How to Prevent Access to the Insider Builds in Windows 11

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The Windows 11 Insider builds are awesome testbeds for nan interested, but they tin beryllium buggy. Here's really to forestall entree to them.

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Microsoft rolls retired Insider builds to Windows Insiders earlier releasing them to nan public. The preview is only intended for testing and feedback, and it provides entree to nan latest features & changes that will beryllium included successful nan adjacent release.

However, it's bully to retrieve that Insider builds tin incorporate bugs aliases different issues that tin lead to instability aliases information loss. If you are moving an insider build and don't want anyone other to download nan newer version, you tin disable their access. Here's really it works.

How to Stop Users From Getting Insider Preview Builds successful Windows 11

If you stock your machine pinch others and don't want them to get nan newer build, you request to forestall them from getting Insider Preview Builds successful Windows 11. There are fundamentally 3 ways to execute this, utilizing System Settings, Group Policy Editor, aliases Registry Editor. For a elaborate mentation of each, please spot nan following.

1. Use nan System Settings

If you don't want personification to entree nan Insider builds, you tin disable it from nan Windows System settings. This action is hidden successful nan Windows Update settings, truthful you will request to navigate done nan menus to find it. Here's really to do it:

  1. Press Win + I to unfastened System settings. You tin besides unfastened it from nan Start menu.
  2. Once you're successful System Settings, spell to Windows Update.
  3. Then navigate to Windows Insider Programme > Stop getting preview builds.
    Stop Getting Preview Builds successful Windows
  4. Now toggle nan Unenroll this instrumentality erstwhile nan adjacent type of Windows releases move to disable it.

This will forestall nan instrumentality from downloading further Insider builds moreover if personification initiates it manually.

2. Use nan Local Group Policy Editor

Windows 11's Local Group Policy Editor provides you pinch a wide scope of options for configuring strategy settings. In fact, you tin usage this instrumentality to disable entree to preview builds. However, you will not person entree to nan Local Group Policy editor if you usage Windows Home Edition.

For this to work, you must first activate nan Group Policy Editor successful Windows Home. If it seems excessively complicated, you whitethorn skip it and move connected to nan adjacent solution.

Here are nan steps you request to return to forestall different users from getting Insider Preview Builds

  1. Press nan Win + R keys to unfastened nan Run dialog box.
  2. Type "gpedit.msc" into nan matter field, and past click nan OK button to motorboat nan Local Group Policy Editor.
  3. In nan Local Group Policy Editor, spell to nan pursuing locations: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds
  4. From nan near menu, prime nan Data Collection and Preview Builds folder.
  5. Then double-click connected nan Toggle personification power complete Insider builds connected nan right.
    Block Insider Preview Builds Using Group Policy
  6. Select nan Disabled radio fastener successful nan dialog container that appears.
    Toggle personification power complete Insider builds
  7. After you've made your changes, click Apply and OK to prevention them

Once you person completed nan steps above, you will request to restart your machine to guarantee nan changes are applied. After doing that, you'll nary longer beryllium capable to instal aliases person Insider builds. If you ever request to springiness users entree to Insider builds connected your computer, unfastened nan Local Group Policy Editor again.

Then, group "Toggle personification power complete Insider builds" either to nan Not Configured aliases Enabled option. When you person vanished making nan changes, click Apply > OK.

3. Tweak nan Registry Editor

Tweaking nan Registry Editor is different method you tin usage to forestall users from getting Insider Preview Builds successful Windows 11. The process is easy and only requires a fewer steps. It is important, however, not to accidentally messiness up nan Windows Registry while doing so.

If you edit nan incorrect keys, you whitethorn earnestly harm your device. For this reason, you should ever back up nan Registry earlier making immoderate changes to it.

To forestall different users from getting Insider Preview Builds, travel these steps:

  1. Open nan Run Command dialog box.
  2. In nan hunt field, type "regedit" and click OK.
  3. You will spot a UAC model connected your screen. Click Yes to corroborate your action.
  4. When you're successful nan Registry Editor, navigate to nan pursuing location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\PreviewBuilds
  5. If you don't find nan PreviewBuilds cardinal there, you will person to create it. In bid to do this, right-click connected nan Windows key and prime New > Key.
  6. Specify PreviewBuilds as nan record sanction and deed Enter to prevention it.
  7. In nan correct pane, right-click connected an quiet area and prime New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  8. This DWORD cardinal should person nan sanction AllowBuildPreview.
  9. Click doubly connected nan recently created DWORD cardinal to unfastened a pop-up menu.
    Block Insider Preview Builds Using Registry Editor
  10. Set nan worth information to 0 and take nan Hexadecimal base.
  11. Click OK to prevention nan changes.

When you're done making these changes, restart your computer. If you ever request to rotation backmost nan changes, you tin do truthful whenever you like.

To do this, right-click nan AllowBuildPreview cardinal successful nan Registry Editor and take Modify. You past request to group nan Value information to 1 and deed OK to use nan changes.

Do I Need to Enroll successful nan Windows Insider Program?

Windows Insider Program is simply a characteristic that allows you to effort retired caller builds and features of Windows OS earlier they go publically available. It is simply a awesome measurement to get early entree to caller features and supply feedback to Microsoft. The programme is free to join, and you tin opt retired astatine immoderate time.

If you are considering joining nan Windows Insider Program, present are a fewer things to support successful mind:

  1. First, you should beryllium alert that by joining nan program, you will beryllium sharing accusation pinch Microsoft astir your instrumentality and really you usage it. This accusation will thief Microsoft amended Windows 10 for each users.
  2. The 2nd point you should cognize is really beta testing works. When you subordinate nan Windows Insider Program, you tin trial retired nan caller features and springiness feedback to Microsoft. It is important to statement that you will beryllium utilizing pre-release package that could beryllium unstable. Some of these builds whitethorn person bugs aliases different issues that could origin problems for your computer.

Why Would You Want to Prevent Access to Insider Builds?

There are a fewer reasons group whitethorn want to forestall entree to insider builds:

  1. Insider builds are usually released earlier nan nationalist version, which intends location could beryllium much bugs and glitches.
  2. It often contains caller features that aren't fresh for everyone to use, and immoderate for illustration nan stableness of nan older versions.
  3. Last but not least, insider builds are often released much frequently. As a result, they are harder to maintain, and immoderate group would for illustration a slower update complaint for nationalist builds.

The Windows Insider Preview Build, Now Disabled

If you want to forestall others from downloading and installing Insider Preview Builds connected your Windows 11, you tin move disconnected nan Insider Preview characteristic connected your computer. There are 2 ways to do this, either done nan Group Policy Editor aliases done nan Registry Editor. You tin study much astir this successful nan article.

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