tally slow. That's because moreover if your machine already runs connected an SSD, nan different ways of restarting your Windows computer will still return immoderate time. So, if you only request a speedy velocity boost, AlonWare's Clean Slate characteristic will springiness you conscionable that.

Unleash nan Windows Power User successful You

Being a Windows powerfulness personification tin beryllium confusing and difficult for astir people, but it does make your life easier. So, if you don't want to spell done nan hassle of proceedings and error, you should usage AlomWare Tools to make your Windows PC do nan things you want.

But moreover if you don't want to usage a third-party app and are consenting to research and experiment, Windows offers respective powerfulness personification devices correct retired of nan box.

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