How to Quickly Create Meeting Notes in Google Docs

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Say goodbye to nan hassles of note-taking and hullo to enhanced productivity.

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If you're responsible for taking gathering notes and sharing them pinch your team, you cognize really difficult it tin beryllium to support way of everything arsenic nan gathering unfolds. You person to enactment organized, jot down cardinal points, refine details, and designate action items for attendees while participating successful nan meeting.

Thankfully, Google Docs' gathering notes template simplifies this process. This characteristic is simple, yet it tin importantly amended your meeting's productivity.

Templates are nan breadstuff and food of productivity. Instead of spending precious clip building a coherent building for your notes, you tin usage Google Docs templates and attraction connected nan important stuff. This template gets nan gathering specifications from your meeting schedule successful Google Calendar—allowing you to quickly return notes and stock them pinch colleagues.

Creating and sharing gathering notes utilizing Google Docs' built-in template is beautiful straightforward. Here's what you'll request to do:

  1. Open your Google Docs file.
  2. Type @ successful nan archive and prime Meeting notes (located nether Building Blocks) from nan drop-down menu.
  3. A paper populated pinch each nan events from your Google Calendar will appear. Select nan applicable gathering aliases event.
    Select the Google Calendar gathering aliases arena you’re taking notes on
  4. Add nan attendees and commencement jotting down your notes.

To connect nan gathering notes to nan almanac event, click nan Attach fastener connected nan right. This will let attendees to entree nan gathering notes from their Google Calendar.

Click nan connect fastener to connect gathering notes

Alternatively, you tin take to email nan gathering notes to nan attendees. To do so, click nan envelope icon connected nan left.

Click nan letter cover icon to email gathering notes

You tin besides connect immoderate supplementary Drive files to your gathering notes. To do so, click nan 3 dots connected nan near and click Attach Drive files.

Attaching Drive files to gathering notes

How to Create and Assign Action Items successful Google Docs

During nan meeting, your squad will apt work together upon definite action items that request to beryllium completed. Google Docs provides a elemental measurement to grounds these action items and delegate them to circumstantial members of your teams, allowing for easy follow-ups. Here's really you tin do that:

  1. List nan tasks that request to beryllium completed nether Action items.
  2. Double-click nan task to item it.
  3. Click nan Add comment icon, and type successful your comment.
    Adding a remark to delegate action items
  4. In nan aforesaid matter box, type an astatine motion (@) followed by nan sanction of nan personification responsible for nan task.
    Click Assign to delegate nan action item
  5. Tick nan checkbox successful nan remark container to delegate nan task. You person to cheque this container for nan personification to person a notification astir nan action item.
  6. Finally, click Assign.

Benefits of Using Google Docs for Note-Taking

Using Google Docs' note-taking template tin boost your meeting's productivity and summation collaboration. The cardinal use of utilizing Google Docs complete different note-taking devices for meetings is that you'll activity successful a acquainted workspace and don't person to instal thing new.

Here are immoderate much reasons why you should commencement utilizing Google Docs to grounds important notes and action items:

1. Real-time Collaboration

Google Docs' real-time collaboration tools let each gathering attendees to spot updates, assigned tasks, and completed items arsenic they happen.

2. Better Accountability

Assigning action items pinch checkboxes to due squad members ensures accountability and tin promote your squad to complete tasks connected time.

3. Remote Accessibility

Since Google Docs is cloud-based, your gathering notes are accessible from anyplace pinch an net connection. Team members tin review, edit, and way notes and tasks sloppy of their beingness location.

4. Time Efficiency

The user-friendly interface and built-in note-taking template free you from nan hassle of organizing notes during nan meeting. This allows you to actively participate successful nan gathering alternatively of getting bogged down pinch note-taking and organization.

Streamline Meeting Notes pinch Google Docs

Creating gathering notes utilizing Google Docs is arsenic easy arsenic it tin get. This nifty characteristic allows you to jot down notes faster and much efficiently than before.

Moreover, nan seamless integration pinch Google Calendar ensures you and each different participants tin view, collaborate, and way tasks successful real-time. By embracing this template, you tin boost productivity and heighten collaboration wrong your team.

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