How to Turn Off the New Google Chrome Design

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Chrome sewage a caller overgarment of overgarment for 2023, but you tin move it off.

Google Chrome logoCorbin Davenport / Google

Google started rolling retired an updated look and consciousness for nan Chrome browser successful September 2023, based connected nan aforesaid Material You creation recovered successful Android smartphones and immoderate different Google applications. If you're not a fan, you tin move it off—at slightest for now.

What Does nan New Google Chrome Look Like?

The caller Google Chrome creation has a greater accent connected color, pinch a caller ray bluish colour strategy arsenic nan default choice, and options for galore different colors (the acheronian taxable is besides still there). There are immoderate different changes arsenic well, including rounded edges connected nan main toolbar, taller tabs, different fonts for immoderate elements, and icons for nan paper items successful nan main overflow menu.

There's nary action successful Chrome's modular settings to revert nan design, but you tin move it disconnected done experimental characteristic flags. Google will region those characteristic flags sometime aft nan creation is afloat rolled retired to everyone, but that apt won't hap until farther into 2024.

The main "chrome-refresh-2023" characteristic emblem is presently group to expire successful Chrome type 125 (as per flag-metadata.json, viewable connected GitHub), which won't get until May 2024. Google mightiness besides widen nan expiry day to a later release.

How to Disable nan New Chrome Design

First, transcript nan beneath URL, paste it into Chrome's reside bar, and property Enter/Return connected your keyboard:


This takes you to Chrome's database of experimental characteristic flags and highlights nan "Chrome Refresh 2023" flag.

Next, click nan dropdown paper adjacent to nan emblem (it astir apt says "Default") and prime "Disabled" to move disconnected nan flag.

Turning disconnected nan Chrome Refresh 2023 characteristic flag

After you alteration nan emblem setting, click nan "Relaunch" fastener astatine nan bottommost of nan page to restart nan Chrome browser. You will now beryllium connected nan erstwhile Chrome design. If you want to reverse nan alteration later, spell backmost to nan aforesaid page, alteration nan dropdown paper to "Enabled", and restart Chrome.

Again, this hole will only activity until Google removes nan characteristic emblem for nan redesign, which is presently slated for Chrome 125. The creation mightiness beryllium somewhat different by that point, though.

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