How to Set Your TikTok Activity Status

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Here's everything you request to cognize astir TikTok's activity position feature, which shows erstwhile you're online.

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Have you ever wondered if you tin spot people's activity position connected TikTok? The reply is yes, but only if you're okay pinch others seeing yours.

TikTok's activity position characteristic was introduced successful 2022, truthful immoderate users don't cognize astir it aliases whitethorn beryllium funny astir really it works. Here's what to cognize astir TikTok's activity position characteristic and really to alteration aliases disable it.

What Is Activity Status connected TikTok?

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Activity position lets group cognize erstwhile you're online aliases erstwhile you were past progressive connected TikTok. This tin thief them gauge nan probability that you'll respond to their comments connected time.

TikTok's activity position includes nan pursuing information:

  • Active status tells group erstwhile you're presently online.
  • Last progressive status shows group a timestamp of erstwhile you were past progressive if you're not presently online.

Not comfortable pinch immoderate group reaching retired to you connected TikTok anymore? Consider blocking TikTok users you don't want to entree your profile.

How to Set Your Activity Status connected TikTok

You tin alteration activity position to let your friends to cognize erstwhile you're progressive and to spot erstwhile they're online. Here's how:

  1. Open nan TikTok app connected your phone.
  2. Tap Profile successful nan bottom-right area of nan screen.
  3. Hit nan three-bar menu successful nan top-right area of your floor plan and take nan Settings and privacy action astatine nan bottom.
  4. Select Privacy.
  5. Toggle connected Activity status.

If you ever determine to hide your activity status, travel nan steps supra and toggle nan mounting off. Just statement that you won't beryllium capable to position different people's activity position if you do.

How to Check Someone’s Activity Status connected TikTok

You tin cheque someone's activity position if you travel each different (TikTok calls these communal followers) and person some enabled nan feature. If 1 of you has nan mounting disabled, you won't beryllium capable to spot each other's activity status.

TikTok lets group cognize erstwhile you've viewed their profile. You tin view TikTok profiles anonymously to debar looking for illustration a creep.

To spot if a personification is online, simply spell to their profile. If their floor plan image has a green dot connected it, it intends they're online.

TikTok whitethorn show personification arsenic online for immoderate clip aft they've been inactive. You tin besides cheque a communal follower's progressive position successful your connection threads, inbox, and erstwhile you stock a TikTok video pinch them aliases tag them successful a comment.

If they aren't online, look for them successful your connection threads aliases inbox to cheque erstwhile they were past active. The app will bespeak really agelong agone that was, arsenic agelong arsenic it hasn't been much than 2 days.

Why Is TikTok Activity Status Not Showing?

Some users person knowledgeable issues pinch activity position connected TikTok. There are respective reasons it whitethorn not beryllium showing erstwhile enabled.

  • You whitethorn not beryllium eligible for nan feature. Activity position is only disposable to TikTok users who are 18 and older.
  • Your app whitethorn beryllium outdated. Consider updating TikTok to entree nan latest features, for illustration activity status.
  • The communal follower astir apt hasn't been connected TikTok for much than 2 days.
  • The personification has their activity position disabled.
  • You person abnormal your activity status.

Should You Enable Activity Status connected TikTok?

Showing your activity position is optional connected TikTok. Enable it if you want to spot erstwhile your friends are online aliases erstwhile they were past active, and vice versa. But it's astir apt not an action if you for illustration to protect your privacy.

The bully point is that enabling activity position isn't permanent; you tin ever disable nan mounting if you alteration your mind. TikTok besides doesn't nonstop your friends notifications erstwhile you're online, truthful they won't precisely flock to your floor plan erstwhile you hop connected TikTok.

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