How to Tether Any Smartphone to Linux for Mobile Internet

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Key Takeaways

  • Tethering allows you to stock your mobile net pinch a Linux computer, either done USB aliases wireless connection.
  • Using a suitable USB cablegram is important for successful tethering, arsenic it will supply a reliable web relationship and forestall wireless interference.
  • Tethering is simply a convenient action erstwhile you don't person Wi-Fi aliases Ethernet web access, and it tin beryllium easy group up pinch Android and iPhone devices connected Linux computers.

Laptops are invariably constricted to Wi-Fi only connections; desktop computers ne'er person built-in mobile internet. But what if you request to get your Linux machine online but person nary wireless aliases Ethernet network?

The reply is tethering. With a smartphone you tin stock your mobile net pinch your computer.

As agelong arsenic your bearer doesn't limit really you usage your data, net relationship sharing (also known arsenic netshare) pinch a Linux machine is simply a bully option. Wi-Fi tethering is 1 option, but what if this isn't practical? Happily, location is an alternative. Here's really to usage Linux USB tethering pinch Android and iPhone.

What Is Tethering?

Tethering is nan sanction fixed to connecting a mobile instrumentality to a machine successful bid to stock mobile internet.

While immoderate carriers mightiness restrict this activity, these days that is rare. Most smartphones person a information scheme which allows tethering, making tethering an charismatic measurement to get online.

Strictly speaking, tethering refers to utilizing a USB cablegram to stock mobile internet. This intends that you will request to transportation your phone's USB information cablegram astir if you scheme to usage tethering.

Wireless tethering is besides possible, utilizing Wi-Fi aliases Bluetooth, though Bluetooth is slower and little reliable.

Using Wi-Fi is known arsenic setting up a "wireless hotspot" pinch your mobile. In astir cases wireless tethering is easier, but location are bully reasons to usage USB tethering:

  • For a reliable web relationship
  • To support your telephone charged
  • Avoid wireless interference
  • Prevent wireless sniffers intercepting information

If you don't person a suitable USB cable, here's really to usage your telephone arsenic a wireless hotspot. Simply link your Linux machine to your phone's hotspot to get online.

Use nan Right USB Cable for Tethering

Before proceeding, you request to beryllium judge that you're utilizing a USB cablegram that is suitable for tethering. Not each cables will activity for this, arsenic immoderate are designed purely for power. Here’s nan champion measurement to cheque that your USB cablegram is suitable for tethering:

  1. Connect nan cablegram to your machine
  2. Connect your telephone to nan cablegram
  3. Wait for either instrumentality to observe nan different
  4. If information transportation aliases record browsing is available, it is suitable for tethering
  5. An unsuitable cablegram will simply complaint nan telephone

If location is simply a problem pinch nan cable, you should beryllium capable to bargain a suitable data-ready replacement online.

The methods described present require you to link nan mobile instrumentality to your PC pinch a moving USB cablegram earlier activating tethering. All nan steps and screenshots person been recorded utilizing USB tethering connected Ubuntu 22.04.3 lTS.

How to Tether Android Phones to Linux

If you person an Android device, tethering is straightforward, acknowledgment successful portion to some telephone and PC being Linux-based.

If you want to stock your mobile net to a Linux PC complete USB :

  1. Connect nan USB cablegram to your telephone and Linux PC.
  2. Android will observe nan connection---when prompted to Allow access, prime Allow.
  3. In nan Notifications find nan USB message, and pat it.
  4. Under Use USB for, prime USB tethering.

In astir cases, nan relationship will beryllium automatically established. You should beryllium capable to spot nan relationship specifications successful nan strategy tray/panel.

If not, usage nan terminal. Check nan IP reside for your instrumentality to corroborate it has worked:

ip reside

Look for a caller introduction (you tin disconnect and retry) pinch a valid IP reside for your network.

Check USB relationship position successful nan terminal.

If you find nan ip reside results confusing, usage ifconfig, which tin beryllium accessed pinch nan net-tools package.

sudo apt install net-tools

To show web connections, enter


Look for an action labeled


...or again, thing caller pinch a valid IP address.

Linux to Android USB tethering isn’t ever that simple. With immoderate distros, you whitethorn request to prime nan USB connection.

  1. Find nan web tray icon
  2. Click to find nan web action pinch a sanction for illustration "auto usb0".
  3. Select this to link Linux to your telephone via nan USB cable.

Don't person a information scheme which allows tethering? Installing a civilization Android ROM tin thief circumvent restrictions.

How to Tether iPhones to Linux

If you person an iPhone pinch a information scheme which allows tethering, you tin group up Linux tethering complete USB.

Unlike Android, however, this doesn't link automatically. Instead, you will request libimobiledevice, described arsenic a "cross-platform package protocol room and devices to pass pinch iOS devices natively." Head to to corroborate existent compatibility.

If you're utilizing Ubuntu, libimobiledevice should already beryllium installed. If not, earlier hooking up your iPhone to Linux, unfastened a terminal and enter:

sudo apt install libimobiledevice6

Next, you request to found spot betwixt nan telephone and computer. When hooking up nan devices pinch nan USB cable, you will beryllium prompted pinch messages connected some devices. On nan iPhone, pat Trust to proceed; nan connection should vanish connected nan machine (if thing happens, click Try again.)

iPhone relationship spot relationship notice

To link to nan net done your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings > Personal Hotspot.
  2. Enable Allow Others to Join.

All you request to do now is prime nan relationship to alteration Linux tethering. Unlike Android, iPhone devices show arsenic a caller Ethernet device, alternatively than USB. You should spot them listed successful nan accustomed Settings > Network view.

Can You Enable USB Tethering successful nan Linux Terminal?

In immoderate scenarios you whitethorn request to usage nan bid statement to tether Linux to your phone. For example, your machine whitethorn not person a desktop environment.

It is unsurprisingly elemental truthful alteration this. With nan telephone connected complete USB and sharing activated, unfastened sudo nano /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml.

Next, adhd nan following:


Should you request to alteration IPv6, alteration nan information to connected nan dhcp6 action to yes. (Note that true and false also work.)

Hit CTRL+X to prevention and exit, past Y to confirm.

Enter nan pursuing commands:

sudo netplan try
sudo netplan use

Your USB tethered relationship should now begin. You tin reappraisal nan netplan astatine immoderate clip from nan terminal with

sudo netplan get

Remember not to prevention immoderate changes to nan record unless they are required.

Tethering Linux Phones to Linux

Several Linux mobile operating systems are available. These see a mobile type of Pure OS connected nan Librem 5, PostmarketOS connected nan PinePhone, and UBPorts, nan continuation of Ubuntu Touch (perhaps nan easiest Linux mobile operating strategy to install).

Perhaps surprisingly, not each of these person reliable options for USB aliases wireless tethering. For specifics, cheque nan archiving of whichever Linux mobile task you're using.

Tethering Your Phone to Linux: Success!

While smartphones tin beryllium utilized arsenic wireless hotspots for laptops and computers, USB tethering remains useful. Your machine whitethorn person a damaged web card, for example, aliases you whitethorn person instrumentality susceptible to wireless interference.

Ultimately, sharing your phone's mobile net is simply a awesome measurement to get your Linux PC aliases immoderate different instrumentality online. And if you're concerned astir nan telephone losing charge, nan USB cablegram will guarantee it draws powerfulness from your PC. It's win-win!

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