How to Move the Taskbar in Windows 11

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Here's really to move nan taskbar astir connected Windows 11, alongside a much in-depth method if you dislike nan default settings.

disable personification relationship windows 11

Desktop personalization is simply a large portion of really we usage our computers. If you’re not happy pinch nan Windows 11 taskbar placement, you should set it according to your preferences.

We’ll show you really to move nan taskbar via Windows Settings. If you request moreover much options, there’s besides a registry instrumentality you tin try.

How to Move nan Windows 11 Taskbar Using nan Windows Settings

If you’ve conscionable upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you mightiness beryllium utilized to having nan taskbar icons connected nan near broadside of your screen. In this case, you tin move Windows 11 taskbar to nan near done Windows Settings:

  1. Press Windows cardinal + I to bring up nan Settings menu.
  2. From nan near pane, click connected Personalisation.
  3. Select Taskbar.
  4. Extend nan Taskbar behaviors drop-down menu.
  5. Set Taskbar alignment to Left.
Move nan taskbar to nan near successful Windows 11

The taskbar should move instantly, without you having to restart your computer.

As you tin see, location are only 2 options for moving nan taskbar. If you want to reposition nan taskbar to nan apical of your surface aliases connected nan correct side, you’ll person to usage a different method.

How to Move nan Windows 11 Taskbar Using nan Windows Registry

Moving nan taskbar connected your Windows machine by editing nan Registry useful for Windows 11 22H1 aliases earlier versions. If you’re not judge which Windows type you’re running, right-click nan Start fastener and prime Settings. Then, spell to System and click connected About. Take a look astatine nan Windows specifications conception to find retired which type you’re presently running.

Check Windows type Windows 11

Editing nan registry is simply a spot much analyzable than nan erstwhile solution. We urge creating a registry backup point successful lawsuit thing goes wrong.

To edit nan registry, hunt for registry editor and prime Run arsenic administrator. Head to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > StuckRects3. Then, successful nan correct pane, unfastened nan Settings value.

Now, you person to switch nan first worth successful nan FE column. Depending connected nan caller value, nan taskbar will alteration its position.

  • Replace 03 pinch 00 to move nan taskbar to nan near side.
  • Replace 03 with 01 to move nan taskbar to nan top.
  • Replace 03 pinch 02 to move nan taskbar connected nan correct side.
Edit nan Registry to move nan taskbar

Most of nan time, erstwhile editing nan Registry, you person to restart your machine for nan changes to return place. However, successful this case, there’s a faster method. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to motorboat Task Manager. In nan Processes tab, right-click Windows Explorer and prime Restart. Now nan taskbar should move to its caller position.

Restart File Explorer to reposition nan taskbar

Besides moving nan taskbar, you tin edit nan registry to make nan taskbar smaller aliases bigger.

Reposition Your Taskbar connected Windows 11

Depending connected your individual preferences, you should move nan taskbar astir connected your Windows 11 computer. Besides repositioning nan taskbar, you should return nan clip to edit nan Action Center aliases pin much apps and folders to your taskbar.

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