How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook

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While there's not a built-in characteristic to get free of Facebook Reels, workarounds fto you hide them aliases trim nan number you see.

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Not a instrumentality of TikTok-like videos connected Facebook? You're not nan only one. While immoderate group (creators, especially) look to bask Facebook's short-form video feature, plentifulness of others wish it would spell away. You mightiness beryllium wondering really to region Reels from Facebook. Here's what you should know...

How to Hide and Reduce Reels On Facebook

Unfortunately, there's nary easy measurement to disable nan Reels characteristic connected Facebook. While Facebook has reduced nan complaint astatine which Reels show up connected your feed, it still doesn't support disabling nan characteristic completely.

If you're not willing successful watching Reels, present are a fewer things you tin do to debar them.

1. Use Facebook Web

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If you're not a Reels instrumentality and want to hide them, your champion stake is to usage Facebook's web type alternatively of nan app. Reels won't look successful your News Feed aliases Story connected nan Facebook website.

Facebook whitethorn yet push Reels to nan website, but for now, you're safe. And moreover if it did, nan web interface is usually amended for ignoring posts you don't want to see.

2. Hide nan Video Icon From Your Navigation Bar

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Another nifty measurement to support Reels retired of your measurement connected Facebook is to hide nan Video icon from your navigation bar. This eliminates nan likelihood of accidentally tapping nan icon and coming crossed Reels.

The default visibility mounting of nan Video icon is Auto, which intends Facebook tin adhd aliases region it to your navigation barroom arsenic it pleases. However, Facebook allows you to modify nan mounting to Hide aliases Pin nan icon to your navigation bar.

To hide nan Video icon from your navigation bar, spell to Settings and privateness > Navigation barroom > Customize nan bar. From here, you tin hide nan Video icon by tapping connected nan inverted triangle successful statement pinch Video and selecting Hide.

3. Use an Older Version of Facebook

If you're utilizing nan Facebook app connected Android, you tin effort installing an older type of nan app. This won't activity connected iOS, though, arsenic Apple doesn't let you to downgrade apps.

You tin sojourn immoderate of nan trusted APK sites, for illustration APKMirror, to find an older type of nan Facebook app. Once you've recovered one, you tin uninstall nan existent Facebook app and instal nan older one.

Reels should nary longer look successful your News Feed aliases Stories aft you've installed nan older type of nan app.

4. Hide Content You Don't Like

If nan logic you're looking for really to get free of Facebook Reels is that you don't for illustration nan contented you're shown, you tin hide it from your feed. This won't extremity Reels from appearing, but it will guarantee you don't spot Reels you don't like.

When you're shown a Reel you don't like, pat connected nan 3 dots astatine nan bottommost of nan surface and prime Hide reel. Doing this will show Facebook that you're not willing successful seeing this type of content. Therefore, Facebook is little apt to show it to you again.

5. Disable Auto-Playing Reels connected Facebook

Another measurement you tin trim nan fuss of Reels is by disabling auto-playing videos. This way, you won't person to interest astir videos automatically playing and taking up your data.

To do this, unfastened nan Facebook app and pat connected nan paper option. Tap nan gear icon, past scroll down and pat connected Media. Here you tin past take to ne'er autoplay videos aliases person them only autoplay erstwhile you're connected Wi-Fi.

These Are Your Only Good Options

Unfortunately, these are nan only bully options you person for hiding Reels connected Facebook for now. Another replacement you could effort is utilizing third-party Facebook apps for illustration SlimSocial and Frost.

However, we don't urge these, arsenic they're usually not arsenic bully arsenic nan charismatic app and can't beryllium trusted privacy-wise.

Working Around Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels are present to stay, whether aliases not we for illustration them. However, we do person immoderate power complete really they auto-play and erstwhile they show up successful our News Feeds. If you’re not a instrumentality of nan feature, hopefully, 1 of these workarounds will thief make things much bearable for you until Facebook decides to springiness america a “hide reel” button.

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