How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung

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Resolve those annoying network-related issues.

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Key Takeaways

  • Resetting your web settings connected your Samsung telephone erases saved Wi-Fi networks and removes paired Bluetooth devices, helping to resoluteness issues caused by existent settings.
  • To reset nan web settings, unfastened Settings connected your Samsung phone, prime "General Management," past take "Reset" and "Reset Network Settings."
  • After resetting, you tin reconnect to Wi-Fi networks, brace Bluetooth devices, and group up different web features. If issues persist, see returning your Samsung telephone to mill settings.

If you're experiencing issues pinch your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aliases web connected your Samsung phone, it's worthy resetting your web settings to resoluteness those issues. We'll show you really to do that utilizing your Galaxy phone's Settings app.

What Happens When You Reset Your Network Settings?

When you reset your Android phone's web settings, Android erases each your saved Wi-Fi networks, removes paired Bluetooth devices, and deletes different web configurations. This tin thief resoluteness nan issues caused by your existent web settings.

After you've reset nan settings, you tin reconnect to your Wi-Fi networks, brace your Bluetooth devices, and group up different web features connected your device.

Reset nan Network Settings connected Your Samsung Android Phone

First, unfastened nan Settings connected your Samsung phone by swiping down from nan apical of nan surface and tapping nan cogwheel icon. In Settings, scroll down and prime "General Management."


In nan "General Management" menu, prime "Reset."


On nan "Reset" page, take "Reset Network Settings."


Your telephone will show nan items it'll erase erstwhile you reset your settings. Tap "Reset Settings" to continue.


Confirm your action by tapping "Reset."


And that's it. Your telephone will statesman to bring your web settings backmost to their defaults. You'll spot a occurrence connection erstwhile nan reset process is complete. If your issues persist aft nan reset, you whitethorn request to see returning your Samsung telephone to mill settings.

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