How to Stop Opera One From Opening on Startup

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Does Opera One support opening erstwhile you commencement your device? Here's really you tin move disconnected this characteristic that comes enabled by default.

Opera One complete Opera Night Wallpaper

For each its astonishing features, Opera One has its ain adjacent stock of inconveniences. One of these is nan truth that, correct aft you instal it, each clip you commencement your computer, nan browser will besides automatically launch.

Not only that, but aft each update, it features a three-second-long intro animation that comes pinch a loading sound that galore users see to beryllium annoying. This characteristic is enabled by default, but nan bully news is that location are ways to disable it completely.

How to Disable Opera One’s Auto-Start Feature

When you first instal Opera One, it will commencement by itself each clip you footwear your computer. Follow nan steps beneath to disable this feature:

  1. Launch Opera One.
  2. Press Alt + P to unfastened nan browser's Settings menu.
  3. Scroll down until you scope nan On startup sub-menu.
    Run Opera connected PC Autostart
  4. Press nan slider adjacent to Run erstwhile my machine starts to disable nan feature.

How to Disable Opera One’s Intro Animation

There are presently 2 ways of disabling Opera One's intro animation. One involves disabling this characteristic from wrong nan browser, and nan different 1 involves using nan Windows Task Manager to get nan occupation done.

Disable Opera One’s Intro Animation From Within nan Browser Settings

This will require users to entree Opera's flags page, wherever experimental features are present. Here's really to do it:

  1. Type opera://flags successful Opera One's reside barroom and property Enter.
  2. In nan Search flags hunt box, type Opera One introduction.
  3. Click connected nan dropdown menu, and prime Disabled.
    Opera One Flag Settings
  4. Relaunch Opera One and announcement that it opens without nan intro animation.

Manually Disable Opera One’s Intro Animation With nan Task Manager

An replacement method would beryllium to wholly delete nan executable that's responsible for Opera's intro animation. However, if you take to travel nan erstwhile method, there's nary request to travel this 1 arsenic well.

  1. Go to nan files wherever you installed Opera One.
  2. Open nan Opera files featuring nan latest version.
    Opera One Splash file
  3. Delete opera_gx_splash.exe from nan folder.
  4. Relaunch Opera One and announcement that it opens without nan intro animation.

Start Using Opera One With Fewer Distractions

Thanks to nan methods listed below, your computer's startup velocity will nary longer beryllium hindered by having to load Opera One each clip it boots up. Additionally, you don't person to interest astir immoderate annoying three-second intro animations aliases immoderate intro sounds, either.

Once these 2 issues are retired of nan way, you tin yet commencement utilizing Opera One successful a overmuch much businesslike manner.

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