How to Stop Google Chrome’s Targeted Ads From Using Your Browser History

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Google will see Chrome browsing information successful accusation disposable to third-parties for targeted ads. Here's really to extremity Chrome from doing this.

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Google Chrome is known for collecting data, from your location to your browsing history, for personalization purposes. Yet, Google besides plans to usage nan second for targeted ads. Have you ever wondered really Google tailors ads based connected your interests and history?

Your browsing history is simply a goldmine that advertisers tin use from. But you don't person to fto them get their hands connected it. If you’re concerned astir really Google Chrome will usage your browsing history for targeted ads, here’s really to return backmost control.

How You Can Stop Google Chrome Using Your Browsing History for Ads

In July 2023, Google started to merchandise a caller Topics API arsenic portion of its Chrome 115 release, arsenic explained connected nan Chrome Developers blog. The API allows browsers to stock accusation astir a user’s interests pinch 3rd parties while preserving their privacy. The advertizing level is nan Privacy Sandbox.

The API intends to switch third-party cookies that way your information. If nan thought of 3rd parties obtaining accusation astir your interests worries you, location is simply a measurement to stop it from search you.

Users will spot an alert that concisely specifications nan advertisement feature. It offers 2 action buttons: Got it and Settings. You whitethorn find that it is already enabled, sloppy of what fastener you click.

A screenshot of nan cursor hovered complete Settings successful Ellipsis dropdown menu

In Chrome, click connected the More paper (the 3 vertical dots) successful nan top-right of your browser and click Settings adjacent nan bottom. Next, click connected Privacy and security from nan left-hand tab and past click nan Ad privacy section.

A screenshot of nan Chrome Settings Privacy and Security Page

Alternatively, transcript and paste "chrome://settings/adPrivacy" into nan reside barroom and property Enter to beryllium redirected to nan Ad privacy page.

Here, you will spot 3 categories:

  • Ad topics: assumes your interests based connected your browsing history. They are generated by visiting websites, and if you sojourn sites pinch a peculiar class aliases topic, Google will nexus you to websites that lucifer those interests. The browser will delete aged interests each period and proceed until you region them.
  • Site-suggested ads: suggests ads based connected nan sites you visit. When visiting websites, an advertiser tin petition your liking group truthful that a suggested advertisement tin beryllium displayed. For instance, aft visiting a unit site, you whitethorn spot ads relating to nan website.
  • Ad measured: shares information pinch sites to measurement nan effectiveness of their advertising. The information included is nan clip nan advertisement was displayed, whether it was viewed aliases clicked on, and really it was displayed. Google claims this information is regularly removed from your instrumentality and kept private.
A screenshot of nan Chrome Settings Ad Privacy Page

You tin click connected each action and click nan toggle to move nan action connected aliases off, arsenic good arsenic subcategories. For example, blocking business and business will support machine and video games active.

A screenshot of nan Chrome Settings Ad Topics Page

This method, however, isn’t foolproof, arsenic immoderate individual sites tin usage their cookies and different devices to cod your information. Google claims nan Topics API is simply a safer alternative, arsenic it prevents identifying users by nan browsing history provided to 3rd parties.

The browser besides says it will trial this characteristic pinch an opt-in testing mode successful nan 4th fourth of 2023. Google will shape retired third-party cookies for 1% of users successful nan first 4th of 2024, pinch each users receiving nan alteration by nan 3rd quarter.

Keep Targeted Ads Away From Your Browser History

Google Chrome is utilizing your browsing history for targeted ads. Luckily, users person a prime connected whether they tin aliases not. Giving users power of their browsing history and different forms of information is important for online autonomy arsenic nan conflict for online privateness continues.

But is this capable to person you to move browsers? If nan thought of advertisers utilizing your browsing history is still worrisome, choosing a privacy-focused browser, for illustration DuckDuckGo and Brave, mightiness beryllium nan champion option.

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