How to Send and Receive a Package Using the Uber App

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Why usage a accepted courier work erstwhile you tin salary an Uber driver to present packages connected your behalf?

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber offers a package transportation work that is convenient and affordable, allowing users to nonstop and person packages done nan app.
  • Users tin easy nonstop a package by selecting nan Package action successful nan Services tab, adding pickup and recipient locations, and choosing a conveyance type.
  • The package transportation work is beneficial for individuals who often nonstop packages, arsenic it saves money connected postage and provides real-time search done nan Uber app.

Uber, nan incredibly celebrated ride-hailing platform, besides lets you nonstop and person packages conveniently. You whitethorn person overlooked this useful characteristic while booking rides successful nan Uber app, but we've sewage you covered.

How to Send a Package Using Uber

Whether you want to nonstop a day gift to a loved 1 aliases present a business package to a paying customer, here's really to person an Uber driver present a package connected your behalf utilizing nan Uber app:

  1. Open nan Uber app and navigate to nan Services tab from nan bottommost menu.
  2. Select Package from nan database of services that appear.
  3. Select Send a Package connected nan pursuing screen.
  4. Simply adhd nan pickup location and nan recipient's location. You tin usage your existent location, Saved Places, aliases move astir connected nan representation to specify nan location.
  5. Verify some nan locations connected nan representation earlier moving forward.

You'll person 2 conveyance transportation options available—Package Car and Package Moto. Package Moto is Uber's motorcycle option, which allows you to nonstop and person mini packages. On nan different hand, Package Car tin nonstop and person ample packages that fresh successful nan trunk of a mid-sized vehicle. Choose your desired conveyance type and corroborate nan pickup.

How to Receive a Package Using Uber

If you request thing important picked up from crossed municipality and delivered consecutive to you, having an Uber driver cod that package for you is conscionable truthful overmuch much convenient. The steps are elemental and fundamentally nan aforesaid arsenic sending a package—here's really to person a package utilizing nan Uber app:

  1. Open nan Uber app and navigate to nan Services page erstwhile again.
  2. Choose nan Receive a Package action connected nan pursuing screen.
  3. Type successful nan location wherever nan package is coming from and your address, which would beryllium nan last transportation address.
  4. Now, you tin corroborate nan specifications connected nan representation and take from Uber's different conveyance types and options.

Like sending a package, you'll person 2 conveyance types to take from depending connected nan size of nan package.

In addition, for immoderate Uber users, location mightiness beryllium different action nether Services connected nan Uber app called Return a Package. This characteristic allows users to petition an Uber driver to return a package to a section station office, UPS, aliases FedEx. Please statement that this action is only for Uber users successful nan United States.

How Can You Benefit From Using Uber's Package Delivery Service?

For those who nonstop and person packages regularly, Uber's package transportation work is incredibly affordable. Consider each nan money you'll apt prevention from not having to salary for postage, transportation labels, and walking to nan section station office.

When it comes to accessibility and speed, it's an fantabulous transportation action if you're personification who sells items online and would for illustration same-day delivery.

Most transportation services person package search sites to way each your parcel deliveries to guarantee your package is safe during transport. But that's not basal present since you tin actively way nan transportation driver successful real-time utilizing nan Uber app. In addition, if you're nan 1 sending a package, you tin moreover stock nan travel pinch nan receiver, truthful they are fresh and waiting to cod it erstwhile nan driver arrives.

Use nan Uber App to Send and Receive Packages

From now on, alternatively of heading retired to nan station agency aliases driving astir yourself, you tin usage nan Uber app to petition drivers to present and cod packages. While location are plentifulness of package transportation apps disposable connected nan market, Uber offers a solution that is cheap, fast, and reliable.

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