How To Prevent The VLC Media Player From Crashing On Windows 11?

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In this write-up, we will woody pinch nan imaginable reasons down nan crashing of VLC connected Windows 11 and will besides unravel nan imaginable solutions to get nan media acquisition backmost connected track.

The VLC media subordinate offers features for illustration sound value video, power complete subtitles, and cross-functionality pinch different devices. A fewer users person precocious complained astir nan VLC Media Player not moving connected Windows 11.

Keep reference to cognize really to hole nan VLC crashing issue.

What Are The Indications Of VLC Crashing?

Observing these signs aliases symptoms cautiously lets you understand nan implications down nan VLC crashing.

  • Usually, it takes a longer clip and aggregate attempts to unfastened nan VLC player.
  • Fails to load nan video.
  • The surface pops up pinch aggregate logical errors.
  • Encounter blue, grey, aliases achromatic surface alternatively of nan video.
  • VLC media stops responding successful between


Why Is VLC Crashing On Windows 11? 

If VLC keeps crashing connected Windows 11, past location are a fewer reasons that tin beryllium held responsible for that.

Those are:

  • Damaged aliases deleted registry files
  • Outdated version
  • Improper aliases misconfigured VLC settings
  • Corrupted VLC cache
  • VLC subordinate not installed correctly connected your system
  • The strategy doesn’t person capable free abstraction to tally an HD video
  • Corrupt aliases outdated drivers
  • Issue pinch VLC’s coding, output scheme, aliases immoderate different playback setting
  • Video tin person picture/sound issues
  • Obsolete GPU drivers
  • Corrupted VLC installation files
  • Outdated Windows 11 version

What Can I Do If The VLC Media Player Keeps Crashing On Windows 11? 

Even if VLC Media Player is reliable successful nan market, it tin still tally into respective issues.

Here are immoderate troubleshooting steps to thief you get your VLC moving again.

1) Restart Your PC Or Laptop

The VLC Media Player tin sometimes clang owed to a impermanent bug aliases glitch. Restarting nan PC aliases laptop tin clear retired nan rumor that is known to origin nan problem.

A speedy PC restart is an effective hole for astir Windows 11 issues. Doing it fundamentally intends unit closing each moving exertion and inheritance process connected nan device.

So, navigate to nan Start paper connected your Windows 11 instrumentality and past deed nan Restart button.


  • If restarting nan laptop didn’t help, spell to nan adjacent troubleshooting step.

2) Clear The VLC Cache 

A corrupted aliases overloaded VLC cache tin origin problems and consequence successful nan app crashing. Therefore, deleting nan accumulated cache connected nan VLC is simply a bully thought to destruct this issue.

Follow these steps to delete nan VLC Cache:

  • Shut nan VLC Media Player app and property “Ctrl+R” to unfastened nan Run.
  • Type %AppData%\VLC and past deed “Enter.”


  • Doing this will unfastened up nan cache files for VLC.


  • Right-click connected each files and delete them 1 by one.


If you’re wondering really to troubleshoot nan VLC Building Font Cache-related issue, past publication done this guide.

After performing nan above-mentioned steps, Launch nan VLC Media Player app and cheque whether streaming videos aliases euphony connected VLC is possible.

If doing this doesn’t resoluteness nan issue, you tin spell to nan adjacent problem shooting step.

3) Increase The Cache Value 

Increasing nan cache worth prevents nan VLC Media Player from crashing since nan built-in cache is excessively small.

After you person accrued nan cache value, cheque whether it useful correctly by playing that circumstantial file, causing VLC to crash.

You tin summation nan cache worth by pursuing nan guided steps below:

  • Launch nan VLC player, click “Tools” and sojourn nan “Preferences” tab.


  • Select nan “Show Settings” action and take “All” astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.


  • Select “Input/Codecs” and past alteration nan File caching (ms) to 2000 aliases higher limit.


  • Lastly, pat “Save” and let VLC to reboot to cheque whether it useful correctly.

Follow nan adjacent troubleshooting measurement if nan VLC Media Player is still crashing.

4) Configure Video Output Mode 

If your VLC Media Player is crashing aliases not moving successful Windows 11, configure nan video output modes to a different action to debar nan issue.

Being a versatile Media Player, it offers various options that tin thief resoluteness nan problem.

Here are nan steps to configure nan video output mode successful nan VLC media player:

  • Open VLC Media Player and spell to “Tools.”
  • Select “Preferences” and caput to nan “Video” section.


  • Check nan “Enable Video box” > “Windows Decorations” option.


  • Finally, click connected nan “X11 Video Output (XCB) from nan drop-down paper and prevention nan basal changes.

Note: If you don’t spot nan X11 Video Output option, spell for Direct X aliases Open GL options.

Close nan VLC Media Player and re-open it to cheque whether it tin play nan video record again.

Check whether it still crashes aft nan video output settings person been altered. If it does, past move to nan adjacent troubleshooting step.

5) Disable Hardware Video Decoding 

Turning disconnected nan hardware video decoding successful VLC will forestall it from crashing, particularly if it is playing high-resolution aliases high-bitrate videos.

If VLC fails to play immoderate audio video record format, past nan champion measurement to grip this business is to move disconnected nan hardware video decoding action successful VLC.

Refer to these steps for doing so:

  • Open VLC and select “Tools” > “Preferences.”


  • Click connected nan “Show Settings” options and select “All”.


  • Navigate to nan “Input/Codecs” action from nan menu.


  • Click connected “Video codecs” and prime “FFmpeg.”


  • Finally, spell to “Hardware decoding” and prime “Disable.”


 Moving to nan adjacent troubleshooting measurement will beryllium a wise determination if nan issue persists.

6) Upgrade VLC To The Latest Version 

If Windows 11 users are still utilizing nan older type of VLC, location are chances of incompatibility arsenic developers merchandise updates constantly.

It is, therefore, basal to cheque and download nan latest type arsenic it is astir apt to hole each nan issues.

For downloading nan latest type of VLC, click here.


  • If upgrading it to nan latest type wasn’t useful, past execute nan adjacent troubleshooting step.

7) Update Windows 

An outdated Windows 11 tin besides beryllium responsible for nan malfunctioning of nan VLC Media player. It tin besides origin insignificant bugs aliases glitches.

Follow nan steps beneath for updating your Windows:

  • Type “Check for updates” successful nan “Search” fastener and click connected nan first option.
  • If it is up to date, a connection saying “You’re up to date” will beryllium displayed successful nan near area of nan screen.


  • If you brushwood immoderate latest updates, download and instal nan latest disposable updates.
  • Even aft updating to Windows 11, if you still brushwood nan issue, past spell to nan adjacent method.

8) Update GPU Drivers

It has been reported that outdated aliases aged drivers origin nan VLC Media Player to clang aliases malfunction.

If you past updated your drivers a agelong clip ago, past updating them to nan latest disposable type will thief you woody pinch this issue.

Follow these instructions to update nan driver:

  • Press the Win + R keys to unfastened nan Run speech box.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and hit “Enter.”


  • Expand the “Display Adapters” conception by double-clicking connected it.
  • Select nan “Graphics Card” driver from nan list.
  • Right-click connected it and take nan “Update Driver” option.


  • Select nan “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.


  • Windows will now commencement searching for nan latest driver package and instal it.
  • Finally, reboot your PC to cheque whether nan problem persists aliases not.

If it does, travel nan adjacent troubleshooting method.

9) Run The Video Playback Troubleshooter 

At times, misconfigured settings aliases video playback issues lead to nan malfunctioning of nan VLC Media Player successful Windows 11.

The built-in video playback troubleshooter acts champion successful this script for detecting misconfigured video settings aliases immoderate different issues.

Doing this helps resoluteness nan VLC Media Player crashing issue.

 Here is really it tin beryllium done:

  • Press Windows + I to motorboat “Settings.”
  • From nan “System” tab, take nan “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Click “Other troubleshooters” and scroll down until you brushwood nan “Video playback” troubleshooter.


  • Click connected nan “Run” fastener adjacent to it and hold until nan troubleshooting process ends.


  • Make immoderate suggested changes, and past restart your Windows 11 device.

Follow nan adjacent troubleshooting method if your VLC Media Player is still crashing.

10) Run The Audio Troubleshooter 

If you’re trying to unfastened an audio record pinch a VLC Media subordinate connected your Windows 11 device, you must tally nan audio troubleshooter and look a crashing issue.

It is akin to nan video playback troubleshooter and will hole each your audio playback issues, including nan VLC Media Player crashing issue.

This is really you tin tally nan Audio Troubleshooter successful Windows 11:

  • In the “Settings” window, nether nan “System” tab, look for nan “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Now, click nan “Other troubleshooters” action and hunt for nan “Audio” option.
  • Click connected nan 3 dots paper adjacent to nan “Run” fastener and hold until nan process ends.


  • Go for nan suggested changes and past restart nan Windows 11 device.

Check for nan issues; if it still crashes, past execute nan adjacent troubleshooting step.

11) Reset Your VLC Media Player

Resetting nan VLC Media Player will revert to its default settings, which will thief hole nan issues that person occurred owed to nan alteration successful settings.

It will yet beryllium adjuvant and enactment arsenic a precautionary measurement against crashing.

To reset nan VLC Media Player, watch retired for nan steps that are mentioned below:

  • Open nan VLC and navigate to “Tools”.


  • Choose nan “Preferences” option, spell to nan bottommost of nan screen, and prime “Reset Preferences.”


  • Finally, click connected “OK”.

In lawsuit resetting nan Media Player didn’t beryllium to beryllium a useful one, past travel nan adjacent troubleshooting method.

12) Re-Install VLC Media Player

If you are facing immoderate problem while moving aliases launching nan VLC exertion connected your device, see re-installing it.

A fewer Windows 11 users person reported that nan aged type of VLC Media Player sometimes fails to tally connected nan upgraded type and displays a connection that says, “This app can’t tally connected your PC.”

Considering this scenario, it is champion to uninstall nan exertion from your instrumentality and past look for nan latest type of VLC Player from its charismatic sources.

Follow nan steps for uninstalling nan app:

  • Type “Settings” successful nan Search barroom and take “Apps”.


  • Click “Installed Apps” and past hunt for nan app you want to uninstall.
  • Click connected nan “three dots menu” connected nan correct and take the “Uninstall” option.


Once you person uninstalled nan app, spell for a caller download of nan VLC Media Player from nan Microsoft Store.


  • If thing useful successful your favor, past execute nan past troubleshooting step.

13) Use Other Video Players

The past edifice will beryllium utilizing different video players if each nan above-mentioned troubleshooting methods fail.

Search for immoderate different free alternatives to VLC that will beryllium compatible pinch your Windows 11 device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is The VLC Player Compatible With Windows 11?

Yes, nan VLC subordinate is mostly compatible pinch Windows 11 but whitethorn occasionally clang owed to system-specific factors.

2. Are There Any Known Conflicts With Third-Party Software?

Yes, immoderate third-party software, for illustration anti-virus software, tin conflict pinch VLC. Disabling aliases uninstalling that package temporarily tin thief you woody pinch nan crashes.

3. Can I Run VLC In Compatibility Mode?

Yes, you tin effort moving VLC successful compatibility mode for earlier Windows versions to cheque whether it stabilizes nan exertion connected Windows 11.

Final Words

Experiencing VLC Media subordinate crashing is so a communal and frustrating issue.

But pinch nan correct approach, you tin resoluteness this issue. Perform nan supra troubleshooting steps to support your VLC connected way and bask uninterrupted media playback.

 Do show america which method worked successful your case.

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