How to Set Up Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 11

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Fancy adding immoderate keyboard shortcuts of your ain to Windows 11? Here's really to do it.

Keyboard keys

Windows 11 includes galore keyboard shortcuts correct retired of nan box. However, nan operating strategy doesn’t see immoderate options for creating civilization hotkeys that unfastened software, documents, and folders. You tin still adhd hotkeys to desktop shortcuts, but adding a plethora of shortcuts to nan desktop isn’t precisely an perfect measurement to group up your system.

As a result, it’s amended to cheque retired immoderate of nan third-party keyboard shortcut package packages for Windows 11. WinHotKey and HotkeyP are among those apps that alteration you to group up keyboard shortcuts for your favourite software, documents, and folders. This is really you tin group up civilization hotkeys pinch WinHotKey and HotkeyP.

How to Download and Install WinHotKey

WinHotKey is simply a freely disposable app for mounting up caller keyboard shortcuts. That package is compatible pinch astir Windows desktop platforms arsenic well. It has a speedy and easy setup and takes up very small thrust retention space. You tin download and instal WinHotKey arsenic follows.

  1. Open WinHotKey’s Softpedia page successful a web browser.
  2. Select the Download Now option.
  3. Click nan Softpedia Secure Download (US) action and download nan file.
  4. Double-click nan WinHotKey setup wizard to unfastened its window.
    The WinHotKey setup model
  5. Select nan Next option.
  6. Click nan I judge nan statement radio button, and property nan Next fastener again.
  7. Press the Browse fastener to take an installation folder.
    The Browse button
  8. Select nan Next option to instal nan software.
  9. After installing, prime nan action to group up a WinHotKey desktop shortcut. Then you tin click that shortcut to motorboat nan software.

How to Set Up Software Hotkeys

The WinHotKey Configuration includes a database of default Windows hotkeys. However, you can’t edit those default keyboard shortcuts successful immoderate way. What you tin do is adhd caller civilization hotkeys for opening package to that list. You tin group up caller civilization keyboard shortcuts for launching package for illustration this.

  1. Press nan New Hotkey fastener astatine nan apical near of nan WinHotKey Configuration window.
    The WinHotKey Configuration model
  2. Type an optional explanation for nan hotkey successful nan matter container connected nan General tab if you wish.
  3. Select nan Launch an exertion option connected nan drop-down menu.
  4. Press nan Browse fastener to bring up a caller exertion window.
    The Browse for exertion model
  5. Select an app for nan hotkey to launch.
  6. Click nan OK button.
  7. Now prime a keyboard cardinal for nan shortcut connected nan Along pinch nan key drop-down menu.
    Along pinch nan cardinal drop-down paper
  8. You tin besides prime further keys for nan hotkey by clicking nan Alt, Shift, and Ctrl checkboxes. The Windows checkbox is selected by default, but you tin deselect that option.
  9. To further configure nan keyboard shortcut, click nan Advanced button. You tin participate further parameters and alteration really nan package model opens connected nan Launch: Advanced window.
     Advanced model
  10. Click nan OK fastener to exit nan Launch: Advanced window.
  11. Then property the OK fastener connected nan New Hotkey model to adhd nan keyboard shortcut.

Thereafter, nan WinHotKey Configuration model will see your civilization hotkey.

Now you tin property your caller hotkey to unfastened immoderate package you selected for it. You tin alteration that keyboard shortcut by selecting it and clicking Edit Hotkey. To delete one, prime it and click Remove Hotkey.

You tin group up hotkeys for launching Windows programs arsenic good arsenic third-party software. The C: > Windows > System32 files way includes galore of nan built-in accessories. These are immoderate of nan Windows features you tin group up hotkeys for pinch WinHotKey:

  • Control Panel: control.exe
  • Task Manager: Taskmgr.exe
  • Calculator: calc.exe
  • Command Prompt: cmd
  • Notepad: notepad.exe
  • Performance Monitor: perfmon.exe
  • Registry Editor: regedit.exe
  • Event Viewer: eventvwr
  • Services Windows: services.msc
  • Optimize Drives: dfrgui

How to Set Up Folder, Document, and Window Control Hotkeys

Aside from package shortcuts, you tin found hotkeys for opening folders and archive files overmuch nan same. Instead of selecting Launch an Application connected nan New Hotkey window, prime either nan Open a Folder aliases Open a Document option. Then click Browse to prime a document’s aliases folder’s path, configure a cardinal combination, and property nan OK button.

WinHotKey besides enables you to group up hotkeys for six different model power actions. To group up specified a keyboard shortcut, prime nan Control nan Current Window option connected nan New Hotkey window. Then you tin prime minimize, maximize, restore, toggle, resize, and move model power options for nan keyboard shortcut.

Make nan Current Windows drop-down paper

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts With HotkeyP

HotkeyP is simply a decent replacement third-party app to WinHotKey for creating civilization Windows keyboard shortcuts. Like WinHotKey, it’s a freely disposable and lightweight app for utilizing connected astir Windows platforms. It enables you to group up civilization keyboard shortcuts for opening personification files and folders, moving programs, and activating galore functions. This is really you tin download and tally HotkeyP:

  1. Bring up nan HotkeyP Softpedia page.
  2. Click HotkeyP’s Free Download button.
  3. Select External Mirror – X64 to download nan ZIP file. A Sourceforce page will unfastened from which HotkeyP will automatically download.
    The Extract Compressed instrumentality
  4. Double-click HotkeyP.exe record wrong nan extracted hotkeyp_64bit directory.

Now you’ll spot an quiet HotkeyP window. You tin capable that model by adding immoderate caller civilization hotkeys. First, effort mounting up a hotkey that opens package connected your PC for illustration this:

  1. Click nan Add button.
    The HotkeyP model
  2. Press nan (ellipses) fastener for nan Command box.
  3. Select a program’s EXE (application) record for nan hotkey to open.
  4. Then click wrong nan quiet container beside those checkboxes and property a cardinal connected your keyboard to see it wrong nan hotkey.
  5. Next, prime 1 of nan Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Win checkboxes to group a modifier cardinal for nan hotkey.
    The Hot Key model
  6. Select OK to adhd nan caller civilization hotkey.
  7. Now you’ll spot nan caller hotkey you’ve created included wrong nan each and programs categories connected nan HotkeyP window. Press nan caller hotkey you conscionable group up to motorboat nan selected program.

There are other options you tin prime to configure really nan hotkey launches nan program. For example, prime Run arsenic administrator to group nan programme to unfastened pinch elevated privileges. Or group nan package to tally astatine a higher privilege by selecting a precocious aliases supra normal action connected nan Process priority drop-down menu.

You tin group up civilization hotkeys that unfastened personification files and folders overmuch nan same. To do so, click nan fastener successful nan Hot Key model and prime a personification record aliases files alternatively of an app. Set nan keyboard shortcut pinch nan different settings.

To group up immoderate system, multimedia, window, and show hotkeys pinch HotkeyP, click nan < fastener connected nan Hot Key window. Move your cursor complete nan Windows, Display, Multimedia, aliases System submenu. Select a usability (or action) to delegate to nan hotkey. For example, you tin set up a hotkey that shuts down Windows by selecting Shutdown connected nan System menu.

The Shutdown action

You tin alteration wide package settings for HotkeyP by clicking nan Options button. That will bring up an Options model that includes galore various software. Make judge nan Start automatically astatine Windows startup checkbox is selected connected nan General tab. Then HotKeyP will automatically commencement successful nan background.

The Start automatically checkbox

Set Up All nan Windows Software HotKeys You Need With WinHotKey

So, you won’t request Windows 11 desktop, Start menu, and taskbar shortcuts anymore erstwhile you’ve sewage WinHotKey aliases HotKey P. They're easy-to-utilize programs pinch which you tin group up a wide assortment of software, folders, and archive keyboard shortcuts without cluttering nan Windows desktop. Their only notable shortcoming is that you can’t group up website hotkeys pinch them, but they're still very useful apps nonetheless.

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