How to Show Seconds on the Clock in Windows 11

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Displaying seconds connected nan strategy timepiece was a difficult task successful Windows 10, requiring workarounds and hacks. But Windows 11 has yet implemented it arsenic a due feature. Let’s spot really to get it running.

This is not a characteristic included successful Windows 11 by default, however. It was added successful nan Moment 3 update that landed successful May 2023. So if your PC isn’t up to date, you will request to instal nan latest Windows 11 updates earlier you tin show seconds connected nan strategy tray clock.

Method to Show Seconds successful nan System Tray Clock of Windows 11

If your Windows 11 PC is already updated, you tin proceed consecutive to nan steps for activating this feature. No registry editing aliases analyzable setup is required – you conscionable person to alteration nan action from Taskbar Settings.

  1. To show seconds successful your taskbar’s strategy tray clock, we must first entree nan taskbar settings. For this, right-click connected nan taskbar and prime Taskbar settings.
  1. This opens up nan applicable conception of nan Settings app. Scroll down to nan very bottommost and prime nan past action connected nan list: Taskbar behaviors.
  1. The conception will grow to show a bunch of different settings. Once again nan 1 we want is astatine nan bottommost of nan list: Show seconds successful strategy tray timepiece (uses much power).
  1. Instantly, your strategy timepiece will alteration to show nan seconds too.

And that’s each it takes successful Windows 11. Keep successful mind that arsenic nan action itself says, this will return up much power, truthful it mightiness beryllium worthy keeping this abnormal if you are utilizing a laptop moving connected artillery power.

What Should I Do If nan Option Does Not Show Up successful Settings?

Windows 11 PCs without nan Moment 3 update deficiency nan action to show seconds connected nan strategy clock. To get it moving connected your system, you conscionable person to instal nan update.

  1. Open nan Start paper and past click connected nan cogwheel icon that represents Settings.
  1. Switch to nan Windows Update tab from nan left, and usage nan Check for updates fastener to show each disposable updates. Once you spot an update listed below, prime Download & install to proceed.
  1. The update will now beryllium downloaded and installed connected your computer.

After this, you should restart your PC and conscionable travel nan steps outlined successful nan erstwhile conception to show seconds connected nan strategy tray clock. In lawsuit nan update does not show up, try our troubleshooting guide.

How Do You Show Seconds successful Windows 10?

Technically, Windows 10 does not person nan characteristic to show seconds successful nan strategy tray clock. While users person requested this characteristic for a agelong while, it took nan Moment 3 upgrade to adhd it to Windows 11.

So successful a way, nan customizability of nan strategy timepiece is different of the features you tin only get by upgrading to Windows 11. But that doesn’t mean it was impossible.

Like astir aspects of Windows, this could beryllium modified arsenic good by editing nan applicable Registry entry. Of course, messing astir pinch nan Registry could lead to issues, which is why nan method was only utilized by knowledgeable users.

What Is nan Best Way to Show Seconds connected nan Clock successful Windows 11?

With nan Moment 3 update, nan action to show seconds connected nan strategy tray timepiece has been added to nan settings. This makes it very easy to configure nan default clock, alternatively of relying connected third-party apps aliases registry editing to execute nan same.

You conscionable person to update your Windows 11 PC (if it isn’t already up-to-date) and past navigate to nan Taskbar Settings. You will find nan action to alteration seconds connected nan strategy timepiece there.

Do statement that this tends to eat up nan artillery overmuch faster owed to nan accrued update rate, meaning that laptop users should astir apt debar this setting.

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