How to Revert to "Hey Siri" as Siri's Only Trigger Word on Your iPhone

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Apple now lets you trigger Siri by conscionable saying "Siri," but it's much prone to accidental activations. So, here's really to spell backmost to "Hey Siri."

Hey Siri moving connected an iPhone connected a achromatic table

Starting pinch iOS 17, Siri tin perceive conscionable for nan connection "Siri" arsenic an activation trigger. For years prior, users had to opportunity "Hey Siri" connected an iPhone aliases iPad to get Siri's attention, but nan "Hey" is nary longer necessary.

While this does connection immoderate convenience, it mightiness not beryllium for everybody. Apple has worked to minimize accidental activations erstwhile only saying "Siri," for illustration if personification brings up Siri mid-sentence, but it'll ne'er beryllium bulletproof. If you want to revert to nan "Hey Siri" days, here's how.

How to Have Your iPhone Only Listen for "Hey Siri"

You tin find nan action to move disconnected "Siri" requests successful favour of "Hey Siri" successful nan Settings app. So, unfastened Settings connected your iPhone aliases iPad and spell to Siri & Search. Then, pat Listen for astatine nan apical and prime nan "Hey Siri" option.

Now, effort speaking to Siri a fewer times to corroborate whether nan mounting has updated, and possibly effort immoderate of the champion Siri commands while you're astatine it.

Likewise, Apple Watch users tin revert to "Hey Siri" done Settings > Siri > Listen for connected watchOS 10 aliases later.

This paper besides offers nan expertise to move disconnected Siri listening wholly if you prefer, successful which lawsuit you'll request to property and clasp your iPhone's Side aliases Home fastener instead—depending connected nan model. Also, if you're playing astir pinch these settings owed to unresolved issues, guarantee you've tried all imaginable ways to hole "Hey Siri" activation.

Exceptions to When Your iPhone Listens for "Hey Siri"

Siri moving connected an iPhone placed connected a desk

It's worthy noting that if you take to support nan mounting to see conscionable "Siri" arsenic a trigger, location are exceptions erstwhile your iPhone will still require "Hey Siri." Apple says erstwhile definite headphones are connected, you'll only beryllium capable to activate Siri pinch "Hey Siri," though it does not specify which headphones.

Additionally, if you person nan Call Hang Up characteristic turned on—which allows you to extremity an progressive telephone by telling Siri to bent up—you'll request to say, "Hey Siri, bent up." If either of these were of superior interest to you, you whitethorn beryllium capable to get distant pinch leaving "Siri" activation turned on.

Choose How You Trigger Siri connected Your iPhone

After you alteration nan mounting we discussed here, your iPhone will only perceive for "Hey Siri" to trigger nan sound adjunct and respond to a request. Note that if you move disconnected "Hey Siri" altogether, you'll request to travel nan on-screen prompts to group it backmost up again nan adjacent clip you move it on.

Apple slow but steadily improves Siri's intelligence twelvemonth complete year, truthful hopefully, nan adjunct will amended successful position of accuracy successful owed time.

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