How to Transfer Files From Android to PC: 7 Methods

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You person a photograph connected your Android telephone aliases tablet, and you request to get it onto your PC. But really do you do this? As it turns out, you person respective options, specified arsenic cables, unreality software, and moreover apps. Put simply, transferring files from Android to a Windows PC isn't difficult. Here's everything you request to cognize astir moving files from your Android telephone to your PC.

The astir convenient method for sharing files (such arsenic photos, videos, and moreover apps) betwixt Android devices, Chromebooks, and Windows devices is by utilizing Google's Nearby Share feature. It tin beryllium utilized some online and offline, and you person nan action to prime who tin stock contented pinch you and power nan visibility of your device.

To usage Nearby Share, guarantee your instrumentality runs connected Android 6.0 aliases higher, pinch Bluetooth and location services enabled.

  1. Install Nearby Share for Windows, and travel nan onscreen instructions to get it group up connected your PC
  2. Activate Nearby Share successful your Android device's settings.
  3. Once done, find nan contented you wish to stock and pat nan stock icon; you'll find Nearby Share arsenic 1 of nan disposable options.
  4. Tap Nearby Share and prime your Windows PC.
  5. Click Accept connected your PC to prevention nan file.

Our guideline connected sharing files betwixt Android and Windows pinch Nearby Share covers each these steps successful greater item if you request much thief getting started.

2. Transfer Files From Android to PC With Bluetooth File Transfer

Is Bluetooth enabled connected your PC? Perhaps you person a Bluetooth USB dongle, aliases your instrumentality has Bluetooth built-in. Either way, sending information via Bluetooth record transportation from Android to Windows is simply a bully option, peculiarly for smaller files.

To begin, you'll request to alteration Bluetooth, first connected Windows, past connected Android. To alteration Bluetooth connected Windows:

  1. Press nan Win + I keys together to unfastened nan Settings app.
  2. In Settings, click connected Bluetooth & different devices successful nan near pane.
  3. Switch Bluetooth to On.
    Enabling bluetooth successful Windows 11
  4. Click Add Bluetooth device.
  5. Select Bluetooth again to scan for compatible devices.

Meanwhile, alteration Bluetooth connected Android:

  1. Swipe down from nan apical to unfastened Quick settings.
  2. Long-tap Bluetooth.
  3. In nan adjacent screen, pat your PC's sanction nether Available devices.
  4. When prompted, corroborate pairing (Pair connected Android, Yes connected Windows).

When pairing is complete, nan machine will show a Device Ready notification. For much details, spot our guide to connecting your telephone and PC utilizing Bluetooth.

With a relationship established, find nan Bluetooth icon successful nan System Tray successful nan bottom-right area of your desktop. Right-click it and prime Receive a file, past click Next to commence nan transfer.

File received via Bluetooth from Android

Meanwhile, usage your Android record browser aliases Gallery app to prime nan record you wish to transfer. Use nan Share button, prime Bluetooth to stock nan data, and past prime your PC successful nan consequent list.

Once nan information has been transferred, you should person announcement that nan record transportation has been completed successfully. You'll beryllium asked wherever to prevention it, truthful browse to your preferred destination and click Finish.

AirDroid is simply a captious app for each Android users. It's free pinch an optional premium subscription. You'll request to create an account, aliases motion successful utilizing Google, Facebook, aliases Twitter if you're pressed for time. AirDroid offers notification and tethering devices arsenic good arsenic elemental record transportation to a machine connected nan aforesaid Wi-Fi network. You'll request to instal this earlier proceeding.

Download: AirDroid (Free, in-app purchases available)

Once you've done that, caput to nan AirDroid download page, drawback nan desktop client, and instal it. Next, configure AirDroid for record sharing.

  1. Open nan AirDroid mobile app and motion up.
  2. When AirDroid requests support to entree and negociate each files connected your device, pat Continue and alteration Allow entree to negociate each files.
  3. Tap OK to position different Security & Remote Features.
  4. To alteration record transportation to a PC, unfastened Security & Remote Features and cheque Files is group to On.

If you're not prompted to motion in, prime immoderate 1 of nan icons aliases menus to punctual for your details. To transportation files from your mobile to a PC pinch AirDroid:

  1. Ensure some PC and telephone are connected to nan aforesaid network.
  2. In nan AirDroid Transfer tab, prime your PC name.
  3. Tap nan paperclip icon to browse for information to transfer.
  4. With nan file(s) selected, pat Send.
Transfer files from Android to PC pinch AirDroid

Need to make a mobile-to-PC record transportation pinch Android? Simply resistance and driblet nan record from your desktop into nan AirDroid client.

Equipped pinch conscionable your telephone and PC? If you person a compatible USB information cablegram handy—it's preferable to usage nan original to debar issues—this is nan fastest Android-to-PC record transportation option.

To usage this method connected older Android devices:

  1. Connect nan USB cablegram to your PC and your phone.
  2. On Android, look for nan Allow entree notification.
  3. Tap Allow to proceed.
  4. Drag nan notification shadiness down and find USB record transportation turned on.
  5. Tap to grow nan afloat preferences.
  6. Confirm File transfer is selected.

On newer versions of Android, erstwhile you link your PC and Android phone:

  1. Wait for nan Use USB for pop-up.
  2. Tap File transfer.
  3. If nan pop-up doesn't appear, swipe down and pat Android strategy > File transfer.

Following this, respond to your PC. In nan Windows notification, prime View Device and Open Files. Your PC will past automatically unfastened a files position of your Android instrumentality storage.

If it doesn't, unfastened File Explorer and look for your Android instrumentality successful This PC. You tin place it by its exemplary name. When connected, you'll beryllium capable to browse nan phone's contents and transcript information to your PC.

Note that if you're connecting these devices for nan first time, Windows will effort to instal nan applicable drivers first. Your telephone whitethorn besides instal an Android record head for your PC via USB to unfastened whenever nan telephone connects.

If you person problem pinch this, spot our guideline connected how to hole an Android telephone that won't link to a computer.

5. Transfer Files From Android to PC Using an SD Card

Transfer information from Android to PC pinch USB SD paper reader

Another basal method that doesn't fuss pinch apps aliases wireless networking protocols is to transcript information to your phone's microSD card. This is simply a peculiarly useful action if you don't person a USB cablegram and want to support it simple. You will request a microSD to SD paper adapter and a paper reader, however.

Simply prevention nan files to your phone's SD card, past unopen down nan device. Eject nan card, past insert it successful your PC's paper scholar to position nan data.

If your telephone doesn't person a microSD paper slot, astir modern Android devices support USB OTG. Simply link your USB SD paper scholar to your telephone utilizing a USB OTG adapter. You tin usage a USB-C flash thrust for illustration this, too.

Share files from Android to PC pinch Dropbox

With unreality services specified arsenic Dropbox and Google Drive, you mightiness person already transferred information to your machine without knowing it.

For example, Dropbox and Google Drive some connection automatic camera uploads. If you person nan unreality work customer installed connected your computer, photos will automatically sync to your PC.

Similar features are disposable pinch different unreality services. You tin transcript immoderate information to nan unreality files connected your Android instrumentality and sync it to Windows.

7. Transfer Small Files Using Email

Email was nan first extensively utilized method of non-disk information transportation betwixt devices and remains a useful action for many. All you request to do is connect nan information to an email connected your telephone and nonstop it to yourself.

Then connected your computer, entree that message, and you tin download nan file. It's beautiful easy to do it this way, but clunky, truthful should only beryllium utilized arsenic a past resort. The different solutions listed supra are much effective.

Mobile to PC File Transfer Is Easy

With truthful galore methods of transferring information of immoderate size from your telephone aliases tablet to your Windows PC, you're really spoiled for choice. The only problem you mightiness person now is deciding which method you prefer. Nearby Share is nan champion option, arsenic it's built into Android and useful very seamlessly, while utilizing a USB cablegram useful for its simplicity.

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