How to Run a Marketing Campaign on a Tight Budget [Expert Tips & Free Tools]

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Many of america person been location pinch nan cup of noodles fare erstwhile money is tight. 

Low-Budget Marketing Campaign

Sometimes, trading teams besides tally into tight budgets. But that doesn’t mean you should extremity your operations. There are still clever ways to tally thin trading campaigns.

In this post, we’ll item budget-friendly trading run tips consecutive from experts.

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Low-Budget Marketing Campaign Tips

Media Campaigns

Be Realistic

When you person fewer resources, 1 of nan worst things you tin do is person unachievable expectations. You’ll person to standard them down and beryllium realistic.

“If you're moving pinch a tight budget, make judge that you person clear measurable KPIs and extremity yourself from reasoning of ways to turn nan merchandise from a paid position extracurricular of nan fund you person to spend,” says Dréa Hudson, Head of New Media Growth astatine HubSpot.

She adds that this tin beryllium challenging if you’re an ideas-first person, but besides a instruction successful prioritizing time, resources, energy, and budget. 

“Get imaginative pinch your earned and owned media, propulsion together a clear, concise worth proposition that's easy to share, highlighting what you're capable to connection immoderate partner that tin thief you scope your goals,” Hudson explains.

Focus connected Targeted Advertising

When you can’t spend an ineffective campaign, it's important to guarantee that your advertizing efforts are reaching nan correct audience. 

Instead of casting a wide net, attraction connected targeted advertizing to maximize your budget. 

Use platforms for illustration Facebook Ads aliases Google AdWords, which connection robust targeting options based connected demographics, interests, and behavior. This way, you tin guarantee that your ads are shown to group who are astir apt to prosecute pinch your brand.

Pitch to nan Press

Getting property sum for merchandise releases and run launches is simply a bully measurement to make buzz astatine nary cost. 

Drafting a succinct property merchandise and keeping media contacts organized is simply a bully commencement to garnering coverage.

Use Free Promotional Channels

Social media


Social media marketing and email marketing are some powerful ways to scope audiences connected a tight budget. 

Editorial Campaigns

Embrace Collaboration

No 1 should run successful a silo — it takes teamwork to tally a successful campaign. 

“Identify teams you’d for illustration to activity pinch wrong your company, past brainstorm aliases transportation mutually beneficial collaborations that tin align your activity astir a unified goal.” says Pam Bump, Content Growth Team Manager astatine HubSpot. “If your squad creates text-based blog contented aliases trading emails, but you request videos for your run to work, connection nan video squad contented promotion successful your text-based contented if they create media related to your run topic.”

She adds that cross-team collaboration is beneficial for each parties involved.

“This way, you get nan contented you request to thrust clip connected page aliases video search, and they use from nan views, awareness, and imaginable transmission subscriptions that travel pinch promotion successful your content,” Bump concludes.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Encourage your customers to create and stock contented related to your brand. 

User-generated contented not only promotes your marque but besides builds spot and credibility. 

Tory Bullock, YouTube Marketing Manager astatine HubSpot, says, “As brands look for caller ways to widen their scope successful a quickly increasing integer space, UGC is becoming a much viable and costs effective trading strategy than ever…People spot people.” 

Run contests, societal media challenges, aliases inquire for testimonials and reviews to promote user-generated contented creation. This attack isn’t only cost-effective, but besides helps successful building a beardown organization astir your brand.

Brand Campaigns

Outsmart, Not Outspend

When you’re connected a budget, your champion stake is to outsmart nan competition. 

“Look for imaginative efficiencies by producing assets successful waves aliases batches. And for marque media, find ways to outsmart, not outspend, your title pinch memorable, contextual advertisement placements to thrust outsized impact,” says Callie Wilkinson, Principal Brand Marketing Manager astatine HubSpot.

Use Affordable Tools to Streamline aliases Optimize Campaign Work

HubSpot Campaign Assistant

Get started pinch HubSpot’s Campaign Assistant

Software comes successful useful erstwhile you’re moving campaigns connected a tight budget. Tools for illustration HubSpot’s Campaign Assistant tin thief you make contented for campaigns ranging from emails to landing pages.

HubSpot Campaign Assistant

For example, I took connected nan domiciled of proprietor astatine a costume shop and created a landing page for a Halloween sale. 

Campaign Assistant prompted maine to summarize nan campaign, database cardinal factors group should cognize about, determine a telephone to action, and take a penning style. In seconds, I sewage ready-to-use landing page copy.

If you’re looking for different tool, HubSpot’s AI Content Writer tin thief you make transcript successful a pinch. While Campaign Assistant is designed specifically for campaigns, AI Content Writer casts a wider net. You tin play astir pinch some tools.

AI package are not nan only devices astatine your disposal. You tin besides leverage HubSpot’s Branding Kit that contains free templates.

Embrace Virtual Events

In-person events are often costly. Virtual events, connected nan different hand, are a smart and cost-effective measurement to get group to interact pinch your marque connected a individual level.

“The soiled small concealed of in-person events is you're each competing for nan biggest number — but nan bigger nan number, nan worse nan acquisition for nan attendees,” said Bob Bejan, Microsoft's VP of Global Events successful a past question and reply pinch HubSpot. 

“The powerfulness and effectiveness of virtual events is conscionable truthful convincing from a information position that it's difficult to ideate they're ever going away,” Bejan explained.  “Virtual events astatine each magnitude are truthful overmuch much effective than in-person events."

Get Started With Marketing Campaigns

You don’t request to beryllium highly well-funded to tally a successful trading campaign. All you request is creativity, knowing of your audience, and nan correct tools.

Tools for illustration HubSpot’s Campaign Assistant tin thief you make contented for your campaign. 


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