How to Remove My AI on Snapchat

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If you don't want My AI to show up connected your Snapchat chats list, you tin region it. But there's a catch.

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Snapchat’s My AI is an AI chatbot that you tin find correct astatine nan apical of your chat feed. While this characteristic is nosy to play astir with, immoderate users hardly usage it. And it tin beryllium a spot of a fuss because Snapchat automatically pins nan My AI chat.

This intends nan chatbot takes up abstraction that will person been filled by your pinned chats and different caller messages from friends and family. If you aren’t a instrumentality of nan chatbot, here’s really to region my AI connected Snapchat.

How to Remove My AI connected Snapchat

There are a bunch of useful things you tin do pinch Snapchat's My AI, but if you determine to region it you'll request to beryllium subscribed to Snapchat+.

To subscribe, pat nan Profile icon astatine nan apical correct of your screen, past pat nan Snapchat+ banner. You tin past prime a scheme and travel nan prompts to complete your subscription. If you conscionable subscribed, you whitethorn request to refresh nan app for nan caller features to appear.

Once you're subscribed to Snapchat+, you tin now region my AI straight from your chat feed. To do this, pat nan Chat icon astatine nan bottommost of your surface to caput to your chat feed, past agelong property connected My AI (or immoderate you person sanction you've fixed it). Select Chat Settings and pat Clear from Chat Feed.

If you still want My AI but don't want it pinned to your chat feed, you tin simply unpin it. To unpin My AI, pat nan Profile icon, and prime nan Snapchat+ banner. Then, toggle nan slider beside M AI to unpin nan chatbot.

Enjoy Snapchat+

Including nan action to region My AI from your chat feed, Snapchat+ besides has a bunch of cool features you tin try, for illustration customizing your app icon and pinning your champion friend.

And if you determine you want My AI back, you tin hunt for it and nonstop a connection aliases simply repin it pinch Snapchat+ management.

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