How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

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Instagram lets you station to aggregate accounts astatine nan aforesaid time, but you request to nexus them first.

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Maybe you person a finsta account, a backup account, aliases are slow building a caller profile. Whatever nan case, you whitethorn request to station to aggregate Instagram accounts simultaneously.

The bully news is that Instagram allows that, but first, you must nexus your further account(s). The remainder is easy.

Instagram allows you to adhd up to 5 accounts. This comes successful useful for users who for illustration to usage a finsta relationship alternatively of hiding posts from definite group connected Instagram.

You tin only nexus accounts that are already successful nan Accounts Center. If you haven't already, commencement by creating different Instagram account. Once that's done, travel nan steps beneath to nexus it.

  1. Open Instagram and pat your profile icon successful nan bottom-right area of nan screen.
  2. Tap nan three-bar menu successful nan top-right area and prime Settings and privacy.
  3. Now pat Accounts Center and select Profiles > Add accounts.
  4. Instagram whitethorn inquire you for support to motion in. Tap Continue and participate your login specifications for nan relationship you want to link.
  5. Choose whether you want to prevention your login accusation successful nan browser.
  6. Tap Confirm Account to let Instagram to entree your information.

How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Posting to aggregate Instagram accounts simultaneously is arsenic elemental arsenic posting to 1 relationship pinch an further step. Here's really to do it:

  1. On your Instagram Profile, pat nan Upload (+) button astatine nan bottommost of nan screen.
  2. Select nan type of media you want to upload and commencement editing your post.
  3. When you get to nan past step, adhd a caption and immoderate different accusation arsenic needed.
  4. Scroll down to nan Post to different Instagram accounts section, find nan relationship you want to cross-post to, and pat nan toggle adjacent to it. The toggle should move blue.

This will people nan Instagram station connected nan selected profiles.

Manage Your Instagram Accounts Easily

Instagram's cross-post characteristic makes it easier to negociate your accounts. It saves you time, truthful you tin attraction connected what's important—producing value contented and engaging pinch your audiences.

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