How to Sync iPhone to Mac: What You Need to Know

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Key Takeaways

  • To make judge each your apps are synced, spell to Settings > Your Name > iCloud connected an iPhone aliases System Settings > Your Name > iCloud connected a Mac. Enabled apps to make them usage iCloud to shop aliases transportation data.
  • Use nan Photos app to import media from your iPhone to your Mac, and see purchasing iCloud retention for syncing information and apps that devour important amounts of storage.

Once upon a clip you’d request to regularly sync your iPhone pinch a Mac to transportation individual data, files, and moreover apps. While you tin still do this if you want, astir things should conscionable brace automatically.

Most Things Sync Using iCloud

The process of syncing your iPhone pinch your Mac aliases Windows PC manually is simply a spot outdated since nan presence of iCloud and its gradual integration into our lives. You nary longer request to plug your telephone into your Mac to stock information betwixt nan two, since astir things sync automatically complete iCloud.

Check your Apple ID nether System Settings connected a Mac

For this to work, you’ll request to beryllium signed successful to nan aforesaid Apple ID connected some devices. Make judge you’re signed successful to nan aforesaid relationship by launching Settings connected an iPhone aliases System Settings connected a Mac and checking that nan aforesaid sanction and image look astatine nan apical of nan paper connected some devices.

By default, astir halfway apps will usage iCloud for retention purposes which pushes changes to each of your connected devices. For example, if you alteration a contact’s number aliases adhd a caller to-do point successful Reminders, these changes should look successful nan respective macOS apps too.

To guarantee each of your apps are utilizing iCloud, and syncing information betwixt your devices, caput to Settings > Your Name > iCloud connected an iPhone aliases System Settings > Your Name > iCloud connected a Mac. If an app is disabled, it won’t usage iCloud to shop aliases transportation information but turning it connected should merge information connected your instrumentality pinch iCloud. Further down nan list, you’ll besides find Apple apps for illustration GarageBand and iMovie, and beneath these you’ll spot third-party apps you’ve downloaded from nan App Store.

View a database of apps utilizing iCloud connected Mac

Some apps for illustration Notes specifically let you to separate information pinch “On My iPhone” and “On My Mac” retention options. This tin beryllium 1 of nan reasons why your Apple Notes seemingly won’t sync complete iCloud. Other settings and information will sync complete iCloud, for illustration passwords stored successful your iCloud Keychain, Wi-Fi credentials, Safari tabs, and Apple Health data.

Data stored successful iCloud will often return up iCloud Storage Space, of which you get 5GB by default. There are immoderate exceptions, for illustration instrumentality settings, passwords, contacts, reminders, calendars, and Health data. You tin position a breakdown of your iCloud usage nether (System) Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Manage Storage.

View full iCloud retention abstraction usage connected iPhone

You Can Still Sync and Backup Manually Using Finder

Before macOS Catalina, iTunes was utilized to sync information complete nan iPhone. iTunes past appeared successful macOS Mojave and now each syncing duties are taken attraction of correct wrong Finder. The process is still almost identical, it’s conscionable that you tin now prime your iPhone successful nan Finder sidebar alternatively than having to unfastened iTunes first.

Select your iPhone successful macOS Finder

Connect your iPhone to your Mac pinch a suitable cable and assistance entree erstwhile prompted to do truthful (on your Mac, and your iPhone). Now open up Finder and nether “Locations” successful nan sidebar prime nan iPhone you conscionable plugged in.

On nan “General” tab you’ll spot options for updating and restoring your iPhone, arsenic good arsenic making section backups. Local backups are arguably 1 of nan champion reasons to plug in, they tin beryllium stored locally and quickly transferred backmost to an iPhone if request beryllium (ideal if you’re reasoning of resetting your iPhone to hole immoderate benignant of rumor you’re experiencing).

On different tabs you’ll find options for syncing Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Photos, and more. If you’re utilizing iCloud Music Library (with Apple Music) aliases iCloud Photos Library past you’ll beryllium informed that you cannot sync manually.

Outside of backups, syncing ample files utilizing nan Files tab is different bully logic to plug in. Files lists each of nan apps that you person installed that are storing information locally, allowing you to grow each 1 and past resistance immoderate files to a destination of your choice. Alternatively, you tin resistance files into this model and driblet them complete an app.

Transfer files to aliases from iPhone utilizing Finder

This is simply a overmuch quicker measurement of transferring ample aliases galore files. For example, redeeming videos changeable pinch an app for illustration Filmic Pro to your Mac, aliases transferring a postulation of locator euphony files to an app for illustration Modizer.

Sync Photos and Videos pinch nan Photos App

If you’re only willing successful importing your media to your Mac, you tin do this utilizing nan Photos app instead. With your iPhone connected, unfastened Photos and past take your iPhone nether nan “Import” conception of nan sidebar. Photos will find what is and is not successful your room and you tin click connected “Import All New Items” to complete nan sync.

Import photos from iPhone utilizing Photos for Mac

Items will beryllium placed into your Photo room based connected their metadata. You’ll besides find a database of precocious imported files nether nan “Imports” section.

Buy Some iCloud Storage for Best Results

To sync information and apps that devour important amounts of storage, you’ll request to salary for an iCloud plan. This includes media for illustration photos and videos, backups of your matter messages (and files received), nan contents of Apple Notes, backups, and basal unreality record storage.

Backups, successful particular, are automatic, end-to-end encrypted, and mean that if ever you suffer aliases harm your instrumentality beyond repair you tin reconstruct it to a caller instrumentality without losing immoderate data. Having iCloud backup enabled intends ne'er having to consciously deliberation astir making a backup, thing that isn’t nan lawsuit for Mac users.

Store iPhone backups successful iCloud for bid of mind

Since Apple abnormal its Photo Stream work successful mid-2023, storing your images and videos successful nan unreality utilizing iCloud Photo Library (and iCloud Shared Photo Library) is acold much compelling than it erstwhile was. Photo Stream would push photos from your iPhone aliases iPad to your Mac automatically for a constricted time, whereas iCloud Photo Library stores everything successful nan cloud.

Media stored successful iCloud Photo Library is disposable connected each devices

Similarly, Desktop and Documents sync makes your Desktop and Documents files connected your Mac disposable connected each devices by storing nan contents successful iCloud Drive. It’s arguably one of nan champion uses for your spare iCloud Storage. Apps tin besides usage iCloud Drive to shop data, making this easy accessible connected each of your devices. Just retrieve that information stored successful nan unreality alternatively than connected section devices will eat into your disposable iCloud retention space.

Store Mac Desktop and Documents folders successful iCloud Drive to entree anywhere

Paid iCloud retention plans, known by Apple arsenic iCloud+, commencement astatine $0.99 per period for 50GB pinch options astatine $2.99 (200GB) and $9.99 (2TB) for those who request much storage.

iCloud+ Comes pinch Other Benefits

iCloud+ subscribers besides get entree to iCloud Private Relay which anonymizes web requests, nan Hide My Email othername service, HomeKit Secure Video storage, and nan expertise to set up Family Sharing to stock your iCloud+ plan pinch up to 5 family members.

With specified an accent connected iCloud arsenic a retention solution, iCloud retention tiers are agelong overdue for an update (and amended worth for money).

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