How to Turn Off Messages on Your Mac

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Is iMessage distracting you from your work? Here's really to disable nan work connected your Mac.

MacBook successful nan inheritance pinch Messages icon and cancel fastener placed connected top

iMessage facilitates easier connection betwixt devices successful nan Apple ecosystem. It's acold amended than utilizing nan outdated SMS protocol, allowing you to nonstop unlimited messages for free and bask nan tons of different functionalities available. However, utilizing Messages connected a Mac tin beryllium distracting, pinch messages popping up frequently.

If you find that annoying, we'll show you really to move disconnected Messages connected your Mac truthful that you tin regain power and attraction connected your work. You mightiness besides beryllium sharing 1 Mac successful a household; hence, utilizing Messages connected specified a shared instrumentality is astir apt not a bully idea.

How to Disable Messages successful macOS

Messages is 1 of nan galore apps preinstalled connected your Mac and can't beryllium uninstalled. The only measurement to disable iMessage connected your Mac is to motion retired of your connected iCloud account. But that comes astatine a costs because you will nary longer person iMessage texts. Regardless, here's really to move disconnected Messages connected your Mac:

  1. Open nan Messages app connected your Mac.
  2. Click Messages successful nan paper barroom and prime Settings from nan dropdown.
    Settings action for Messages successful macOS apical bar
  3. Head to nan iMessage tab successful nan caller model that pops up.
    iMessage settings tab connected macOS
  4. Click Sign Out adjacent to your Apple ID email reside and past prime Sign Out again from nan pop-up to confirm.
    Disabling Messages connected Mac

After doing so, you'll beryllium instantly signed retired of your iCloud relationship successful nan Messages app. You won't beryllium capable to person aliases nonstop messages connected your Mac unless you activate iMessage again. iCloud will still stay progressive for everything other connected your Mac, though.

If you don't want to move disconnected Messages, a impermanent hole is to control your macOS notifications. This way, you won't beryllium notified erstwhile you person a caller message. You tin do truthful by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages, past toggle disconnected Allow notifications.

Turn Off Messages connected Your Mac to Reduce Distractions

iMessage connected Mac provides convenience, allowing you to enactment up to day pinch nan latest messages from your friends and family. However, if you don't want this functionality connected your Mac owed to distractions aliases different reasons, move it off. You tin proceed utilizing iMessage connected your iPhone during those downtimes successful a workday.

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