How to Test Audio in Microsoft Teams

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Need to pass pinch your workmates and important clients quickly? You whitethorn already beryllium utilizing Microsoft Teams. Teams allows you to support successful touch pinch others utilizing matter chat, audio, and video communication.

However, earlier you subordinate aliases commencement a gathering successful Teams, you should trial your audio settings to make judge everything is moving correctly. To thief you, we’ll show you really to trial your audio successful Microsoft Teams to guarantee your microphone, speakers, and moreover your camera are working.

How to Use nan Test Call Feature successful Microsoft Teams

The test telephone feature successful Microsoft Teams lets you cheque your audio devices and settings earlier joining a meeting. It useful by mounting up a clone telephone (just pinch yourself) that lets you trial your microphone, speakers, and camera.

You tin usage nan trial telephone to set your measurement controls and cheque that everything useful properly. To usage nan trial telephone characteristic successful Microsoft Teams, travel these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and property nan three-dots paper icon in nan top-right.
  2. From nan menu, prime Settings.
  1. Press Devices from nan paper connected nan left.
  2. Under Audio devices, make judge your preferred microphone and speakers are selected from nan drop-down menus.
  3. Press Make a trial telephone under nan Test Call section.

Listen, watch, and show nan trial call, travel immoderate on-screen instructions, and set your measurement settings arsenic required. If you person a camera, you’ll spot yourself connected nan screen. Make judge your camera is positioned correctly and has bully lighting.

If nan trial telephone was successful, you tin proceed to joining your Teams meeting.

How to Test Audio successful Microsoft Teams Without Joining a Meeting

If you want to trial your audio successful Microsoft Teams without joining a meeting, you tin effort signaling a video clip. This way, you tin spot and perceive really you sound and look earlier joining a gathering pinch others.

To grounds a video clip pinch yourself successful Microsoft Teams, travel these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and property nan Chat icon connected nan left.
  2. Press New chat astatine nan apical of nan chat list.
  1. Type your sanction aliases email reside successful nan To field and property Enter.
  1. In your self-chat window, property nan Record a video clip icon successful nan bottommost right.
  1. You’ll spot yourself connected nan surface and perceive yourself done your speakers—make adjustments arsenic necessary.

You whitethorn besides request to see different things (such arsenic your internet connectivity) earlier you commencement aliases subordinate a existent gathering successful Teams, however.

How to Test Audio Before a Teams Meeting successful Windows 11

If you want to trial your audio settings extracurricular nan Teams client, you tin do truthful via nan Windows 11 Settings menu. You tin trial your microphone and speaker settings to cheque that nan volumes are correct and that everything is moving arsenic expected.

You tin past set these settings earlier you motorboat Teams and subordinate a meeting. To trial your audio earlier a Teams gathering successful Windows 11, travel these steps.

  1. First, right-click nan Start paper and prime Settings.
  2. In Settings, property System > Sound.
  3. Under the Output section, you’ll spot nan speakers aliases headphones that are presently selected arsenic nan default output device. You tin alteration nan output instrumentality by pressing nan drop-down paper and selecting different option. You tin set nan output measurement by dragging nan slider aliases utilizing nan measurement buttons connected your keyboard aliases device.
  1. Under nan Input section, you’ll spot nan microphone presently selected arsenic nan default input device. Like pinch your speaker aliases headphone settings, you tin alteration nan input instrumentality via nan drop-down menu. You tin besides set nan input measurement by dragging nan slider.
  1. To trial your microphone, pat nan Microphone option, past property nan Start button. You’ll spot a bluish barroom moving arsenic you speak into your microphone. If your microphone isn’t working, make judge it’s plugged in, turned on, and not muted. You tin besides effort restarting your machine aliases updating your audio drivers.
  1. To trial your speakers aliases headphones, pat nan Speaker option, past property nan Test fastener successful nan Output settings section. You’ll perceive a sound playing from each of your output devices. If you don’t perceive immoderate sound, tally nan aforesaid checks connected your output instrumentality to guarantee it’s plugged successful and moving correctly. You tin besides effort restarting your computer to spot if it fixes nan problem.

After testing your audio devices, adjacent nan Settings app and unfastened Teams. You tin past repetition nan Test call trial utilizing nan steps supra aliases effort joining a telephone to spot if it’s working.

How to Troubleshoot Audio Issues successful Microsoft Teams

If you brushwood immoderate audio issues during aliases aft nan trial call, present are immoderate imaginable solutions:

  • Check your net relationship to guarantee it is stable and accelerated enough for video calls.
  • Close immoderate different applications utilizing your microphone, speakers, aliases camera.
  • Update your instrumentality drivers and Microsoft Teams app to nan latest version.
  • If you’re utilizing a headset aliases outer microphone, make judge it is plugged successful securely and not muted.
  • If you’re utilizing Bluetooth devices, guarantee Bluetooth is switched on, that your devices are paired correctly and person capable artillery power.
  • Finally, if you’re utilizing speakers, make judge they are not excessively adjacent to your microphone to origin unnecessary feedback.

Managing Your Microsoft Teams Settings

Testing your audio successful Microsoft Teams is important to guarantee that your basal meetings spell smoothly without method interruptions. If your mic aliases audio isn’t moving successful Teams, you must travel these steps to troubleshoot nan problem.

Want to support a grounds of important meetings? You tin record a Teams meeting to thief you—just make judge you person support to do truthful first. If you want to amended productivity successful Teams, you tin besides study immoderate helpful Teams keyboard shortcuts to thief you.

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