How to Share an AirTag With Others

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Find retired really to stock Apple's locator truthful much than 1 personification tin find nan location of an item,

Apple AirTag connected a grey background

Starting pinch iOS and iPadOS 17, Apple is allowing users to stock an AirTag pinch others. That will let much than 1 personification to way its location. We’ll show you everything you request to do to stock an AirTag.

Before you begin, location are a fewer important requirements. You tin only stock an AirTag pinch 5 others. You’ll besides request to protect your Apple ID pinch two-factor authentication. The different personification pinch whom you are sharing nan AirTag location must person their ain Apple ID and beryllium signed successful to iCloud. Everyone besides needs iCloud Keychain turned on.

Start by opening nan Find My app and selecting nan Items tab. Then take nan AirTag you want to share. Scroll down to nan Share This AirTag conception and past prime Add Person. Add nan Apple ID of nan personification aliases persons you want to stock nan AirTag with. When done, prime Share successful nan apical correct corner.

On nan item’s main screen, you tin spot a database of everyone you person invited.

When personification accepts nan invitation, they will spot nan shared AirTag successful their Find My app. They will besides not person immoderate search notifications erstwhile nan AirTag is adjacent them.

If your invitation is declined, nan person’s sanction will vanish from your list.

How to Stop Sharing an AirTag

To extremity sharing an AirTag location, nan process is similar. Once again unfastened up nan Find My app and past nan Items tab. Choose nan AirTag and past nan personification you are sharing it with. Select Stop Sharing twice.

Once that occurs, they will nary longer spot nan AirTag location and person search notifications erstwhile nan AirTag is moving pinch them.

If you’re caller to Apple’s point tracker, make judge to return a look astatine our AirTags FAQ which explores immoderate of nan astir asked questions.

Now that you tin stock an AirTag pinch a family personnel aliases friend, they tin easy way nan location of your point arsenic well. That makes Apple’s useful instrumentality moreover better.

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