How to Save a Route on Google Maps on Any Platform

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Whether you're utilizing Android, iOS, aliases nan bully aged web, you tin prevention your Google Maps way for erstwhile you request it next.

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Key Takeaways

  • Save routes connected Google Maps for speedy and easy entree without re-entering information, avoiding congested roads and reducing postulation congestion and substance consumption.
  • You tin prevention Google Maps connected iOS, Android, and successful your web browser for easy access.
  • Furthermore, you tin customize your recreation acquisition by adding routes to your location surface and redeeming full trips utilizing Google's MY Maps feature.

Not everyone is bully pinch directions. Thankfully, Google Maps guides you done unfamiliar areas and finds nan champion route. What's moreover amended is you tin prevention routes connected Google Maps to entree them later easily, nary matter if you're utilizing Android, iOS, aliases nan web.

What Are nan Benefits of Saving Routes connected Google Maps?

Saving a way connected Google Maps offers galore benefits:

  • Quickly entree utilized routes without re-entering nan aforesaid accusation each clip
  • Avoid clogged roads and building zones
  • Reduces postulation congestion and substance depletion

Google Maps uses these saved routes to heighten routing algorithms and make unrecorded postulation data. Overall, redeeming routes connected Google Maps benefits not conscionable you but others, too.

How to Save a Route connected Google Maps for Android and iOS

If you don't person Google Maps, download it from nan App Store aliases Google Play Store. After that, unfastened nan app and sign successful utilizing your Google account.

Download: Google Maps for Android | iOS (Both free)

In nan apical hunt bar, type nan location you wish to visit. After that, pat nan bluish Directions button and adhd your starting point. If you want to alteration your proscription mode, pat nan motorcycle aliases car icon. Walking mode does not let you to prevention routes.

Google Maps will propose different routes pinch estimated recreation times and distances. Select nan way you'd for illustration to save. Now, astatine nan bottommost of your screen, pat nan Pin icon. You will spot a connection confirming that nan way has been pinned.

To spot your saved routes, caput to nan Google Maps location page and pat nan Go tab. On this page, you will spot each nan saved routes alongside their estimated clip and distance. Now conscionable find nan way and click Start. Google Maps will supply postulation updates and guideline you on your chosen route.

You tin region a saved way you nary longer need. For this, unfastened nan Google Maps app and navigate to nan Go tab.

Now find nan way you want to delete and pat connected it. In nan bottommost correct corner, click nan Pinned icon. Doing truthful will region nan saved way from your list.

How to Save a Route connected Google Maps connected nan Web

If you're utilizing Google Maps web, nan route-saving process differs slightly. First, unfastened your web browser and caput to Google Maps. Sign successful to your Google relationship if you aren't already.

To start, find nan Search Google Maps section astatine nan apical of nan page, click connected it, and type your destination's sanction aliases address. Press Enter, and Google Maps will item your destination connected nan map. Next, click nan Directions button successful nan near pane to unfastened nan directions interface.

Search Google Maps-1

Afterward, type successful your starting constituent successful nan first section that says Choose starting point and property Enter. Google Maps past calculates nan way and provides a fewer options. Review these options and prime nan 1 you prefer. To prevention this route, look for Send directions to your phone adjacent to your selected route.

Send directions to your phone-1

Click connected it, and a pop-up will appear. In this pop-up, prime nan instrumentality to which you want to nonstop nan directions.

Send directions to Android aliases iOS

You will person a notification connected your phone. Open this notification, and you will spot nan way connected Google Maps. Now, to prevention this route, pat nan Pin icon arsenic we did successful nan erstwhile method for mobile devices.

If you don't person your mobile instrumentality connected hand, you tin still prevention nan way connected your PC. In nan Send directions to your phone pop-up, take Email to yourself instead.

Send directions to your Email

This will nonstop nan way nexus to your email, which you tin entree later connected your telephone aliases different device.

How to Add Routes to Your Home Screen for Quick Access

So far, we've covered really to prevention a way connected Google Maps. But what if you want moreover quicker entree to your saved routes? Well, Google Maps has a solution for that. You tin adhd routes to your location surface and entree them pinch 1 tap.

This characteristic is only disposable connected Android devices. So, if you're an iOS user, you whitethorn skip this section.

To adhd a saved Google Maps way to your location screen:

  1. Open nan Google Maps app and navigate to nan Go tab.
  2. Select nan way you'd for illustration to adhd to your location screen.
  3. Tap nan 3 vertical dots icon successful nan precocious correct corner.
  4. From nan options, take Add way to Home Screen.
  5. A pop-up will look asking for confirmation. Click Add to confirm.

Now you person nan way icon connected your location screen. You tin resistance and spot it anyplace for easy access.

How to Save Google Maps Routes for Long Trips

When readying a agelong travel pinch aggregate stops, it's much convenient to prevention nan full travel alternatively of individual routes. One measurement to do this is by utilizing Google's MY Maps feature.

To prevention Google Maps routes for a agelong trip, travel these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and sojourn Google My Maps.
  2. Click Create a New Map and springiness it a name. You tin besides adhd a description.
    Edit Map Title And Description
  3. Next, click nan Add directions icon astatine nan apical (it's shaped for illustration an arrow indicating a turn).
    Add directions successful My Maps-1
  4. In nan near sidebar, adhd nan first 2 stops of your trip.
    Add Destination successful New Map-1
  5. Then click Add Destination to adhd much stops on nan way. You tin resistance them up and down if needed.

Once you've added each your stops and routes, navigate to Saved > Maps in Google Maps. You will spot your civilization representation pinch each saved routes and stops. Thus, you will person a broad overview of your full travel and tin set accordingly.

Customize Your Travel Experience pinch Google Maps

Google Maps offers much than conscionable directions - it elevates your recreation experience. You tin prevention routes, adhd them to your location screen, and create civilization maps pinch each your stops and detours included. So, if you're heading connected a agelong trip, fto Google Maps beryllium your trusted guide.

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