How to Share Passwords and Passkeys on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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Stop copying and pasting login credentials into chat windows and commencement sharing securely.

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Key Takeaways

  • Go to Settings > Passwords, past deed nan "+" icon and prime "New Shared Group." Give nan group a sanction and take nan contacts you want to stock passwords with, past deed "Create."
  • Add a shared password astatine immoderate clip by opening nan group, hitting nan "+" icon and selecting "New Password" or, to import passwords you already person successful iCloud Keychain, "Move Passwords to Group."
  • Always beryllium cautious and selective erstwhile sharing passwords.

You tin stock passwords utilizing Apple’s iCloud Keychain password head truthful that different Apple users tin log successful utilizing nan aforesaid credentials. This is acold much unafraid and convenient than copying and pasting login specifications into a connection window.

Password sharing for iCloud Keychain was added to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, arsenic good arsenic macOS 14.0 Sonoma. At nan clip of writing, these releases are presently successful nationalist beta, owed for merchandise later successful 2023. To usage nan feature, devices will request to beryllium moving compatible software.

The characteristic is baked into Apple’s password manager, and uses a strategy of shared groups that useful a spot for illustration iCloud Shared Photo Library. Create a group of group pinch whom you want to stock passwords, past move passwords to nan group. You tin beryllium a portion of aggregate groups astatine a time.

First, caput to (System) Settings > Passwords wherever you should spot nan action to “Get Started” sharing passwords.

Get started sharing passwords successful iOS 17

Alternatively, deed nan positive “+” fastener astatine nan apical of nan surface and take “New Shared Group” from nan options that appear.

Create a caller Shared Group for password sharing successful iOS 17

You’ll beryllium informed that some passwords and passkeys are shared, that each personnel tin lend passwords to nan group, and that nan group proprietor yet decides who is portion of nan sharing group. Hit “Continue” to get started.

Read nan informing astir sharing passwords successful iOS 17

Give your group a name, past pat nan “Add People” fastener to induce contacts. Anyone you adhd will request to beryllium moving iOS 17, iPadOS 17, aliases macOS Sonoma connected a compatible instrumentality for nan invitation to beryllium sent. When you’re ready, pat “Create” to make your group.

Name your group and adhd members

Finally, you’ll beryllium asked to move passwords to your group. You tin pat “Not Now” to hold this, aliases prime a fewer passwords that you want to share.

Choose to move passwords to your caller Shared Group

Under (System) Settings > Passwords connected a compatible device, you’ll now spot nan group you made and a group called “My Passwords” complete pinch nan number of shared passwords successful each. Select nan group and usage nan “Manage” fastener to rename aliases delete it.

Password groups successful iOS 17

Within nan shared password group you tin usage nan positive “+” fastener astatine nan apical of nan paper to take betwixt creating a “New Password” aliases “Move Passwords to Group” to stock existing credentials. You tin besides usage “Add People” to induce others.

You tin besides move passwords individually by tapping connected them and past utilizing nan “Group” paper to move a password to a shared group aliases backmost to your individual “My Passwords” group.

Select which group a password belongs to

Be Selective About Sharing Passwords and Passkeys

The expertise to stock passwords securely intends that you’re not transmitting login specifications complete messaging platforms, and it makes it easy to usage nan autofill features successful apps for illustration Safari to log in. Just beryllium observant who you determine to stock with, and what you’re sharing.

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