How to Test YouTube's Experimental AI Features Right Now

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YouTube doesn't want to miss retired connected nan generative AI boom.

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YouTube is jumping connected nan artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon and testing retired immoderate caller experimental features for nan platform. While astir users will person to hold for a wider rollout, YouTube Premium subscribers tin get a sneak peek astatine nan experimental additions.

What Are YouTube's AI Features?

YouTube is testing 2 caller AI features, announced successful a Google Support post connected 6 November, 2023. The features are a conversational AI instrumentality and remark topics summarized by AI.

YouTube's Conversational AI Tool

The conversational AI instrumentality connected YouTube is much aliases little a chatbot. You tin inquire it questions astir nan video you're watching and get recommendations for akin content.

For example, if you're midway done a cooking tutorial, you tin inquire it for nan oven somesthesia without having to region nan video. Or, if you want recommendations for related content, you tin besides petition that.

The chatbot tin besides entree accusation from YouTube and nan web to propulsion successful other context. You tin bring up nan chatbot anytime by tapping nan Ask fastener connected nan video's watch page.

Though unavailable astatine nan clip of writing, this instrumentality will motorboat first successful nan US for Android users who are YouTube Premium subscribers to research successful nan adjacent fewer weeks.

The different YouTube experimental AI tool, comments summarizer, is beautiful interesting, too. This instrumentality uses AI to scan each nan comments connected a video and summarize nan cardinal topics group are talking about.

YouTube's remark summarizer instrumentality is only disposable successful English astatine nan clip of penning and is being tested connected a mini number of videos. So you whitethorn not spot it connected each video yet. But if you get picked arsenic a tester, you'll spot nan summarized remark topics underneath nan accustomed remark section.

How to Access YouTube's Experimental AI Features

If you want early entree and effort immoderate of these caller experiments yourself, nan easiest measurement is if you are already a YouTube Premium member. YouTube often gives Premium users early entree to trial caller features.

All you person to do is sojourn If you spot a punctual to effort a caller experiment, congrats you are in. But cheque backmost often if you don't spot thing correct away; you whitethorn beryllium lucky.

Screenshot of YouTube's Experimental Features Page

Alternatively, you tin opt-in for entree connected your Android aliases iOS instrumentality by tapping nan You tab followed by nan settings icon (cog wheel) connected the

YouTube app. Tap connected Try caller features, and move connected immoderate disposable experimental features unfastened to you.

There is besides a feedback signup nexus connected nan aforesaid page, which you tin capable retired to fto YouTube cognize what you deliberation astir its experimental features and different Google products. It could beryllium nan commencement of immoderate cool caller AI devices connected YouTube.

Being capable to effort retired experimental features whitethorn conscionable beryllium 1 of nan things that helps you determine whether YouTube Premium is worthy nan money.

Try Out YouTube's New AI Features (If You're Lucky)

There's nary connection yet connected erstwhile YouTube's conversational and summarization AI devices will rotation retired for everyone, but arsenic a Premium member, you tin effort them now if you get access. Check nan "Try caller features" page to spot if you're 1 of nan fortunate ones.

Who knows what different neat AI-powered features YouTube will rotation retired successful nan coming days? For now, person nosy pinch nan conversational and remark summarizer additions.

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