How to Make and Scan Spotify Codes

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Key Takeaways

  • Spotify codes are machine-readable codes that tin beryllium scanned connected nan Spotify app to straight entree songs, playlists, and much without nan request for copying and pasting URLs.
  • On nan machine aliases web, Spotify codes tin beryllium generated by accessing nan Spotify Codes tract and customizing nan quality of nan codification earlier downloading it.
  • To scan a Spotify code, unfastened nan Spotify app connected your phone, spell to nan hunt tab, pat nan camera icon, and constituent your camera astatine nan codification aliases prime an image from your phone's gallery. Enjoy!

Spotify codes make it easy to share your favourite songs and different items connected Spotify. We'll show you really to make and scan these codes connected your Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

What Is a Spotify Code?

A Spotify codification is simply a machine-readable codification successful an image. It's overmuch for illustration a QR code that you whitethorn already beryllium acquainted with. You can't publication this code, but nan Spotify app connected your iPhone, iPad, aliases Android telephone can.

A Spotify code.

When a personification scans this codification pinch their phone, Spotify takes them straight to that item. No messing astir pinch transcript and pasting URLs. You tin make these codes for your Spotify songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts, and moreover your profile. Both free and premium users tin make these codes.

How to Make a Spotify Code

Spotify codes are generated natively by nan app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. On nan desktop, we'll request to usage Spotify's website for generating nan codes.

These instructions tin alteration somewhat depending connected your level and app version.

Create a Spotify Code connected Computer aliases Web

To commencement making a codification for your Spotify item, motorboat nan Spotify app connected your Windows aliases Mac computer. Feel free to usage the web version if you'd like. Find nan point for which you want to make a code.

Click nan 3 dots adjacent to your Spotify point and prime Share > Copy Link. If you don't spot nan option, property and clasp down nan Alt cardinal connected Windows aliases nan Option cardinal connected a Mac while hovering complete nan menu.

Select Share > Copy Spotify URI for an point connected Spotify.

Now, motorboat a web browser connected your machine and entree nan Spotify Codes site. On nan site, right-click nan "Spotify URI" container and prime "Paste." Then, beneath nan matter field, click "Get Spotify Code."

Paste nan point URI and click

A "Create a Spotify Code" pane will appear. In this pane, you tin customize nan look of your codification pinch nan disposable options:

  • Background Color: Use this to prime nan colour for your code.
  • Bar Color: Select a colour for nan Spotify barroom pinch this option.
  • Size: Enter nan size for your codification successful pixels here.
  • Format: Choose "SVG," "PNG," aliases "JPEG" record format for your code.
Customize nan codification successful nan

The codification image you spot successful nan "Create a Spotify Code" pane reflects your changes successful existent time. If this codification looks bully to you, past astatine nan bottommost of nan code, click "Download" to prevention it.


You tin now nonstop nan downloaded codification to anyone, and they tin scan it to entree your point connected Spotify.

Create a Spotify Code successful Spotify for Mobile

On an iPhone, iPad, aliases Android phone, you tin usage nan Spotify app itself to make scannable codes. To begin, unfastened nan Spotify app connected your phone.

In nan app, find nan point for which you want to make a code, past pat nan 3 dots adjacent to nan item.

Tap nan 3 dots adjacent to an point successful nan Spotify app.

On nan paper that opens aft tapping nan 3 dots, prime "Show Spotify Code." You will spot your selected item's artwork astatine nan top. The barroom astatine nan bottommost of this artwork is nan Spotify codification that others tin scan to find your item.

A Spotify codification successful nan Spotify mobile app.

Take a screenshot of this page if you'd for illustration to prevention nan codification to your phone.

How to Scan a Spotify Code

To scan a Spotify code, you will request Spotify's app for iPhone, iPad, aliases Android. You can't scan codes connected nan web aliases from a computer.

To start, motorboat nan Spotify app connected your phone. In nan app, prime "Search" from nan barroom astatine nan bottom.


Tap nan camera icon successful nan apical corner.

Tap nan camera icon adjacent to nan

To scan a Spotify codification pinch your phone's camera, constituent your camera astatine nan code. To scan a codification that is saved arsenic an image connected your phone, pat "Select From Photos" instead.

Scan a Spotify codification pinch nan Spotify mobile app.

Spotify will scan nan codification and springiness you entree to nan code's item. Enjoy!

To stock non-Spotify links pinch an image code, create a QR code for those items connected your Android aliases iPhone.

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