How to See Image Size (Resolution) of Photos on iPhone

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Just really large is that photo? The info is only a fewer taps away.

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Key Takeaways

  • To cheque nan solution of a photograph connected your iPhone, unfastened nan Photos app and pat connected nan desired photograph successful thumbnail view. Swipe upward connected nan photograph aliases pat nan "Info" fastener (i successful a circle) to spot photograph metadata, including image solution and dimensions.
  • The image solution is displayed successful megapixels (MP) and nan dimensions fixed arsenic width x height, successful pixels.

Every integer photograph connected your iPhone has a resolution defined by nan number of pixels successful nan image. The much pixels each images has, nan much item nan photograph tin perchance store. If you're moving iOS 15 aliases higher, here's really to spot nan size of an image (in pixel dimensions) successful nan Photos app connected your iPhone.

Check Photo Resolution connected iPhone

First, motorboat nan Photos app. In nan thumbnail view, pat nan photograph you want to find nan solution of.

Select a image from your photos.

While examining nan photograph successful detail, swipe upward connected nan photograph image, aliases pat nan "Info" button,which looks for illustration a lowercase "i" successful a circle.

Tap nan

After tapping nan Info button, a mini container will look connected nan little information of nan surface that includes photograph metadata. You tin spot nan image solution and image dimensions connected nan 2nd line, specified arsenic "12 MP" and "4032 x 3024".

In this case, "12 MP" intends 12 megapixels, nan approximate pixel count of nan image, and "4032 x 3024" intends nan image is 4032 pixels wide by 3024 pixels tall.

The image solution and pixel dimensions successful Photos connected iPhone.

To adjacent nan info box, pat nan Info fastener again. You tin repetition this pinch immoderate different image successful your Photos room that you'd for illustration to find nan solution and pixel dimensions for. Happy browsing!

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