How to Make Lenovo Boot from USB Step by Step

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By Linda | Follow | Last Updated September 8, 2023

How to make Lenovo footwear from USB? If you person this need, you travel to nan correct place. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you really to do measurement by step. You tin person a try.

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You whitethorn request to make Lenovo footwear from USB for nan pursuing reasons:

  • Your Lenovo PC is unbootable. You request to hole it aliases retrieve information from it.
  • You request to negociate your strategy disk and this cognition requires that nan disk is not successful use.
  • You request to reinstall your operating strategy utilizing a USB drive.
  • You want to make a dual-boot connected your Lenovo PC and you are installing nan 2nd system.
  • You person made a portable operating system connected nan USB thrust and want to tally it connected nan PC.

How to footwear Lenovo from USB? You tin travel nan guideline below.

#1. Create a Bootable USB Drive

To make your Lenovo laptop footwear from USB, you request to create a bootable USB thrust first. For example:

  • If you want to reinstall Windows aliases participate WinPE to hole Windows, you request to use nan Windows media creation instrumentality to create a Windows installation USB drive.
  • If you want to make a dual-boot and you person downloaded nan ISO record of nan 2nd OS, you tin past use Rufus aliases different akin devices to pain nan record into nan USB drive.
  • If you want to retrieve information from nan unbootable Lenovo PC, you tin use MiniTool Partition Wizard aliases different akin devices to create a bootable USB drive. This thrust tin tally nan package from nan USB.
  • The portable OS is besides OK.


Make judge you person created nan correct bootable USB drive. Otherwise, nan USB thrust is unbootable.

#2. Make Lenovo Boot from USB

Step 1: Insert nan bootable USB thrust into nan Lenovo computer. Make judge nan Lenovo PC is unopen down completely. Then, you tin usage nan pursuing ways to participate nan firmware.

  • Find nan Novo button. Press this fastener to participate nan Novo Boot Menu, and past prime BIOS Setup to participate BIOS.
  • Power connected nan Lenovo PC and property nan BIOS cardinal (F1 aliases F2) erstwhile nan Lenovo logo appears to participate BIOS. If nan BIOS cardinal doesn’t work, you tin effort pressing Fn + nan BIOS key.


1. The IdeaPad bid uses F2 and immoderate models usage nan novo button.
2. The Lenovo B/E/S/Y/Z series, Edge series, Flex series, and Yoga bid usage nan Novo button, but immoderate models besides usage F2.
3. The Lenovo G/N bid uses F2. The Lenovo K/M/V bid and nan ThinkPad Yoga 12 usage F1.

the Novo button

Step 2: In nan firmware, spell to nan Security tab to find nan Secure Boot settings. Make judge it is disabled. Otherwise, nan Lenovo won’t footwear from USB.

Step 3: Go to nan Startup tab, and property nan “+” cardinal to move nan USB thrust to nan apical of nan footwear privilege list. Press F10 aliases ESC to prevention changes and exit nan firmware. Then, nan Lenovo PC should footwear from nan USB drive.

Bottom Line

MiniTool Partition Wizard is simply a functional tool. It tin migrate OS, clone disk, retrieve partitions, recover information from difficult drive, etc. If you person this need, download it to person a try.

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