How to Manage Widget Notifications on Windows 11

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Make widgets activity for you by tweaking really they notify you connected Windows 11.

The Windows 11 laptop

Widgets person returned pinch Windows 11, having been absent since Windows 10. They travel arsenic a useful panel, offering speedy entree to news and accusation while being easy to personalize. You mightiness announcement similarities to Windows 10's Live Tiles, but nan Widgets sheet takes things up a notch, providing an moreover amended experience.

Read connected arsenic we talk what widgets are and really you tin negociate widget notifications connected Windows 11.

Full View Widgets Panel

Widgets are your personalized gateway to basal accusation updates connected topics that liking you. On Windows 11, you’re presented pinch a dedicated Widgets sheet filled pinch a move array of cards and quickly accessible done nan taskbar. You tin besides add widgets to Windows 11's desktop.

You tin deliberation of widgets arsenic your go-to shortcuts that straight bring you accusation from apps that are important to you. Whether it’s nan latest world news updates, upwind forecasts, aliases scores from past night’s shot game, widgets fto you glimpse complete what matters without nan ordeal of opening individual apps aliases accordant Google searches.

You tin commencement utilizing widgets done nan Widget sheet icon connected nan Taskbar (represented by nan achromatic and bluish squares), aliases by pressing nan keyboard shortcut Windows + W. Once you’ve sewage widgets group up, you tin personalize nan widgets to your interests, and put them according to your preference.

You person a assortment of widgets astatine your disposal that you tin adhd done nan Windows 11 widgets panel. As such, nan cardinal to making widget notifications activity for you is to negociate which widgets are connected your system; region nan ones you don't need, and adhd ones that you want connected your PC.

If you haven't yet, we urge getting started pinch Windows 11's widgets. Once you're each group up pinch a action of widgets that are applicable to your interests, you tin past refine them further by tweaking really their notifications appear.

The Two Different Kinds of Widget Notifications connected Windows 11

Widgets usage 2 types of notifications—rotating announcements, and badge notifications.

Rotating announcements are shown successful nan taskbar and are intended to notify you of caller developments quickly. The taskbar will mostly show nan existent upwind but will momentarily move to show nan announcement from nan circumstantial widget.

Furthermore, widgets make usage of a badge notification to drawback your oculus erstwhile location are important updates astir nan upwind aliases news. If you want to cognize much astir nan notification, you tin unfastened nan Widgets sheet and spot what caused nan notification to appear.

There are 2 main channels that you tin usage to enactment informed connected nan latest updates for your configured widgets. You tin either periodically motorboat nan widgets sheet and glimpse complete your widgets aliases group up notifications to support you informed connected caller developments.

Widget notifications look successful nan taskbar arsenic rotating updates. If there's an important announcement astir nan things you're willing successful and nan widgets you use, a banner will look successful nan taskbar.

If you want to alteration nan widget notification settings connected Windows 11:

  1. Launch nan Widgets committee done nan icon connected nan taskbar or by pressing its dedicated keyboard shortcut, Win + W.
    change widget notifications connected Windows 11 done nan Widgets panel
  2. Click connected nan floor plan image icon to unfastened Widget settings.
  3. Under nan Widget taskbar behaviors, toggle nan Show notification badges and Show announcements options arsenic per your preference.

Ideally, you want to show announcements for widgets that are very applicable to your interests—the topics you want instant updates on. Badge notifications without announcements are bully for much casual interests that you don't want disturbing you each clip thing happens, and rarely-used widgets tin person each of these disabled.

Widgets Make Using Windows 11 Easy

Microsoft made a smart move by adding widgets to Windows 11. It's not conscionable astir boosting productivity and keeping up pinch world events; nan fantabulous creation besides adds a touch of style to nan full experience.

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