How to Lock Your Desktop Icons on Windows

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Tired of group moving your Windows desktop icons around? Stick them successful spot pinch this guide.

person moving connected Windows 11 computer

If you for illustration keeping nan desktop cleanable and tidy connected your Windows computer, it tin beryllium frustrating erstwhile personification comes successful and moves nan icons around. After all, it tin beryllium time-consuming to put everything backmost really you for illustration it.

So, we're going to show you really to fastener your desktop icons to support them successful place.

The simplest measurement to support you group from moving items connected your desktop is to make it truthful that only Windows tin put them. To do that, right-click an quiet portion of nan desktop and prime View > Auto put icons connected Windows 11 aliases View > Auto shape icons connected Windows 10.

the action to auto-arrange icons successful nan discourse menu

This will fastener nan desktop items successful place, and nary 1 will beryllium capable to move them. When you want to unlock nan icons, conscionable uncheck nan supra option.

How to Lock Desktop Icons Using DeskLock

Another measurement to fastener nan desktop items is to usage a portable app built for that circumstantial purpose. A bully illustration is DeskLock, and here's really you tin usage it:

  1. Download DeskLock and extract nan ZIP record connected your Windows computer to a files of your choice.
  2. Open nan extracted files and double-click nan DeskLock.exe file.
    the DeskLock executable
  3. Click connected Show hidden icons successful nan strategy tray.
  4. Right-click connected nan DeskLock icon and prime Enabled.
    enabling DeskLock successful nan strategy tray
    The paper will close, but if you unfastened it again, you'll spot that there's a checkmark connected nan correct broadside of nan Enabled option.

If you effort to move nan desktop icons now, you'll find that it doesn't work. You tin study how to fastener nan Taskbar connected Windows if you don't want group moving items location arsenic well.

To disable DeskLock, conscionable right-click nan app icon successful nan strategy tray again and prime Enabled (the checkmark will vanish to show that you've abnormal it).

Make Your Desktop Icons Unmovable

When group move your desktop icons around, it tin messiness up your cleanable arrangement. Luckily, you tin fastener them utilizing nan discourse paper aliases an app for illustration DeskLock. Now you don't person to interest astir them moving from wherever you've placed them.

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